Trump may be the ‘new Nixon’, but he’s a Dick of a different ...


Trump may be the ‘new Nixon’, but he’s a Dick of a different order

The 1968 US election, like 2020’s, was run in the shadow of race riots. Can Trump exploit this as Tricky Dick did?

Tim Stanley

When he ran for president in 2016, Donald Trump was routinely compared to Richard Nixon: both promised to restore “law and order”. Nixon won the presidency in 1968 in a familiar context of protests and riots in major cities – and he claimed to speak for a “silent majority” unrepresented by the Democrats or the media.

So, comes the question, if Trump follows a Nixon strategy, will he win in November? Perhaps. But there are some major differences.

The most obvious is that Nixon was running as an outsider whereas Trump is the incumbent, and Trump will be blamed for the condition of his country even if a lot of it isn’t his fault. More than 100,000 Americans have died from Covid-19 and the unemployment rate is about 15% (it was about 3% in 1968). Moreover, Trump might see himself as a law-and-order candidate, but many voters regard him as a source of disorder. His rhetoric seems to incite anger and he delights in picking fights...

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