How to make your sex life more eco friendly (no, really)


How to make your sex life more eco friendly (no, really)

Even rumpy-pumpy can be more in tune with sustainability principles if you change your ways

Zola Zingithwa

Yes, the eco trend is coming for your sex life – because to live a long, sustainable life the very nature of creating life also needs to be sustainable. There are green crusaders for everything from food to fashion, so it makes sense they want to make a difference when it comes to sex.
Conscious condoms
The first point of attack is the plastic used to prevent all sorts of unwanted outcomes. In 2015 The Guardian declared that condoms were seeing “a sustainable renaissance” in “the golden age of sex products”. That’s because a few companies promised to give consumers much more eco-friendly condoms. One of them, Sustain Natural, was the first natural and fair-trade condom brand. according to Forbes.
The company still makes condoms from the juice of the bark of rubber trees, similarly to other condoms, but it uses a rubber tea plantation in India that has been certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. The company also markets its fair-trade, vegan and Peta certifications. If you are wondering what a vegan condom is,  it doesn’t use milk-derived casein, which is usually used to improve the texture of the latex of a condom.
Other companies that produce sustainable condoms are Australia’s Glyde, whose products are not tested on animals or made with animal byproducts, and Sir Richard’s vegan condoms.
Well-known brand Trojan makes natural condoms called Naturalamb. Although not vegan, they are biodegradable because they are made from sheep’s intestines. Unfortunately they do not prevent sexually transmitted infections.
Environmentally friendly play
Recently the world was introduced to a biodegradable vibrator called Gaia Eco. It is made by Blush Novelties, which also makes Blush Novelties Desire – made from “a revolutionary new material” that does not harbour bacteria, according to its Amazon blurb.
Other toys like the Micro-Kitty and Moonbat are solar powered for those who prefer not to use batteries. There are also glass sex toys created by companies such as Dreamtoys Glassworks, which are supposed to last longer than conventional toys.
Even lubricants are getting the eco treatment. Instead of using harmful petroleum-based chemicals, Greenpeace recommends alternatives such as coconut oil and aloe vera and even “creating great lubrication from the inside out through excellent nutrition”. Gwyneth Paltrow apparently also recommends natural oils, but as The Guardian notes, they are not compatible with condoms, so be careful.
Stop having children or at least keep them at a minimum
The CEO of Sustain Natural argues that even though the condoms the company produces are not actually 100% eco-friendly because they are non-biodegradable and made of plastic, the mere fact that they stop pregnancies means they are technically promoting sustainability. Overpopulation is a huge driver of climate change, he told The Guardian.

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