Beware bearing gifts to geeks


Beware bearing gifts to geeks

Not every nerd understands irony, so choose carefully

Lauren Hess

If there is one thing that Sheldon and the gang from The Big Bang Theory have made clear, it’s that geeks are cool now. Heck, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even made Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List with his Star Wars socks.
But if you’re looking to get something cool for your geekfriend it’s really hard to know where to start. Here are some ideas: Suss them out
If you’ve ever shown this to the nerd in your life, there’s a chance they broke out in hives and screamed in your face. Also, if you’re not sure why this is funny or hive-inducing, well, you could really use our help. Actually, maybe this meme is a good place to start – if they say something like “How could you do this to Pickard” and then run away crying, then you can start planning.
Star Trek vs Star Wars
Do not ever get the two confused. Just … don’t. Basically, Star Trek = “live long and prosper” and Vulcans and Klingons. Star Wars = the force and Darth Vader (in a nutshell. A very tiny nutshell).
Darth Vader alarm clock
Wake up to the sound of the Galactic Empire’s dark enforcer with the BulbBotz Star Wars Darth Vader light-up alarm clock. During the rise of the evil Galactic Empire, the once-heroic Jedi Knight surrendered to fear and hatred, falling to the Dark Side of the Force and delivering the galaxy to the darkest episode in its history. Featuring a night light, simply push down on Darth Vader’s head to activate his dark powers. Trigger Darth Vader’s signature sound effects by pressing his sound button. Standing at 14cm, with his easy to read backlit LCD screen, alarm and snooze function, nobody will be able to escape from you and your malevolent master plan.
Star Trek Transporter heat changing mug
Heat-changing mugs have been around for many years, and there are many such mugs with cloaked ships, phaser fire and other Star Trek themes. This mug shows the Transporter Room, with four members of the bridge crew from the original series. When hot liquid is poured in, they beam down to the surface of a hostile planet.
DC vs Marvel
The next big genre rivalry to be aware of is that of the superhero-verse. Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League are DC while Black Widow, Iron Man and the Avengers are Marvel. Captain America waffle maker
In a recent study by scientists it was found that waffles, specifically, build Captain America-style muscles. Yeah, that’s a lie but this is so cool! It’s waffles. WAFFLES. In the shape of the cap’s shield!
3DLIGHTFX Batman Logo Light
Shine the light for the hero Gotham deserves with this awesome Batman logo light. It’ll look as if Bruce Wayne’s heard some kind of crime afoot and then smashes through your wall to save you! Gimme.
Nintendo vs Sega
These days we hear about Xbox vs Playstation, but there was a retro rivalry between gaming giants long before these modern-day consoles. Nintendo and Sega faced off against each other, dividing playgrounds and friendships over who was cooler: Mario or Sonic? If your geek bestie fell on either side of this battle, be sure to get them one of these Super Nintendo coasters or this Sega Megadrive wallet.
Xbox vs PlayStation
The local gaming scene has been booming of late and it doesn’t look as if it’s going to slow down any time soon. The two big players on the console scene are Xbox and Playstation. The Xbox One has tons of apps and can play many of the Xbox 360 and Xbox games, while the PS4 has plenty of blockbuster exclusives. If it’s too hard to choose, well … get both. Local retailer Teljoy lets you rent-to-own these bad boys for just a few hundred rand a month and they’ll throw in a few extras for you. Score!
And a little something extra:
Pokeman Poke Ball lunchbox
If Pokemon has taught us anything, it’s this: candy makes life better. Now, we somehow intuitively knew that when we were kids, but all the parents and teachers (and dentists) kept trying to dissuade us. So we’re filling this Pokemon Poke Ball lunchbox with Skittles. No, okay. We’re not filling our Pokemon Poke Ball lunchbox with Skittles. We’re filling it with a sandwich and an apple and some carrot sticks because we want to grow up to be big strong trainers. We’re going to carry our little Poke Ball lunchbox by its integrated handle, and we promise we won’t try to throw it at any squirrels on the way home. Much.

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