Couch potato and (hide the) sausage: Yuck to päntsdrunk


Couch potato and (hide the) sausage: Yuck to päntsdrunk

The latest Nordic wellness trend of sitting in your house getting pissed in your jocks is boring and desperate

Yolisa Mkele

The pursuit of happiness is one of humankind’s favourite pastimes. Whether it’s trying to fall in love, running, or taking walks in the park, we all love to spend our time chasing joy. Over the years Scandinavians have become famous for their difficult-to-pronounce approaches to contentment. From hygge (a kind of extreme coziness) to lagom (moderation) and plogging (jogging and picking up litter), the Nordics seem to have a peculiar flair for getting one’s headspace right. Their latest happiness trend, though, is only for adults. It’s called päntsdrunk.Yes, it’s exactly what the name suggests: nothing more than sitting in your house getting pissed wearing underwear. The trend is from Finland and is so ingrained in their culture that the country’s ministry of foreign affairs even mentions it in its guide to the country. When you think about it, it makes sense for something like this to come out of the frozen north. Most of the time it’s too cold and dark to leave your house and liquor makes being at home more bearable. Add a fire, semi nudity and a few oversized bottles of wine and you have the recipe for a lovely time.Because it’s Scandinavian and has in umlaut in the word päntsdrunk is bound to end up becoming a thing among the bored bourgeoisie, but let’s be honest it’s just drinking with no clothes on. Sure the activity is fun and may help you feel better but it’s nothing special.
Neither is hygge and all the rest of it. People have been drinking, being cozy and picking up litter since time immemorial. A fancy Scandinavian name doesn’t make this new. What it does do is expose how desperate the upper rungs of the middle class are to make themselves appear interesting.
Get päntsdrunk if you want to but I can promise that when you retell the story, people will still be just as bored with you as they always were.

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