How to take your kid to a live show and not shoot yourself


How to take your kid to a live show and not shoot yourself

Believe it or not, it’s possible. Ten tips to help you do it


As single people the world was our oyster. Feel like going out to the latest trendy bar with a few mates after work? No problem. Feel like spending all Saturday on the couch. That’s fine too. But as little mini-me bursts into your reality, you’ll start to find yourself being forced into the kind of events you never thought you’d have to endure. Or suffer the guilt that come from denying your little angels access to their own special type of entertainment. Many of us have been there: the Saturday afternoon trip to Monte Casino to watch Peppa Pig live for an inordinately large sum of money. But there are ways to survive the dreaded live event:

If you really don’t want to go to a live kids show or event, don’t expose your children to other children, or television where kids shows are advertised.Since the above is impossible, you can always lie that the show isn’t happening in your area or is at a time that you are out of town.
If your child can read or understand dates and time, the above is impossible.
Start saving up. While the tickets to these shows may not be budget-breaking individually, taking the family means multiple tickets which can easily eat up your grocery bill for the month. Then there are the treats: sugary frozen drinks, mini doughnuts and carcinogenic fries at four times what they cost outside the venue.Arrive early, and try to find your seat to avoid irritating people who arrived early and found their seat. This is particularly harrowing when you have little people to tag along in the stands, and it’s dark.
It may cost more but take another adult with you, which is invaluable when trying to juggle more than one child – particularly when one can sit through the show and another might need a time-out.Avoid the merchandising on sale by walking briskly past as if you are in a huge hurry to get to your seat. Afterwards, walk briskly back to your car as if you are in a huge hurry to find it but know you are going to sit in the parking squash for at least half an hour.
If you are the parent taking a child for a walk on a time-out, expect to go home with a flashing wand or sword that will make your eyes twitch and your child overstimulated. Good luck in the parking squash.

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