We're well and truly rid of dry January



We're well and truly rid of dry January

And deeply ensconced in wet February

Yolisa Mkele

It is midway through February and we can all rejoice that dry January is well and truly over. After weeks of strife your bank account has been replenished and you no longer have to pretend that your privations are New Year’s resolutions. What is the best way to celebrate your latest dive off the wagon? Here are some ideas:
Head to the latest, hottest new spotEvery now and then one needs a new watering hole. Somewhere that not only sells good drink but that looks good on the ’gram. One of Melville’s newest residents, Mootee ticks both those boxes with aplomb.
“Mootee is what we define as the modern representation of Africa. Africa as we know it, not as the world sees it,” said one of Mootee’s owners and South Africa’s best bartender for 2016 Dom Walsh.
Focusing on experimental cocktails, Mootee brings a fresh African take to Johannesburg’s burgeoning cocktail scene. Despite the African theme this place is nothing like Sun City. There are deer heads on the wall but they’re cool, believe me! The drinks are what set Mootee apart. Served in a variety of kooky containers, including one that looks like a large fossilised Mopani worm, each is either an African interpretation of an existing classic or something new altogether.
Mootee is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 010-900-1399Stop hanging out in all the same places
We get it: Rockets is trendy right now. Being seen at the Living Room on a Sunday will get you a Bitcoin-worth of cool points but if you are honest with yourself it’s all getting a little tiring. Everyone there pretty much dresses the same, pretends to listen to the same music, and greets each other like old friends despite having no clue who anyone is.Life is about new experiences and fun is usually it’s most concentrated when you are doing something for the first time. So instead of meeting at 86 Public in Illovo again, why don’t you head over to The Rock in Rockville or Chaf Pozi –and for that matter why don’t the patrons of those places head north for a change? Chances are you’ll have more fun than you could imagine.Buy a hipflask and fill it with experiments
As a general rule hipflasks are a dicey proposition. They say rather unflattering things about your relationship with alcohol but this need not be the case. Inform the world that you are working on your cocktail-making skills. Then once a week, whip up something tasty and exotic at home and decant it into said hip flask. When people ask what’s in it, give them a sip and find out if they like it. Within no time you will have a reputation as that cool amateur cocktail guy as opposed to a deeply depressed divorcee. Be sure to carry some small props around with you as well. It will make the process more fun for everyone involved.Have an off switch
Fun and disaster flirt with each other like horny teenagers. Often the difference between them is a small choice, like that extra tequila shot that seems like a bad idea. Listen to that little voice in your head that says: “Perhaps this is enough.” That is called “inhibition” and exists for a very good reason. Turn a blind ear to it and you’re far more likely to find yourself blushing the next day as people gleefully recount antics that you have no memory of.

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