PODCAST | Shaik backs Cyril on intelligence


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PODCAST | Shaik backs Cyril on intelligence

Peter Bruce talks to former Secret Service head Moe Shaik about the restructuring of SA’s intelligence services

Editor-at-large & columnist

With SA’s intelligence services found grotesquely wanting before and during the looting and destruction of July, President Cyril Ramaphosa has removed the minister of intelligence and not replaced her.

Instead, the agencies, domestic and foreign, will report into the presidency itself. That’s led some people to argue this is Cyril Ramaphosa empowering himself. But that may not be the case.

In this edition of Podcasts from the Edge former spy, diplomat and head of the SA Secret Service, Moe Shaik, tells Peter Bruce that Ramaphosa has returned to the original intent in 1994, when the intelligence services were run by a coordinator, Joe Nhlanhla. The idea was always that they reported to the presidency. 

Shaik believes Ramaphosa is absolutely doing the right thing.


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