Monday, September 3 2018



EXCLUSIVE: Mac on the make? Maharaj in graft probe

Hawks go after Zuma's former spokesperson and his wife over R650m driver’s licence contract

3 min read

Cyril must lead on land, or there'll be anarchy

He's done well tackling corruption, but his efforts will be for naught if he continues flip-flopping on land grabs

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Actually, it's perfectly legal to sell most food after it's 'expired'

Not only were spazas doing nothing wrong, but selling past-sell-by-date food is the way of the future

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
4 min read

Magistrate for 26 years has the book thrown at him

High Court says the magistrate’s case shows that ‘even the guardians sometimes need to be guarded’

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
2 min read

Take that, Usaasa board: Whistleblower gets his job back

Public protector comes down hard on state agency for wrongfully dismissing CEO

Bongani Fuzile
3 min read

See you in ConCourt: Moyane snubs misconduct probe

Ex-SARS boss refuses to answer any questions until Constitutional Court has ruled on their legality

Karyn Maughan
2 min read

Minister booted by Zuma to testify at Zondo commission

Barbara Hogan is expected to detail events leading to the day Zuma drop-kicked her from his cabinet in 2010

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
3 min read

Trusted ‘superguards’ are no mere meerkats

A highly sophisticated social system keeps these desert dwellers from danger

Tanya Farber
2 min read

A quadriplegic Iron Man? Well, it’s really happening

The athlete lost the function of his limbs after he was hit by a car while cycling, but he says he is ‘still running’

By Zamandulo Malonde
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Do you beat Theresa May at making the young ’uns cringe?

Doing the Maybot, and other ways to humiliate young people

By Shane Watson
3 min read

No, it's not okay to be fat. Let's stop pretending that it is

We need to stop celebrating obesity, stop being offended, and open our eyes to what is happening to us

By Judith Woods
5 min read

I flew a Spitfire (well sort-of) and, phew!, The Few were tough

As the world's most realistic flight simulator launches, a vegan burger-chomping millennial climbs into the cockpit

By Tom Ough
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Today's cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

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Today's quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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A child sits on a doorstep, dressed as Lord Krishna, during Janmashtami festival, which marks the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Mood indigo A child sits on a doorstep, dressed as Lord Krishna, during Janmashtami festival, which marks the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Image: Mohammad Ponir Hossain/Reuters

Six things about SA you need to know

Killing a cop should be equal to treason: Cele

Killing a police officer should become a “crime against [the] state and equal to treason,” Police Minister Bheki Cele said at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Sunday. “If they kill one of ours‚ they are taking the whole nation on. They better be kept in a very‚ not-too-dark‚ but a dark place for the rest of their lives ... It must be really‚ really a fear of any criminal [that] when the criminal thinks of taking [on] the police [they] must know that when that engagement comes to an end‚ it won’t be the police officer who will be 'sleeping'.” Cele was speaking at the annual commemoration for police officers who died on duty. Between April 1 2017 and March 31‚ 29 police officers died on the job. This is down from the previous financial year, when 40 police officers died.

Juju’s guards ‘fired live rounds’ at EFF members

The bodyguards of EFF leader Julius Malema allegedly fired live rounds at party members who threw bottles at his car when he was leaving a party conference on Saturday in Gauteng. The party’s student leader at the University of Johannesburg’s Soweto campus, Mphahlele Phasoane Mpho, alleged this on Sunday. Mpho said he and others were outside the venue in Midvaal‚ listening to Malema’s speech on Facebook Live. He said that after the speech‚ Malema and his bodyguards were leaving in a car and some delegates started heckling Malema‚ calling him a sellout. Malema’s car made a U-turn, after which “security from the car comes out together with the CIC (commander-in-chief Malema) (and) beat people up”. There was a gunshot and the crowd dispersed. “Then comrades came back and they threw bottles‚ they threw a lot of things … ” Mpho said minutes later a minibus with other bodyguards pulled up and “started beating us up” and “started shooting at us” as they dispersed. EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi was contacted for comment but has not yet responded.

Surgeon’s ex-lover accuses him of forced abortion

A leading plastic surgeon is under investigation for allegedly causing his mistress to abort her child without her knowledge. Ridwan Mia, who won worldwide acclaim in 2012 for pioneering skin grafts on three-year-old burn victim Pippie Kruger, allegedly inserted an abortion pill into the woman during foreplay in his Sandton Mediclinic rooms in July. Police are investigating a charge of sexual assault and the Health Professionals Council of SA confirmed it was reviewing a complaint against Mia. The doctor told the Sunday Times he was the victim of a shakedown. He admitted having an affair with the woman but said she had wanted the abortion and had demanded R15m from him to withdraw her complaint. Documents that form part of the criminal investigation show the woman provided the police with WhatsApp messages and recordings of cellphone conversations with Mia on the night of the alleged assault.

Students who walked out of exam may be suspended

Students who stormed out of an exam at the University of Limpopo could face suspension. This week videos showing the third-year education students walking out of the lecture hall in protest went viral. The students reportedly left because the exam was “too difficult”. However, students later claimed that they were given the wrong exam. University vice-chancellor Mpho Mokgolang told the Sunday Tribune that the cover on the exam was not correct, but the content was. While the exam will be rewritten on September 11, the students who walked out could face suspension once the university’s investigation was complete. Mokgolang and student representative council president Mintirho Mnisi believed students should have followed exam protocol and raised their hands if they had a query.

Call for probe into MP over ‘Bosasa payments’

The DA wants parliament to investigate justice and correctional services portfolio committee chairperson and ANC MP Vincent Smith for allegedly receiving payments from a private company, DA chief whip John Steenhuisen said on Sunday. News24 had reported that Smith allegedly received R670‚000 from facilities management company Bosasa (now African Global Operations) over the past three years. He also reportedly received security upgrades at his home worth R200‚000, and R100‚000 in cash monthly from Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson. Smith confirmed some of the payments to New24‚ but claimed they were personal loans and said he was unaware they were paid by Bosasa. Smith said it was a personal loan from former Bosasa chief operating officer Angelo Agrizzi, and he believed Agrizzi was lending the money out of his own pocket. Smith and Bosasa rejected the allegation that the company paid Smith R100‚000 every month.

Solidarity plans Sasol strike over share scheme

The Solidarity union will begin a strike on Monday at Sasol over a share ownership scheme offered exclusively for black staff. The union said on Sunday it had planned for three weeks of industrial action. It said its 6,300 members were highly trained employees of “major strategic importance” to the petrochemicals firm. “We intend to switch off a different section of Sasol each day by means of well-laid and strategic plans,” it said. Sasol, a world leader in the technology that converts coal and gas to fuel, said in 2017 it would raise its black ownership levels in Sasol SA to at least 25% in a R21bn deal. Under black economic empowerment rules, companies are required to meet quotas on black ownership, employment and procurement as part of a drive to reverse decades of exclusion under apartheid.



The news you don't normally get to hear

How Hitler's atom bomb plans sank with a tiny ferry

He was a boat ride away from building a bomb to blow up London, but the fretting Allies decided they had to act

By Sarah Knapton
2 min read

Siri, is it true you’re taking over the world?

Insiders say while the adoption of virtual assistants has been a bit slow, they'll eventually reach their big moment

2 min read

From chemo to a crown: One trans woman's long, hard road

A Thai beauty pageant aims to bring acceptance to people who until only 6 years ago were considered mentally ill

1 min read

‘Everyone is very angry’ in France-UK scallops war

After over a century of more-or-less peaceful co-existence, the two nations are at it again

2 min read


First graders attend a ceremony to mark the start of the school year in Kiev, Ukraine.
And it's only his first day ... First graders attend a ceremony to mark the start of the school year in Kiev, Ukraine.
Image: Gleb Garanich/Reuters


Richard Hammond and family gassed

Fears are emerging that Saint Tropez's knockout gas burglars have returned after Richard Hammond's family were robbed in their sleep. Thieves are known to have previously pumped anaesthetic gas through air conditioning systems in a series of raids on luxury villas on the French Riviera. Hammond's wife, Mindy, said she is ‘convinced’ the family were. The former Top Gear star's teenage daughter had a watch stolen from her bedside table while she slept and the couple had cash stolen from their wallets. Mindy said she was not even woken by her husband Richard's snoring but when she did eventually stir she noticed all the bedroom doors were open. ‘I’m pretty convinced we must have been gassed or something,’ she said. – The Daily Telegraph

Bono's voice conks out mid-concert

U2 were forced to abandon their concert in Berlin on Saturday night after Bono lost his voice. The Irish rock band were a handful of songs into the second date on the European leg of their Experience + Innocence tour when the singer apologised to fans and said he was unable to continue. Afterwards, the band issued a statement thanking fans for their support and understanding. ‘We're so sorry for tonight's cancellation,’ they said. ‘Bono was in great form and great voice prior to the show and we were all looking forward to the second night in Berlin, but after a few songs, he suffered a complete loss of voice. We don't know what has happened and we're taking medical advice.’ – The Daily Telegraph

WW2 vet, 95, smashes scuba record

A 95-year-old British World War 2 veteran broke his own record on Saturday as the world's oldest scuba diver after taking the plunge to explore a shipwreck off Cyprus. Ray Woolley, who turned 95 on August 28, already holds the record as the oldest active male scuba diver. On Saturday he dived for 44 minutes at a depth of 40.6m, beating his previous record of 41 minutes and 38.1m - when he was 94. ‘We did it ... I feel great,’ he said. – Reuters

Golden future for eagles after genome mapped

Golden eagles are facing a brighter future after scientists mapped their entire genome for the first time. The breakthrough will help conservationists understand how the bird’s DNA allows them to survive in various habitats, so they can make reintroductions and translocations more successful. Golden eagles were once common across Britain but numbers had fallen considerably by the 19th century, and pesticides used in the 1960s saw populations drop to just a few hundred breeding pairs. Although recent conservation efforts mean the birds are now listed as ‘of least concern’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, there are still only 508 breeding pairs in the UK. – The Daily Telegraph

Egypt cracks down on bloggers

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has ratified a law granting authorities the right to monitor social media users in the country as part of tightening Internet controls. The law gives the state the power to place people with more than 5,000 followers - on social media or with a personal blog or website - under supervision. It will be authorised to suspend or block any personal account which ‘publishes or broadcasts fake news or anything (information) inciting violating the law, violence or hatred’. – AFP

Cinema is dying, says top auteur

Hollywood director David Cronenberg has predicted that cinema-going will die out - and says he ‘does not care’ in the least. The maker of ‘The Fly’, ‘Crash’ and ‘Naked Lunch’ told a talk at the Venice film festival on Saturday that ‘television screens are getting bigger and bigger and therefore the difference between theatre and domestic viewing has become really flimsy’. But the Canadian auteur said cinema itself would survive streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon and that it was ‘just evolving’. - AFP



How cocky CEOs are sued into submission

Study reveals the price companies pay for over-confident leaders, and gives tips on how to keep them in check

Claire Keeton
2 min read

Hops on the bandwagon: brewers eye pot of gold in cannabis

As the weed increasingly gets the green light in law, the dynamics of 'investing in sin' have changed

By Garry White
4 min read

Oh, brother! The biggest bankruptcy in US history

While the Lehman Brothers collapse seemed a surprise, management had long been warned about its excessive risk-taking

4 min read



Simply swipe to pay - if your phone hasn’t been swiped

Very useful, but is it a safe and secure way of paying?

By Sylvia McKeown
4 min read

Reading on-screen will turn your brain into mush

Digital devices take away basic skills necessary for human beings to function in relation to other humans

By Tymon Smith
3 min read

How to future-proof your kids without wrecking their lives

To allow screens or not to allow screens? That is the question - but it is a lot more complicated than yes or no

By Harry de Quetteville
12 min read

Oh woe is us! Even one little drink a day is dangerous

Study suggests there is no safe level of alcohol, as any health benefits are outweighed by its adverse effects

By Suthentira Govender
1 min read



SPORTS DAY: Hamilton spoils Ferrari party at Monza

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

Marc Strydom
7 min read

In the spirit of greats like Tobias, bin the Bok emblem

Calling the sorry lot currently in the green and gold Springboks sullies those who rose above the political noise to ...

Telford Vice
6 min read

Blasts from the past: Boks wobble against 1955 Lions

Today in SA sports history: September 3

David Isaacson
1 min read