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Saturday, December 11 2021

The Eclectic Weekend


World FREE

Boris is beginning to look a lot like the Grinch who stole Christmas

Fury at PM ramps over new Covid restrictions, especially after allegations Johnson’s staff broke rules last year

By Joe Mayes
4 min read
Ideas FREE

Wander into aline water and you’l make erras for eeras while surveing it

A column to satisfy your inner grammar nerd

Sue de Groot
Deputy features editor: Sunday Times
3 min read
Ideas FREE

A superstar does not necessarily a best-selling author make

Just ask Billie Eilish and Piers Morgan, who have millions of social media fans but don’t seem to interest readers

Jennifer Platt
Sunday Times books editor
2 min read

So how and why did bipedalism begin, and which hominin cross-stepped first?

Up to now it’s been a bit of a mystery, but Tanzanian footprints are offering clues to the origin of  upright walking

3 min read
Sport FREE

The good, the bad and the ugly — another typical year for SA football

Sundowns men and women have shone, Bafana have shown signs of improvement, but the PSL is an administrative shambles

Sazi Hadebe
Sports reporter
5 min read
World FREE

As if Covid isn’t enough, now parents have to worry about PIMS

The condition, which inflames a number of organs, is a major consideration in vaccinating, says an expert

By Maayan Lubell
4 min read
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It beggars belief that Cele and Sitole are still in office

The irony is that while these two incompetents still have jobs, unemployment is now at an all-time high

4 min read
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Ramaphosa and Malema have missed a golden opportunity with land bill

The two leaders have succumbed to their egos instead of using their mandate to change the course of history

Makhudu Sefara
Editor: TimesLIVE
6 min read
Ideas FREE

Today politics says goodbye to a man whose name belies his character

For more than 40 years James Selfe has been one of this country’s most faithful servants. We need more of him

Tony Leon
6 min read
Ideas FREE

Deck the electoral halls with holly — electoral reform is in the air

The tabling of the new electoral bill will hopefully exorcise the ghosts of Christmases past

Caiphus Kgosana
Executive editor: opinions and analysis
4 min read
Ideas FREE

Is the ANC dying yet? No? Keep going, Cyril

I held the belief that Ramaphosa was trying to fix the ANC and SA but doing both very badly. I was wrong

Tom Eaton
4 min read
Ideas FREE

Omicronomics: what the new variant could mean for SA’s economy

Arguably the impact on jobs could be greater than the impact on GDP growth because of the seasonal timing

By Walter De Wet
4 min read