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Saturday, November 20 2021

The Eclectic Weekend


Ideas FREE

Driven demented by ‘debt’ that turned out to be an error

A client’s use of a hired car results in an erroneous bill that takes years to clear up

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
5 min read

Is grapefruit upping your statin absorption, spinach eating your aspirin?

These ‘healthy’ foods could be sabotaging your medication and your doctor might not know it, study finds

3 min read
World FREE

OMG! Apple is going to let you repair your iPhone

It is an astonishing reversal of policy that will be good for consumers and the planet, if not for company profits

By Adam Minter
4 min read
Sport FREE

Broos is on the right track but he can’t do it all himself

A strong, successful Bafana Bafana squad needs a supply line of quality players from Chiefs and Pirates

Sazi Hadebe
Sports reporter
4 min read
Ideas FREE

OBITUARY | ‘Don’t be a bloody fool, you’ll starve to death, Wilbur’

Wilbur Smith’s father couldn’t have been more wrong. The author has died a multimillionaire, aged 88

By Chris Barron
7 min read
Ideas FREE

Intractable coalition talks reveal our odious political culture

SA parties have shown their true colours, caring more about amassing power than the needs of voters and citizens

Eusebius McKaiser
Contributor and analyst
5 min read
Ideas FREE

Even Clarkson doesn’t deserve a book burning

It is hard to fathom the lengths US conservatives and others will go to to erase that with which they disagree

Jennifer Platt
Sunday Times books editor
2 min read
World FREE

In an ice irony, melting glaciers uncover wonder dust that cools the planet

The fine rock particles that lie beneath Greenland’s ice sheets can boost crop yields and absorb carbon dioxide

By Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen
5 min read
Ideas FREE

Calculating to the end, FW botched his last chance to free himself

He could have atoned for apartheid by admitting it was a crime and pleading for forgiveness. He didn’t

4 min read
Ideas FREE

Lightbulb moment, ANC ... we’re in the dark physically, not mentally

Sadly, it’s the party’s top leadership that wants us to believe it’s not at fault for the cock-up that’s Eskom

Tom Eaton
5 min read
Ideas FREE

They say everyone has a price. What will the ANC’s be?

Local leaders are putting pressure on the national structure to jump into bed with the EFF, but at what cost?

4 min read
Ideas FREE

Diversity is strength in SA. That’s why the ANC is weakening

Instead of ethnicising politics like it did in the Western Cape, the party should institutionalise diversity

Caiphus Kgosana
Executive editor: opinions and analysis
4 min read