Saturday, July 17 2021

The Eclectic Weekend


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Let’s not grizzle too much as we try to bear up in grisly times

A column to satisfy your inner grammar nerd

Sue de Groot
Deputy features editor: Sunday Times
3 min read

Cannes Film Festival goes epic to make up for lost time

This year’s event was packed with more films after the pandemic rained on the parade of last year’s festival

Tymon Smith
Features writer, film and series reviewer
4 min read
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Bill and Hillary are blowing out thrillers, but who will do the best job?

Former US president Clinton has a ‘big, fast’ book on the shelves, but will his wife trump him at the tills?

Jennifer Platt
Sunday Times Book Editor
3 min read

How space-junkie billionaires are taking fashion to new heights

Branson has Under Armour on board for spacesuits, Bezos is going casual and Musk has Hollywood big gun on call

By Thango Ntwasa
1 min read
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Lend me your eyes so I can decode returns policies

Much confusion surrounds returning items, so here’s an appeal to consumers and non-online retailers

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
5 min read
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The day bread rolls became bun(dle)s of joy for me

As Durban runs out of food, I join my fellow citizens in a desperate search for the essentials we once took for granted

Suthentira Govender
Senior reporter
3 min read
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This country needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror

The ugly scenes of the past week call for earnest introspection from South Africans

Makhudu Sefara
Editor: TimesLIVE
4 min read
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Conspiracy or incompetence: why were SA’s security forces so slow to react?

With violence being so obvious a danger after Zuma was jailed, those tasked to protect us have a lot to answer for

5 min read
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SA in flames: spontaneous outbreak or insurrection?

Many reasons have been proffered for this week’s events. What evidence is there of organisers behind the scenes?

By David Everatt
6 min read
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Here we go again as SA faces another make-or-break moment

In a country characterised by criminality, with a police force unable to police, this week’s events were inevitable

Tom Eaton
4 min read
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Poverty is not to blame for looting, a lack of values is

The breakdown of norms, rules and values happens at home and at school. Reversing it starts with us

4 min read
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Don’t despair, SA, Zuma and his motley crew have run out of steam

Yes, there will be more outbursts, but much of the weekend’s mayhem was unleashed by opportunists, not his fans

4 min read