Saturday, March 6 2021

The Eclectic Weekend


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Well, well, well, it seems the ANC is growing up at last

Knee-jerk resolutions taken in 2017 have largely been ignored, indicating the RET brigade is losing its battle

4 min read
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Who leads the DA when Steenhuisen follows another leader?

There is a profound logic and an illogicality in suggesting the DA would prop up a Ramaphosa administration

Tony Leon
6 min read
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Be gone, John: the JSC has a duty to get rid of Hlophe

It is mystifying why the JSC says it has no say in the matter when the constitution is clear that it does

By Paul Hoffman
4 min read
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Mboweni’s uncompromising budget deserves more credit

The 2021 budget marks a shift from the tax-and-spend stance of the past decade to a cut-and-save era

Claire Bisseker
Economics writer
3 min read
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Down Under deserves applause for giving big tech the up and over

Australia has provided others with the wherewithal to take on these giants, whose power should be regulated

4 min read
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That’s some food for thought, but let’s see if humans take the bait

While we are impressed by cuttlefish’s delay of gratification, human beings face their own test of self-control

Tom Eaton
2 min read
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Super Rugby is dead, but is there a cup at the end of the rainbow?

It’s been a long quiet year for rugby fans as Super Rugby disappeared without a trace

Liam Del Carme
Sports reporter
2 min read
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If all our children aren’t safe none of us will be

Without a solid education in caring schools youngsters will end up on the streets wreaking havoc

4 min read
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Let me tell you a story about SA literacy and what you can do to help

SA’s literacy rates are shocking, but the Sunday Times, with BookDash, has a plan and would like you to assist

Jennifer Platt
Sunday Times Book Editor
2 min read
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Cat’s out the bag: idiomatically maligned, yes, but he’ll have his day

A column to satisfy your inner grammar nerd

Sue de Groot
Deputy features editor: Sunday Times
4 min read

Ballen has die antwoord for ‘Hänsel und Gretel’

Photography’s king of bizarre is taking the fairytale opera into uncharted visual territory

By Keith Bain
7 min read

Magugu makes modern meet indigenous

Japanese film and spirituality take centre stage for the designer’s latest offering

By Thango Ntwasa
1 min read