Saturday, February 6 2021

The Eclectic Weekend


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Thriller writers, old and new, with firm grips on their nibs

From Lee Child to Alexander McCall Smith, Michéle Rowe and Attica Locke, detective lovers are spoilt for choice

Jennifer Platt
Sunday Times Book Editor
3 min read
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Being thrifty is a gift and kinda clever in these trying times

A column to satisfy your inner grammar nerd

Sue de Groot
Deputy features editor: Sunday Times
4 min read

Paris men’s wear week fashions the new normal

Don’t let lockdown put a damper on your style. Take some notes from this season’s collections

By Thango Ntwasa
2 min read

Newlands crowd may have hated Nasty Booter, but he loved playing there

As the curtain closes on the Cape Town stadium, Naas Botha tells us his fond memories of his times there

Liam Del Carme
Sports reporter
4 min read

From India to France, it’s coming to your couch

This weekend, you’re sure to find your poison among these streaming options

By Tymon Smith
2 min read

Get back: two fab books chronicle the Beatles’ long and winding road

James Patterson and Craig Brown’s books will send you on a magical mystery tour of Beatles nostalgia

By David Gorin and Sarah Buitendach
9 min read

Escape into breeches-busters and fantasy

Adaptations of novels have provided distraction from the pandemic and there are plenty to come

By Jan Dally
4 min read
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Let’s just admit the ANC is rotten so we can fix it

Looting, cronyism, crooked journalists ... it’s time to replace our rose-tinted glasses with the magnifying variety

4 min read
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It’s no Joko, they’re having tea. Will Malema sit on Zuma’s knee?

Only Zuma and Malema know the reason for an ‘urgent’ meeting, but the EFF faithful must be very confused

Tom Eaton
4 min read
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Covid lessons we must heed, lest we miss a once-in-a-generation chance

These insights have given us an opportunity to re-evaluate SA’s education system for the better

4 min read
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Now’s when the vaccine gets tricky. Who gets what and how much?

The first batch of the vaccine has arrived in SA, but around the world there is little equity in its distribution

Caiphus Kgosana
Executive editor: opinions and analysis
3 min read
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Cyril’s Covid comedy of errors shows few signs of a happy ending

Let’s just hope Monday’s speech does herald a new dawn for SA’s pandemic response, but don’t hold your breath

Tony Leon
7 min read