Wednesday, September 2 2020



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If only the ANC could spin its ball properly, we’d all be nett gainers

What are these overpaid spin doctors good for when ministers are putting out PR fires via Twitter?

Caiphus Kgosana
Executive editor: opinions and analysis
3 min read
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Denis Fry: clean as a whistle, no matter which way the ref blows

In the first of a new column, we explain what’s in its name by looking at a sublime display of sportsmanship

David Isaacson
Sports reporter
3 min read

Andile Lungisa won’t quit – he still has an Ace to play

Defying an ANC call to resign, the Bay councillor insists smashing a jug in somebody’s face ‘isn’t corruption’

By Nomazima Nkosi
3 min read

Women locked down by two deadly pandemics, with nowhere to turn

A researcher’s data on what happened behind closed doors during lockdown has revealed frightening stats

Tanya Farber
Senior science reporter
3 min read



‘We’re not nothing, we’re normal’: be inspired by these disabled men

This is how the Chris Burger/Petro Jackson Players' Fund has helped rugby players conquer their disabilities

David Isaacson
Sports reporter
6 min read

Man who vowed to defend cops is killed in home invasion

Johan Kriek, who was stabbed in a vicious attack, was 'always willing to go the extra mile' for those in trauma

Orrin Singh
4 min read

Trouble in paradise as Plett ratepayers try to put brakes on car plot

The council is being taken to court over a R1.3m plan to lease cars for the mayor and his deputy

Bobby Jordan
Senior reporter
3 min read

Junk food giants ‘fuel lifestyle diseases in SA, even targeting babies’

Food corporates set their sights on ‘new markets’ as global north increasingly spurns their offerings

Tanya Farber
Senior science reporter
2 min read



EDITORIAL | Time to introduce a different state of emergency

As the Nateniël Julies tragedy proves, police need to catch up with the mindset of the people as a matter of urgency

3 min read

Lone cheerleaders and ‘young’ cadres: ANC, this is rock bottom

When your most prominent backer is Carl Niehaus and 46 qualifies Mzwandile Masina as ‘young’, the bar is very low

Tom Eaton
2 min read
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SA may not be booming like Rwanda, but at least we haven’t got a dictator

Rwanda poses an interesting dilemma: there’s much to admire and much to condemn. Will SA do the right thing?

Tony Leon
5 min read

Manspreading is as old as feline disdain for attractive silicone

A column to satisfy your inner grammar nerd

Sue de Groot
Deputy features editor: Sunday Times
4 min read



Not so slick: Big Oil’s patchy deals befoul green ...

The major players are counting the cost of splurging billions on oil and gas and drilling programmes

By Ron Bousso and Ron Bousso
6 min read



If you can’t take the dark, get out of the kitchen

The ‘dark kitchen’ trend is gathering pace locally. And no, we don’t mean a dish served cold – a la Eskom

By Richard Holmes
7 min read

Hendrik simply loves the sweet side of life in Lisbon

The young South African chef creates delectable treats, is writing a recipe book, then plans to hit Europe

By Staff Reporter
5 min read

Red alert: local shiraz offerings suit every palate and budget

After a slow start, SA practitioners of the cultivar have perfected their art over many vintages

By Michael Fridjhon
3 min read

Blast from the past: Boks blindside Kiwis to halt losing streak

Today in SA sports history: September 2

David Isaacson
Sports reporter
2 min read


Huge waves crash over the pier wall in Kalk Bay, Cape Town, during high tide on Tuesday.
PULL THE TIDE Huge waves crash over the pier wall in Kalk Bay, Cape Town, during high tide on Tuesday.
Image: Esa Alexander

6 things you need to know

Load-shedding risk for SA all week: Eskom

Breakdowns in electricity generation resulted in Eskom announcing rotational power cuts on Tuesday - and the parastatal warned load-shedding could be in place for the remainder of the week. Ten generation units at seven power stations broke down in the past 48 hours, it said. “A generator each broke down at Amot, Medupi, Lethabo, Matla power stations, while two units each at Majuba, Camden and Tutuka power stations also broke down. “Unplanned breakdowns stand at 11,665MW of capacity, adding to the 4,558MW currently out on planned maintenance. Any further deterioration in the generation performance may necessitate the escalation of load-shedding at short notice. As the aged generation infrastructure is unreliable and volatile, this constrained power system is expected to persist for the rest of the week.”

Dagga ‘kingpin’ and army ‘accomplice’ arrested

An alleged “dagga kingpin” and two accomplices, one of them a SANDF employee, have been arrested in North West. They were apprehended in Mahikeng on Monday, said the Hawks' Capt Tlangelani Rikhotso: “It is reported that the trio illegally smuggled dagga from Swaziland and supplied it to the market in Mahikeng and surrounding towns. Following months of surveillance, evidence gathered suggests that the suspects are allegedly also involved in money laundering activities involving fixed and movable property.” In February 2020, the main suspect was arrested with dagga worth about R600,000 and was charged with dealing. He has now been linked to money laundering activities too. Two BMWs, two Mercedes-Benzes, a Corsa, and a VW Polo had also been seized.

Trial date for Bryanston school sex assault case

The mother of a Bryanston High School pupil who laid a sexual abuse charge against the school’s former sports coach has expressed relief that the “end is near”. The Alexandra Magistrate’s Court said on Monday the accused would stand trial from November 23. “Right now there are a flood of emotions surfacing all at once from the past 19 months of disappointment. [I am] feeling anxious but somewhat relieved that there is now light and the end is near,” the woman said in a statement released by Women and Men Against Child Abuse. It has taken almost two years to get to a trial. Disciplinary hearings held by the school in 2019 alluded to there being three complainants between 2017 and 2018, but only one lodged a criminal case. The coach was fired after an internal hearing, and remains out on bail.

Samsung brings its biggest phone to the fold

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s latest foldable smartphone is also its largest, offering users a tablet-size screen 12% bigger than its first Galaxy Fold. Unveiled on Tuesday, the Galaxy Z Fold2’s screen measures 19.3cm when unfolded. The 5G-compatible phone will also be Samsung’s most expensive foldable, priced at $1,999 in the US compared to $1,980 for the Galaxy Fold launched last year. – Reuters

Facebook block escalates tensions with Oz

Facebook said it would stop Australians sharing news content on its platforms if a proposal to make it pay local media outlets for their content becomes law. The social network also updated its ‘terms of use’ to say it can block content anywhere globally or restrict users from accessing the services if such a move is warranted to avoid regulatory risks. Facebook’s plan to block the sharing of news, rather than pay royalties, puts the firm broadly in step with Google on the matter and escalates tension with the Australian government. – Reuters

Norway lawmakers hit by cyberattack

E-mail accounts of several elected members and employees of Norwegian parliament were hacked in the past few days. Analysis showed that various quantities of data were downloaded, the parliament said, without identifying the affected lawmakers and staff. The National Security Authority assisted in countering the attack. It was not immediately clear who was behind the attack or what type of attack it was. – Reuters