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SA could easily feed its poor. Instead we have a corona food-aid racket

Money isn’t the problem, it’s corruption, since the state refuses to implement a very simple solution

4 min read

Cry fowl: Cyril ‘courts disaster’ over booze, smokes, cooked chicken

NPO threatens legal action against the government over ban on alcohol, cigarettes and precooked food sales

Matthew Savides
Night news editor
4 min read

Essential, non-essential? Essentially it’s open to (mis)interpretation

The knives are out over essential services lockdown regulations, a drama which could have been avoided

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
5 min read

Lifting the ban on cigs and booze sales is, essentially, a no-brainer

If you want to kick-start the economy, that is. Let's be flexible with industries certain to own a market in this time

3 min read



Zuma dumps longtime attorney, prepares for ‘trial of his life’

Readying to face corruption charges, he claims the case will ‘shed light’ on who scored what in the arms deal

Karyn Maughan
3 min read

SA could implode if Cyril doesn’t come up with a plan, says business

It is vital to find a balance between health and economic risks, Business for SA tells government

Hilary Joffe
3 min read

Does BCG vaccine really protect SA from Covid-19? Here’s what we know

Times Select speaks to leading scientists in the field to find out exactly what research has revealed so far

Tanya Farber
Senior science reporter
4 min read

SA’s ‘angels’ take flight to save the needy in lockdown

Aviators have come together to collect and distribute supplies to the country’s most vulnerable people

Graeme Hosken
Senior reporter
4 min read

Communities wash away lockdown blues with ‘barter’ deals

‘Doing someone’s laundry in the comfort of my home is a much better deal than going to the shops’

2 min read

We’re at war with our mental health and it’s ‘incredibly dangerous’

Psychologists are concerned about a rise in suicide attempts as people grapple with uncertainty

4 min read

Abused women, code words and emojis could save your lives

Gender activists say ‘safe’ words and code should be used by women seeking protection from their abusers

Suthentira Govender
Senior reporter
4 min read



With snares and spears, lockdown victims poach to survive

Laid-off workers turn to reserves in search of warthog, kudu and the like as poaching cases spike

Paul Ash
Senior reporter
3 min read

Rough justice: prosecutors’ blaps forces judge to rule for ‘rhino poacher’

Courts must uphold the law, even if their decisions seem unjust, says judge

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
2 min read

Black rhinos are surviving poaching better than white ones. This is why

The black rhino population has more than doubled since the early 1990s thanks to an innovative intervention

Tony Carnie
3 min read



Ideas FREE

I flew into Covid-19’s reality on the wings of apocalyptic fiction

On a flight destined for a changed world, my journey conjures images of Miranda and the Georgia Flu in ‘Station Eleven’

By Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀
6 min read

These are the six big lockdown mistakes that Ramaphosa has made

While his response to the virus has on the whole been exemplary, these errors of judgment threaten the future of SA

By Imraan Buccus
7 min read

Without a slew of clues, follow the thread of those with a clew

A column to satisfy your inner grammar nerd

Sue de Groot
Deputy features editor: Sunday Times
3 min read

They wrote it this week: The day the art dealer exploded ... literally

Extracts from diaries and letters written between April 20 and April 26

Robin Crouch
8 min read


SANDF soldiers patrol the streets in Yeoville, Johannesburg, on Sunday as part of a joint operation with the SAPS to enforce and create awareness about the national lockdown. Some members of the public were searched.
risk and frisk SANDF soldiers patrol the streets in Yeoville, Johannesburg, on Sunday as part of a joint operation with the SAPS to enforce and create awareness about the national lockdown. Some members of the public were searched.
Image: Alon Skuy

6 things you need to know

Cops nab 13 foreigners in booze, cig bust

A group of foreigners were arrested for illegally operating a factory in Tongaat, north of Durban, police said on Sunday. Spokesperson Brig Vish Naidoo said that following a tip-off officers arrived at the factory on Saturday and heard machine noises coming from inside. “No activity could be seen around the premises. At that moment two foreigners opened the roller door of the factory. They were questioned about their presence there and they said they were merely fetching welding machines. “On informing them that they were to be charged for … not being confined to their residences in terms of the Disaster Management Act, they attempted to flee and were arrested.” Eleven more people were arrested, and 90 sealed beer bottles, more than 90 beer cans and more than 100 cartons of cigarettes were seized. The suspects were also taken for Covid-19 tests.

WHO spends twice more on travel than on meds

The World Health Organisation spends twice as much on travel as it does on medical supplies, it has emerged, as the organisation continues to face criticism over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Figures from the WHO’s most recent financial reports show that it spent 8% of its $2.2bn budget on travel expenses, compared with 4% on medical supplies and materials. The figure, revealed in its Results Report 2018-19, has been seized on by the WHO's critics - particularly in the US. - Telegraph Media Group Limited (2020)

Dagga plants, manure lead to arrest

A 33-year-old man was arrested after police uncovered a dagga laboratory in Randfontein, west of Johannesburg, on Saturday. Police spokesperson Capt Kay Makhubela said officers were on crime-prevention duty and to enforce lockdown regulations when they received information that led them to a house in Aureus where they discovered the lab with dagga plants and bags full of manure. The man was charged with manufacturing, dealing in and cultivation of dagga. He was expected to appear in the Randfontein Magistrate's Court soon.

Darn it! UK’s upper classes must do own housework

Wealthy UK households are taking online housekeeping classes as their butlers and nannies are in self-isolation, a domestic staff company has said. Polo & Tweed, in Mayfair, London, recruits and trains staff including housekeepers, butlers and chefs for professionals, royalty and celebrities alike. But families are struggling to keep up with the demands of maintaining their homes during the lockdown as 50% of Polo & Tweed staff live off-site and many are having to isolate. In their absence, Lucy Challenger, founder and CEO of Polo & Tweed, said there has been a huge rise in owners of properties asking for advice and training - including how to change bedsheets, iron and clean. - Telegraph Media Group Limited (2020)

Locals pelt cops with stones after drug arrest

Residents of Manenberg in Cape Town damaged several law enforcement vehicles after officers arrested a man for possession of drugs. The Anti-Gang Unit had just arrested the 23-year-old on Thames Walk on Saturday afternoon when locals turned on them, police spokesperson Brig Novela Potelwa said. Five traffic and law enforcement cars were damaged. The police dispersed the crowd and arrested 17 people, aged between 16 and 46, for public violence. They are expected in court soon. Potelwa warned that attacks on police “will not be tolerated” and “those who engage in such unlawful conduct will face the full might of the law”. Earlier last week, two wholesalers in the area were broken into and groceries stolen.

Facebook removes only 3% of fake virus news

Facebook has removed less than 3% of fake news posts it has found about the coronavirus.The social network said it had uncovered more than 40 million posts rated false by independent fact-checkers, but had removed under a million. Facebook said it only took down posts it deemed could lead to “imminent physical harm”, such as messages telling users to drink bleach as a cure. - Telegraph media Group Limited (2020)




Today’s cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

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Today’s quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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‘Prognosis 0%’: a walk with death in a New York hospital

We get a rare tour to show the reality of frontline workers, who themselves stare death in the face

By Josie Ensor
6 min read

Viral load: excess weight raises risk of coronavirus complications

Biggest study yet of how virus exploits age, sex and underlying conditions throws light on crucial ‘cytokine storm’

By Steve Bird
2 min read

Hopes for ‘immunity passports’ dashed as experts slate antibody test

The UK has splurged on serology tests so people can get to work, but haven’t found one reliable enough

By Steve Bird
3 min read

Flip, fry, fill and fly: bots do it all in the kitchen thanks to corona

The pandemic is changing attitudes to food preparation, and tech’s hands-off approach is enticing

By Matthew Field
4 min read



How dope went from nope to high-end soap

Cannabis has become a luxury wellness market in SA and it’s very much about women and sustainability

By Zanele Kumalo
6 min read

The last straw: what liquid fasting can teach you about hunger

A liquid fast had Helen Clemson in a right ol’ strop and gave valuable insight to what it really means to go without

By Helen Clemson
4 min read

Kondo minimum: How to get rid of your junk, in the guru’s own words

Marie’s tips for ‘sparking joy’ in your home or office – and what better time than now to follow her advice?

By Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein
3 min read

Hear it roar: Jaguar F-Type leaps dynamically into 2020

Jaguar’s latest offering comes with a major facelift and improved driving tech. Its SA launch is due in May

By Denis Droppa
3 min read

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