Tuesday, December 17 2019



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State doesn’t care about circumcision massacres

FREE TO READ | Unless there’s a racial tinge to it and some political capital to be had, our politicians do nothing

4 min read

Shock, snot, ‘killer’ cadres – and the winner is …

Malema, Niehaus, Dlamini ... who will walk away with the biggest gongs in the Best of the Decade Awards?

Tom Eaton
4 min read

King’s parole: half the battle is won – the rest is up to Cyril

King Dalindyebo’s son is engaging ‘behind the scenes’ with Ramaphosa for a full pardon

By Matthew Savides, Lulamile Feni and Karyn Maughan
5 min read

Why apartheid’s super-spy can’t get Olof Palme’s ghost off his back

Swedish PM’s murder has been a mystery for 33 years, but a researcher says he’s solved it – and proved an SA link

By Jonathan Ancer
5 min read

Home swaps give SA a big sho’t left to the world

South Africans have seized upon this cheaper way to enjoy a dream holiday locally or overseas

3 min read

Bang! Bang! They’re gunning for ‘toys of war and death’

A campaign calls on SA parents to shun toy guns this Christmas

2 min read



Today’s cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

1 min read

Today’s quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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Those company reps can be thrifty with the truth

FREE TO READ | They clearly don’t think customers up for the schlep required to get the facts

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
3 min read
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They wrote it this week: A quickie made him sickey

FREE TO READ | Extracts from diaries and letters written between December 16 and December 22

Robin Crouch
3 min read

Boris good enough? We don’t care, say the Brits, we like him anyway

It is a question that has stumped not just enemies, but many Tories too: how does the UK PM get away with it?

By Harry de Quetteville
6 min read

The strange tale of our, er, rekindled love for paperbacks

It turns out books are not an endangered species after all, even if the stories they hold are falling to pieces

By Gaby Wood
6 min read

Book a holiday spot with 24 must-reads from 2019

It’s what you’ve been promising yourself all year: time to read widely and deeply with your phone off

By Michele Magwood
4 min read

Blast from the past

Today in SA sports history: December 17

David Isaacson
1 min read

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