Saturday, September 14 2019

The Eclectic Weekend


Here’s a lesson for Mugabe acolytes: His Zim education reforms are a myth

The best that can be said about the strongman's contribution to school education was that he did not destroy it

4 min read

Foreigners lose everything in the blink of an eye

FREE TO READ: They describe how they had to drop everything and run for their lives as a xenophobic mob closed in

Iavan Pijoos
4 min read

This puzzle is bloody murder, but I must solve it before Henrietta does

Everyone should have an impossible life’s challenge to which they dedicate themselves, and which really doesn't matter

5 min read

#CrimeStats | This is what a record-high murder rate sounds like

A showdown on Wednesday was a disconcerting exhibit of the murder stats that shook SA the next day

Aron Hyman
3 min read

Is this Di’s Jackie O moment? At any rate, she’s style muse of the moment

As fashion looks to project itself as more meaningful than clothes, Diana couldn't be more right for now

By Bethan Holt
5 min read

Now streaming: Tears of joy, horror or rage, your choice

From hard-hitting, dark viewing to enjoyable fun, here are five top shows you can stream this weekend

By Tymon Smith
1 min read

Talking point: Barry Bateman, pussyfooting and that word

The pressure is on EWN to set a precedent on the matter, according to an expert

7 min read

Fynbos plant comes to rescue of Oz sheep farmers

Cape legume found to be ideal for feeding sheep on the country's sandy and infertile western region

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
2 min read

Foot artists have a unique and handy leg-up – ‘toe maps’ in the brain

Painters born without arms have been found to develop a mental map of each toe - so, are we all born with this trait?

2 min read

Prosus listing leaves Naspers investors with some thinking

Why invest in Naspers and its SA businesses when one can go straight to Prosus for the lucrative global assets?

By Mudiwa Gavaza
1 min read

BULL’S EYE: Share buybacks sound cool, but can burn you

Traditional wisdom is that when a company buys back its own shares, the price goes up ... well, not always

By Jeremy Thomas
3 min read

In Hokkaido, you’ll eat your way to high heaven

How to really appreciate Japanese cuisine if you’re going there for the World Cup rugby

By Diane de Beer
4 min read



Today's cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

1 min read

Today's quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

1 min read