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Watson crash: CCTV, speed cameras, cellphone towers will reveal truth

FREE TO READ | Expert hired by Watson family tells Times Select how he’s proceeding with his investigation

By Graeme Hosken and Iavan Pijoos
4 min read
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ANALYSIS: This is what Watson’s death really means for SA

The files on Bosasa are there, but the kingpin is gone, cancelling out a crucial facet of the state capture probe

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
5 min read

When arms deals, politics and death collide, is it really an accident?

Consider these three stories about the 'accidental' demise of people who wouldn't keep their mouths shut

Tom Eaton
2 min read

‘I’m alive and well,’ tweets Gavin Watson – the other Gavin Watson, that is

SA thought he was a ghost, but he was a software developer caught up in a case of mistaken identity

Matthew Savides
News editor
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Show us the money: what’s up with GOOD’s finances?

Several party leaders are asking some pointed questions about what the cash is being spent on

Zingisa Mvumvu
2 min read

Whey off the mark: science backs a big protein shake-up

A huge proportion of whey protein products are not delivering what it says on the packet, scientists say

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
2 min read

Gang’s alleged spree ends in court, but it’s not enough for residents

Chilling testimony gives insight to the reign of terror, which gang members at first admitted to but are now denying

Shain Germaner
3 min read

Offshore refuelling licences on hold after Algoa Bay spill

Now a survey of environmental threats will be done amid a burgeoning bunkering business

Bobby Jordan
2 min read

Law and disorder: feuding attorneys throw the book at each other

Law firm says Hawks are now involved after one of its directors allegedly dipped into its trust account

By Philani Nombembe and Khanyisa Tyelela
3 min read


A worker at the Palazzo del Cinema at the Venice Film Festival in Italy.
BOBBLE HEAD A worker at the Palazzo del Cinema at the Venice Film Festival in Italy.
Image: Reuters/Yara Nardi

Six things about SA you need to know

Urgent move to draft rules on protector’s removal

Parliament’s justice committee has resolved to ask National Assembly speaker Thandi Modise to instruct the assembly's rules committee to urgently draft rules on how to remove from office the public protector and other heads of Chapter 9 institutions. MPs agreed in just under four minutes on Tuesday to refer the process for removal of the public protector to the rules committee for urgent resolution. Committee chairperson Bulelani Magwanishe informed MPs of the committee’s decision. It had met last week. Magwanishe said the committee’s resolution was necessary so the speaker could refer the matter to the rules committee as soon as was practically possible. The committee would ensure Modise would receive the request on Tuesday.

Zille launches ‘Tea With Helen’ podcast

Two months after a “very productive” three-hour conversation over tea and cake with Thuli Madonsela, former DA leader Helen Zille has launched her own podcast. Zille made headlines in May after she took to social media to express controversial views on “black privilege”. This resulted in the former public protector calling on her to withdraw her claims and apologise. On August 24, Zille announced the launch of the podcast, Tea with Helen, which will air on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify. According to the podcast's slogan, its purpose is to engage in conversations with those who disagree with the former Western Cape premier’s views. So far it has attracted more than 1,900 subscribers. The first video was posted on Monday morning, featuring Zille having tea with Business Day's former editor-in-chief, Peter Bruce.

Cops ‘the most corrupt public servants’

Corruption in the police service constituted the most reports received in 2019, Corruption Watch said on Tuesday. It said 1,591 whistleblowers exposed corruption in different sectors across the country. The third edition of half-yearly Analysis of Corruption Trends Report revealed that, for the first time, the police had overtaken sectors such as schools, health and local government. The leading forms of corruption in the police were abuse of power and bribery. At local government level, most corruption reports related to procurement irregularities in municipalities. Bribery was the second-highest form of corruption in government, the report found. There had also been a “worrying increase” in reports of corruption in health facilities. The most rife form was employment irregularities, followed by procurement irregularities.

Pupils treated for coughing fits and burning eyes

At least 15 pupils from Effingham Heights Primary School in Durban have been treated by paramedics after they started having coughing fits and complained of burning throats and eyes. Netcare 911’s Shawn Herbst said the pupils most affected were seated next to windows in class. The cause was not immediately known. “The school has no kitchen and there are no big factories in the area. We suspect that someone could have been playing with pepper spray or something outside the school premises, which would have affected the pupils,” Herbst said. The pupils were in a stable condition and their parents had been informed.

Soldier found in boot of gutted car named

Staff Sgt Michael Mawande Njomane has been named as the soldier whose charred remains were discovered in the boot of a burnt-out car in Blue Downs, Cape Town. The 41-year-old had been a member of the SA National Defence Force since 1994 and is survived by his wife and four children. He had recently been transferred to one of the military units in Cape Town, but was not a member of the operation against gang violence on the Cape Flats. He was driving a government vehicle at the time of his kidnapping last week. His charred body was found in the boot of a white Hyundai Accent after firefighters extinguished the burning car on Silversands Road. Autopsy results are still pending. Two men were arrested last week in connection with murder. They are due in court on Wednesday.

Veteran journo drowns during Moz holiday

One of SA's top TV journalists has drowned while on holiday with his family in Mozambique. Ben Said, eNCA director of news, died on Monday, the channel announced on Tuesday. Said had recently returned to SA from TRT World in Turkey and rejoined the senior management team at eNCA at the beginning of the month. "Ben was one of the country's best television journalists and his loss to the station is immense," eNCA said. "Having just rejoined the station, he was already making his presence felt across all aspects of the business. We are all in deep shock." The channel extended its condolences to his wife Nicky and his two daughters.


Dramatic footage of a city bridge collapsing in Terme, Turkey on Monday has been caught on camera. Two people were injured when the bridge collapsed due to heavy rains. Both survived with minor injuries.



Today’s cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

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Today’s quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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Trump wants Greenland, but his supporters want greener pastures

The right wing in the US will soon be looking for someone who does Trumpism better than Trump

By Tim Stanley
5 min read

Epstein’s ‘furious’ victims left high and dry – for now

The lawyer representing the women is determined to carry on the fight in the face of new complications

By Celia Walden
7 min read

Actress in racy Austen remake bummed out by ‘unnecessary’ TV nudity

Anne Reid says the bare male bottoms in 'Sanditon' are a sign of the times - and she blames Daniel Craig

By Hannah Furness
2 min read

Hell’s Bell: the Thatcher image-maker behind SA’s Gupta scandal

Lord Bell's charm and pithy slogans helped the Tories conquer Labour, but he was undone by the Bell Pottinger disaster

By Daily Telegraph obituary
15 min read


A demonstrator stands on a traffic light during a protest in Hong Kong.
HUMAN RED LIGHT A demonstrator stands on a traffic light during a protest in Hong Kong.
Image: Reuters/Willy Kurniawan

6 things you need to know about the world

Say sorry, Macron, for the sake of critical forest

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro says he is open to discussing G7 aid for fighting fires in the Amazon if his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron ‘withdraws insults’ made against him. ‘To talk or accept anything from France, with the best possible intentions, he [Macron] has to withdraw these words, and from there we can talk,’ Bolsonaro told reporters. – AFP

India PM’s ally accuses opposition of witchcraft

An Indian monk-turned-lawmaker from the ruling party has suggested political opponents use ‘black magic’ to harm PM Narendra Modi’s BJP, after three top members died. Newly elected Pragya Thakur said she had met a holy man who warned that the opposition might use witchcraft against BJP. Finance minister Arun Jaitley, former state chief minister Babulal Gaur, former foreign minister Sushma Swaraj died of long illness in August. – AFP

One passenger, about 130 cancelled flights

Munich Airport was forced to cancel about 130 flights to search for a passenger who mistakenly went through an emergency exit. Police had to order all people out of the airport, including passengers who had already passed through security, to ensure no dangerous items had been left behind. The missing Spanish passenger opened an emergency door in terminal 2, and was later found in terminal 1. – Reuters

Hiker bears calf the blame for cow attack: court

An Austrian court has ruled a German hiker who was trampled to death by cows was partly to blame for the accident. A lower court ordered the cows’ owner to compensate the woman’s family, but a higher court ruled that the 45-year-old bore 50% of the blame as she approached cows, especially those with calves, with her dogs, a court official said. – AFP

Russia frees Willies from ‘whale jail’

Russian environmentalists celebrated a ‘huge victory’ after the last orcas, 10 of them, that kept in a notorious facility were released into the sea following year-long captivity. But 75 beluga whales still languish in pens in the so-called ‘whale jail’ in the Russian Far East, and the question remains whether Russia’s controversial practise of catching wild marine mammals for the aquarium industry will be banned. – AFP

Window of opportunity for Microsoft breach

Microsoft is remotely collecting data from users of Windows Home and Windows Pro, in a potential breach of privacy, the Dutch Data Protection Agency says. The agency said it had found the practices while testing privacy protection changes in Windows made at the agency’s request. Microsoft has complied with the agreements made, the agency said, but it was still remotely collecting other user data. – Reuters



Can’t see your way to getting rich? Here’s a spot of advice

It’s a long walk to financial freedom, but worth taking

By Andrew Canter
3 min read

Sasol: Shareholders are right to be cracking their knuckles

The share price has more than halved over the past year, and investors want bosses to share the pain

By Londiwe Buthelezi
1 min read

Nigeria, Namibia offer richer pickings for Imperial than SA

While local conditions are gloomy, the picture is completely different in other parts of Africa

By Siseko Njobeni
1 min read



In one morning, you could become a cook to Thai for

A relaxing class for any level of cooking finesse, Sawadee will make you fall in love with Thai cuisine

By Sanet Oberholzer
3 min read

Women realise their hops and dreams with their own beer

SAB celebrated Women’s Month by getting a team of women to design and brew a limited edition beer

By Sanet Oberholzer
1 min read

Here’s one happy way to help get your head around wine

Strauss & Co’s Fine Wine Auction curator Higgo Jacobs talks about five hedonistic days of drink in September

By Lucienne van Pul
2 min read

Calling (wannabe) occupants of interplanetary craft

Virgin's first commercial space terminal has opened in New Mexico, well in time for the first flight next year

By Tymon Smith
1 min read



SPORTS DAY: Tau chases place in UEFA Champions League

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

David Isaacson
3 min read

Colonialism is not dead. More happily, neither is the Ashes

The foreign-born hired help won a Test on Sunday, and another concussed Oz’s best batsman the match before

Telford Vice
7 min read

Blasts from the past: Butch, Morne and Frans destroy Oz

Today in SA sports history: August 28

David Isaacson
1 min read