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EFF vs Sanef: were Malema’s words ‘hate speech’ or mere ‘rhetoric’?

As they face off in the Equality Court, the two sides offer very different interpretations of EFF leader's speech

Ernest Mabuza
3 min read

Grey College sex abuse case could see school liable for R20m in damages

FREE TO READ | Former pupil is suing school for not protecting pupils, after coach admits to 1987 assault

Shain Germaner
5 min read

Black radicals hold secret gun-play event. Should SA be worried?

FREE TO READ | Apparently, they're preparing for a revolution centred on self-determination and the struggle for ...

Jeff Wicks
3 min read

SABC staff who were Hlaudi’s pets could face a whipping

Thirty-four SABC staff face court review after being promoted irregularly. And that's just the start of it

Mpumzi Zuzile
4 min read



Irked judges give banks 3 bloody noses for ‘abuse’

Lenders told to stop taking debtors to the high court for 'trifling' amounts when a magistrate's court will do

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
3 min read

Holocaust survival story will be music to SA ears

Pianist Mona Golabek put her mother's story to music and travels the world with its message of fighting hatred

Tanya Farber
2 min read

Slain man’s family begs Cele: He wasn’t just an EFF fighter, he was a son

DUT student was killed during a clash with security firm. Family say his death is being ignored thanks to politics

3 min read

Nit-picking municipality turfs elderly out of loved care centre

The Scottburgh facility, which opened its doors to seniors in 1984, faces closure thanks to new municipal policy

Nivashni Nair
2 min read

Blood transfusion in SA isn’t quite yet at the bleeding edge

Only 1% of SA donates blood, raising concerns that such a small pool of donors may harm their own health

4 min read

Potholes drive SA’s wealthy to splurge on luxury SUVs

Research has found that our roads are in a shocking state and will require billions to fix

1 min read



Forget truisms about fighting elephants, this is how the ANC will kill SA

Humans worry about everything except the one thing that will actually end them - and so it is in this country

Tom Eaton
4 min read

Before you send that spicy e-mail … your boss might be spying on you

Surveillance start-ups that help firms keep tabs on staff are a $3.3bn industry, but is it too high a price to pay?

By Matthew Field
7 min read

A coder’s sober thoughts can all too easily leave AI drunk with power

It’s impossible to have a perfectly objective system when it is built by flawed humans

By Laurence Dodds
4 min read


Members of Saudi security forces take part in a military parade in preparation for the Haj pilgrimage in the holy city of Mecca.
KNIGHTS OF ARABIA Members of Saudi security forces take part in a military parade in preparation for the Haj pilgrimage in the holy city of Mecca.
Image: Reuters/Umit Bektas

Six things about SA you need to know

Magistrate in Catzavelos k-word case recused

A magistrate set to preside over Adam Catzavelos’s hate speech case in the Equality Court on Monday has recused himself, citing a conflict of interest. Magistrate Naren Sewnarain once worked with Catzavelos’s lawyer, Lawley Shein. The case was postponed to August 29. SA Human Rights Commission Gauteng manager Buang Jones said the organisation had applied for Sewnarain to recuse himself. Catzavelos faces charges of hate speech and discrimination. The commission filed a complaint in the Equality Court against Catzavelos after his racist video rant in 2018, recorded on a beach in Greece, was leaked via WhatsApp. The commission wants Catzavelos to apologise for his remarks and pay at least R200‚000 to a charitable organisation. Catzavelos also faces charges of crimen injuria in Greece and SA.

Dozens of e-hailing vehicles impounded in Durban

More than 50 Uber and Bolt (formerly Taxify) vehicles have been impounded by metro police in Durban as the city continues to crack the whip on illegal drivers. Metro spokesperson senior superintendent Parboo Sewpersad said vehicles were impounded for various reasons during raids over the weekend and on Monday. "Vehicles were impounded as drivers failed to have the correct documentation and papers,” he said. The raids were part of ongoing efforts by police to rid the city of drivers who fail to abide by the law. "A total of 53 vehicles have been impounded and are being held at the Durban drive-in site," he said. Neither Uber nor Bolt responded to queries by the time of publication.

SA remains a preferred tourist destination: minister

Tourism minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane has reassured tourists that it is safe to travel to SA and that their safety remains a top priority for government. This follows the death of Russian Ivan Ivanov, 44, who was robbed and fatally stabbed while hiking at East Fort in Cape Town on July 27. Two suspects linked to the murder appeared in the Wynberg Magistrate's Court on Friday. “Despite the few isolated incidents which paint South Africa negatively, our country remains a preferred destination for weddings, honeymooners, lifestyle, music and cultural events, as well as the filming industry, with most of these drawing significant numbers of travellers," Kubayi-Ngubane said. Her department was busy with a safety strategy and was happy with actions taken by police. She called on communities to "isolate those who try to portray our country in a negative manner".

Nurse who ‘forced woman to eat dog faeces’ held

A Tygerberg Hospital nurse accused of forcing a woman to eat dog faeces has been arrested. The woman has been remanded in police custody. A video of the woman instructing her husband's "lover" to eat from a bag containing her dog's faeces was widely shared, and the 27-year-old victim has now laid charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, crimen injuria and intimidation. Police spokesperson FC van Wyk said: "A 38-year-old woman was arrested on Friday morning and appeared in court the same day. The suspect was remanded in custody." Tygerberg Hospital spokesperson Laticia Pienaar confirmed that the nurse has been employed there for the past four years. An internal investigation was under way.

MEC wants probe after deputy mayor’s car stolen

The head of co-operative governance and traditional affairs in KwaZulu-Natal has ordered an investigation into the alleged misuse of an uThukela municipal vehicle by its deputy mayor. On Monday, Cogta MEC Sipho Hlomuka called for uThukela’s speaker to investigate the matter of the stolen Toyota Fortuner. According to media reports, the vehicle was stolen while allegedly being used by deputy mayor Nombali Mchunu to attend a soccer match in Gauteng. "This is a serious allegation that must be investigated with urgency, and pending such an investigation we will not be jumping to any conclusions," said Hlomuka, who added that his department took a "dim view of all cases where municipal assets or resources have been abused for personal gain".

Police probe after child is kidnapped from creche

Police are investigating a kidnapping after a child was allegedly taken from a nursery school in Boksburg. Three-year-old Ropafadzo Nkosi was allegedly taken from the crèche by a man on August 1. "Investigations are underway," police said.


Two quick-witted criminals were caught running a con at an Engen petrol station in Heidedal on July 31. The men can be seen passing money to one another in order to claim that they have been short-changed, then walking away with extra money. Engen has shared the video in an effort to prevent businesses falling prey to the con.



Today’s cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

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Today’s quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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Killer puts ‘safe’ El Paso in crossfire of debates over guns and migrants

Dad who chose the border town for a mural to honour his son who died in another mass shooting, joins call to end hate

By Daniel Trotta
5 min read

Did malaria pill drive student insane and cause her death plunge?

As Alana Cutland's fatal fall from a plane stirs debate about Lariam, we look at the risks and alternatives

By Peter Stanford
8 min read

Worried about the planet? Fear not, the Clooneys and Coldplay are on it

How many celebs does it take to fix global warming? Just check out Google's ludicrous VIP climate-change party

By Guy Kelly
3 min read

Gruesome scene at Tate Modern as boy, 6, is thrown from 10th floor

Police have arrested a 17-year-old boy on suspicion of attempted murder

By Sophie Barne and Daniel Hammond
3 min read


A devotee takes a holy dip while participating in the ‘Bol Bom’ (Say Shiva) pilgrimage in Kathmandu, Nepal.
ECSTASY A devotee takes a holy dip while participating in the ‘Bol Bom’ (Say Shiva) pilgrimage in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Image: Reuters/Navesh Chitrakar

6 things you need to know about the world

Tree fan backs away from volcano … for 700km

An Indonesian man is walking 700km from his home on a volcano in East Java to Jakarta in the hope of drawing attention to the archipelago's quickly shrinking forests - and he is doing it backwards. Medi Bastoni, a 43-year-old father of four, set out on his arduous, in-reverse journey in mid-July 2019, with the goal of reaching the capital by August 16, a day before the Southeast Asian nation's independence day anniversary. "Of course I'm exhausted, but I'm willing to do this to fight for the next generation," Bastoni said. "(My home) is losing all of its trees so I have to do something. I can take the pain and fatigue." When he arrives, Bastoni hopes to meet President Joko Widodo and highlight deforestation across the archipelago. – AFP

Viennese turn up noses at scented trains

Care for a whiff of sandalwood on your morning ride to work? Commuters in Vienna have turned their noses up at scented subway trains after a month-long trial aimed at enhancing their travel experience. Four aromas - including "energising" grapefruit and "relaxing" melon - were tested in several carriages on two subway lines in the Austrian capital during July 2019. Public transport company Wiener Linien said on Monday it had dropped the idea to make fragrant trains a regular feature for now after 21,000 out of 37,000 participants voted against the plan in an online survey. "I want to make sure that passengers feel comfortable in public transport," Vienna environment councillor Ulli Sima said. During the test run the scents were funnelled into the carriages through ventilation systems. – AFP

Aussie first to use new assisted dying law

A 61-year-old cancer patient has become the first person in more than two decades to die under controversial assisted dying laws in Australia, a charity said. Kerry Robertson died in July 2019, three months after the mother of two ceased treatment for metastatic breast cancer, the support group Go Gentle Australia said on Sunday. The state of Victoria passed a law in 2017 to legalise the practice, which went into effect in June 2019. Other states are expected to follow suit. Robertson, who ended her life in the southeastern town of Bendigo, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, which then spread into her bones, lung, brain and liver. She decided to stop receiving treatment in March when the side-effects of chemotherapy were no longer manageable, and took medication to end her life after a 26-day approval process, the charity said. – AFP

WW2 Spitfire revived – for the sake of peace

Two British aviators are all set for the first attempt to fly a Spitfire around the world, proclaiming the iconic fighter plane as a symbol of freedom. The restored plane fought in World War 2 but has been demilitarised, and stripped of its guns and paintwork to reveal the shining, silvery metal underneath. "It's the most majestic machine," pilot Steve Brooks said. "We're hoping to reacquaint people with the beauty and the aesthetic of the Spitfire." The 76-year-old plane was due to take off from Goodwood Aerodrome in England for a four-month, 43,500km adventure westwards around the globe. Taking turns, Brooks, 58, and Matt Jones, 45, who run a flight academy, will pilot the Silver Spitfire to about 30 countries and soar over some of the world's most cherished landmarks. – AFP

Fidesz in a tizz about gay ad fizz

Adverts by Coca-Cola around a music festival in Hungary that promote gay acceptance have prompted a boycott call from a senior member of the conservative ruling party. The posters, in tandem with the week-long "Love Revolution" event starting on Wednesday in Budapest, show gay people and couples smiling with slogans like "zero sugar, zero prejudice". That has irked some supporters of Viktor Orban's nationalist Fidesz party, which supports a prohibition of same-sex marriage. On Sunday, Fidesz's deputy speaker, Istvan Boldog, called for a boycott of Coca-Cola products during its "provocative" campaign. But with gay acceptance rising among Hungarians, it was unclear whether his call would gain traction. – Reuters

Fur babies have never had it this good

Eleven-year-old Bess waits patiently to be immersed in water just a little cooler than her body temperature. Her hydrotherapy session will last only 17 minutes but it does wonders for this arthritis sufferer. Bess is a cat. To ease her joint pain, the Maine Coon, a touch overweight at 10kg, is taken every week to the Friendship Hospital for Animals, a veterinary clinic on a pleasant Washington street. Beyond traditional veterinary treatment, the clinic offers forms of care once reserved for humans, such as acupuncture and therapeutic ultrasound. Pets are now increasingly seen as genuine family members, said Christine Klippen, one of the 63 vets who are available at the clinic every day of the year. And this is particularly true for millennials, she said, who see themselves as moms and dads to their “fur babies”. - AFP



Sure, we’re in a fix - but there are ways we can fix it

When you’re in the soup, flaws have to be eliminated, weaknesses resolved, and mistakes paid for in full

By Mark Barnes
3 min read

Gold mining: It’s Ghana be a sad day when SA goes belly up

Not even Africa’s champion any longer, who will save the 112,000 jobs left in the SA gold mining industry?

By Allan Seccombe
2 min read

The JSE crock market: We’ve been down, but not like this before

Growing profits in a stagnant economy is achievable for as long as costs can be cut. After that, look out below

By Nick Hedley
1 min read



Bookmarks: Why the Boomergeddon trope is tripe

A fortnightly look at books, writers and reviews

By Andrew Donaldson
10 min read

Book extract: From slaves to servants in ‘Like Family’

Domestic worker relations in South Africa were shaped by the institution of slavery at the Cape in 1658

By Ena Jansen
16 min read

Back to the 1970s with the original queen of selfie culture

Cindy Sherman made shapeshifting an art all of its own with her fictionalised photographic ­self portraits

By Mark Hudson
5 min read



SPORTS DAY: Dale Steyn hangs up Test whites

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

Mninawa Ntloko
Sports editor
7 min read

Hamilton knows the game well enough to meditate on the playbook

The champ just had his best season yet, but he still seeks room for improvement and recovery

By Alan Baldwin
3 min read