Saturday, August 3 2019

The Eclectic Weekend


Is it the money? Or the cosmic flip-flops? Why Juju might EFF off

Let's have a gander at the possible reasons Malema might have for tipping his red beret and bowing out

Tom Eaton
3 min read

ANALYSIS: While the ANC squabbles SA screams towards a cliff

Instead of responding to the economic crisis, the party's NEC was consumed by internal disputes

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
5 min read

Rabble no more: The Boks are back in town

Draw against New Zealand offers a number of positives, and sends the message that they're a threat once more

Craig Ray
3 min read

Senzo’s dad never gave up his fight for justice. Now he too is dead

'One day, God will help me and everything will be revealed,' Sam Meyiwa said. His prayer wasn't answered

4 min read

What’s happened to the KZN sardine run? The answer is worrying

New research has tracked changes to what once was an annual Durban excitement, and has fingered a culprit

Tony Carnie
4 min read

Men making new male friends is like flirting – it takes balls

Male friendship is bashful and elusive. How in mid-life do you find a new friend?

4 min read

He fought for others at 104, but didn’t live to see his victory

His name means 'stand firm', and he lived up to it when he took up the cudgels for farm occupiers and labour tenants

5 min read

BOOK EXTRACT: One thing about cancer, it puts things into perspective

In this chapter from 'So You Want to Build a Startup?' entrepreneur Matthew Buckland describes being diagnosed

By Matthew Buckland
6 min read

Fast & hilarious: Statham and Johnson go full-metal wacky

It's a big, don't-take-yourself-too-seriously blast as our pec-popping heroes whip themselves into a quippy frisson

By Ed Power
4 min read

Good old brandewyn en Coke is fine, but there’s so much more to brandy

Why this Cinderella of spirits deserves a spot in your drinks cabinet

By Richard Holmes
6 min read

Abused kids in Gauteng get a little yelp to face the court

A joint venture using therapy dogs is helping the process of testifying easier for kids

2 min read

Suburb blows fuse as students ‘turn it into slum’

Westdene-Sophiatown locals say they worry about property value, but a town planner thinks this is an overreaction

4 min read



Today's cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

1 min read

Today's quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

1 min read