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ANALYSIS: ANC’s coalition puzzler - will Malema beret the hatchet?

He's poised to score at the polls, so there will be coalition talks. The big question is: what, exactly, does he want?

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
5 min read

How the IAAF decided Semenya isn’t allowed to be the way she was born

The testosterone ruling - described as a 'necessary discrimination' - could ruin the careers of intersex athletes

6 min read
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I don’t have to be what you want me to be: Caster carries on Ali’s fight

Her plight has caught the mood of a black world out of patience with a white world deciding who and what she is

Telford Vice
4 min read



Mom was right: the rich neighbours aren’t happy

Rich people in SA are more miserable than those with a middling income, global survey finds

Graeme Hosken
4 min read

Domestic warfare: minister’s daughter and son-in-law reach a stalemate

The pair applied for protection orders against each other earlier this year

Shain Germaner
3 min read

‘We may be free, but we’re still held in chains by student debt’

Fees Must Fall activist Bonginkosi Khanyile says much has been achieved in 25 years, but there's still a long way to go

3 min read

No sh*t: hippo poo is crucial to protect our rivers

Their faeces have nutrients vital for oxygen-producing algae, so their decreasing numbers are deeply worrying

Claire Keeton
2 min read

Little girl’s healing story launches R122m emergency unit makeover

Camilla, who had surgery to remove a brain tumour at a Cape Town hospital, shared her story at the sod-turning ceremony

3 min read



We all know that Ace is far from alone. Now let’s do something about it

The picture is very clear: the higher the ANC vote total in any region or province the higher the level of corruption

Tony Leon
4 min read

No magic ballot: what happens when no party deserves your vote?

The ANC's incompetence makes it very difficult to vote with my heart, but the rest of the parties are not much better

4 min read

Acting your age is old hat – meet the ‘young-old’ generation

A new wave of older people are making the most of their 'extra time', and they are a lesson to us all

By Camilla Cavendish
7 min read

I love myself so much I could marry me – and I did just that

I spent six months organising a ‘sologamist’ wedding. You might think it's wacky, but it changed my life

By Melissa Denton
6 min read


Six things about SA you need to know

I’ll tighten the noose on corruption: Cyril

President Cyril Ramaphosa has vowed that his government would continue to tighten the noose around corruption. Addressing about 3,500 people at Cosatu's 33rd May Day celebrations in Clermont, Durban, he said he wants to rid the country of corruption. He singled out the embattled state entity Eskom and said government would be addressing the challenge that it has posed for the country.

Ministers must bring their own lunches: Malema

If the EFF were in government, ministers would be carrying lunchboxes to work, even if it contained mopane worms. This was said by EFF leader Julius Malema during the party's Workers' Day rally in Alexandra, Johannesburg, on Wednesday. Malema said it makes no sense that ministers eat state-sponsored food at cabinet meetings and work events while workers elsewhere carry lunchboxes. The EFF would end this waste and the special treatment of ministers who earn salaries but have their entire livelihoods funded by the state.

Vote to keep ANC out of Cape: DA

‘Keep the ANC and EFF out of the Western Cape and let’s keep the province blue!’ - this was the reverberating message from DA leaders to the party’s supporters at its Workers’ Day rally held in Cape Town. Speakers called on party members to go all out over the next few days to ensure every supporter votes in the special voting on May 6-7 and main election on May 8 to keep the ANC and EFF out of power in the province.

Governments must stop outsourcing: Ace

ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule has called on all governments run by the ruling party to end outsourcing of workers. Addressing a Workers’ Day rally in Ekurhuleni on Wednesday, Magashule said workers should not have to march for such a demand. He said the ANC was not a federal organisation and, as such, if its government was insourcing cleaners in Gauteng, other provinces and municipalities should do the same.

Foreigners to pay more for Robben Island

The Robben Island Museum is introducing a two-tier pricing model for international visitors and South Africans, which will see a sizable hike for tourists. It will take effect on June 1. The new standard tariffs will be: R550 for non-SA adults; and R300 for non-SA children aged two to 18 years; and R380 for SA adults; and R200 for SA children aged two to 18 years. The current price is R360 per adult and R200 each for under 18s.

Housing activists protest at Cape bowling green

Reclaim the City activists on Wednesday staged a protest at the Green Point Bowling Green in Cape Town in a demand for the property to be used for affordable housing. ‘We are digging the foundations and laying the bricks for new homes for the workers who keep the city in business,’ they said. ‘Like in other cities throughout the world, it is the working class that has been forced to live in the outskirts and in inhumane conditions. It is through our labour that the City of Cape Town was built, and yet there is still no place for us,’ the group said in a statement.




Today’s cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

1 min read

Today’s quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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New skid on the block: the knives are out for driverless cars - literally

In Phoenix, the test city for Waymo's self-driving cars, locals have even hurled rocks at them and slashed their tyres

5 min read

Something rotten lurks in the shadows of German business

Right at the top of the country’s biggest companies it is starting to look obvious there is an honesty issue. Why?

By Matthew Lynn
3 min read

Young and hipless: that mid-life marathon is ruining your bones

More younger people are having hip replacements, says the writer, who had hers done at 48

By Bernadette Fallon
5 min read

Baby Sussex A-Z: let’s spell it out for you – the tot will have it all

This is everything you need to know about the royal baby on its way

By Camilla Tominey
10 min read


Central American migrants ride a freight train known as ‘The Beast’ during a pause in Ixtepec, Mexico.
BELLY OF THE BEAST Central American migrants ride a freight train known as ‘The Beast’ during a pause in Ixtepec, Mexico.
Image: Reuters/Jose de Jesus Cortes

6 things you need to know about the world

Killer jellyfish meet their match in Oz

Australian researchers believe they have found an antidote to a sting from the world’s most venomous creature, the much-feared box jellyfish. One box jellyfish can kill 60 people. The University of Sydney team noticed the venom needs cholesterol to kill human cells and decided to test whether existing drugs could stop it. Since there are lots of drugs available that target cholesterol the team tried one out. It worked. Stings from box jellyfish — which can be smaller than a fingernail or up to 3m long — can cause acute muscular pain, violent vomiting, feelings of ‘impending doom’, hair that stands on end, strokes, heart failure and death within minutes.— AFP

Who are you calling Dumbo, may I ask?

A wild bull elephant caused a major stir in an Indian city, wandering along the busy streets and crowds of photo-snapping onlookers before being tranquilised. Potentially dangerous incidents of wild animals including elephants and leopards entering towns and cities are on the rise in India as urban expansion encroaches into the countryside. In the latest incident, the male elephant from a nearby wildlife reserve lolloped down the main road into the city of Guwahati in the northeastern state of Assam. It pushed some vehicles but causing no major damage as forest and police officials followed at a safe distance. ‘I thought it was someone’s pet elephant,’ local resident Avantika Bora said. — AFP

Poo! Everest cleanup bags three tons of waste

A team sent to Mount Everest has collected three tons of garbage in its first two weeks in an ambitious plan to remove 10 tons of rubbish from the world’s highest dump. Decades of commercial mountaineering have left the pristine mountain polluted as big-spending climbers pay little attention to the ugly footprint they leave behind. Fluorescent tents, climbing equipment, empty gas canisters and even human excrement litter the well-trodden route to the summit of the 8,848m peak. Over 4,000 people have climbed Everest so far, and last year saw a record 807 climbers reach the summit. Melting glaciers are exposing trash and even bodies that have accumulated on the mountain since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made the first successful summit 66 years ago. — AFP

Forget water cannons, let’s play stingball

Riot police clashed with anti-capitalist protesters in Paris on Wednesday, firing tear gas to disperse them as thousands gathered for a May Day march in the city’s south. In a tense atmosphere, hundreds of so-called ‘black bloc’ activists pushed to the front of the gathering crowd on Montparnasse Boulevard, hurling bottles and other projectiles at police in a confrontation some 90 minutes before the march was to start. One protester suffered a head injury. Riot police also used stingball grenades to disperse the crowd. A controversial riot control device, the grenade is thrown at ground level, releasing scores of rubber pellets that cause an intense stinging to the legs within a 15m radius. — AFP

Botched Brexit plans doom ‘Failing Grayling’

Britain’s transport minister was under fresh pressure to resign after the government stacked up a £50m loss for cancelling contracts to charter extra ferries to bring in essential supplies in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The decision to award the contracts has been a major political embarrassment after it emerged the government handed out a £14m contract for extra ferries to a company that owned no ferries and published terms and conditions on its website that appeared to be for a takeaway food business. The botched handling of the contracts, led the transport minister Chris Grayling, to be nicknamed ‘failing Grayling’ by local newspapers. — Reuters

Broke US can’t afford to keep borrowing

The US government will have to stop borrowing money between July and December if Washington doesn’t agree to raise a legal restriction on public debt. Hitting that so-called ‘debt ceiling’ could trigger a US default on its debt and an immediate recession, a risk that has become a regular facet of US politics over the last decade. The current debt limit was set in March. The US Treasury has been able to continue borrowing from investors by using accounting measures such as limiting government payments to public sector retirement funds. — Reuters



Bull’s Eye: Wretched be the bottom-pickers

Nothing like watching a darling share dive into a brick well, and all the way down you did nothing about it

By Jeremy Thomas
3 min read

Why govt employees so badly hope Naspers doesn’t flop

Government Employees Pension Fund, managed by the PIC, has a whopping 12.37% stake in the media giant

By Ann Crotty
1 min read

Trematon: Private schools put it on a nice (l)earning curve

Investment company’s Generation Schools venture is way smaller than Curro and Advtech, but growing fast

By Marc Hasenfuss
1 min read



Fear and clothing: What’s cooking in the multicultural pot

A weekly reverie on the vagaries and charms of fashion

2 min read

Kiss and makeup: Tips on top foundations for dark skin

We asked A-list makeup artist Faith Seuoe to recommend her fave five brands for dark skin tones

By Keneilwe Eleanor Pule
1 min read

Gucci-chi-chi: Designer ‘home’ has all the goodies

Travelling to Milan? Even if you aren’t, you’ll love Gucci’s luxuriously eclectic, romantic Décor store

By Mila Crewe-Brown
1 min read



SPORTS DAY: Is Mo Farah’s career getting back on track?

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

Mninawa Ntloko
Sports editor
3 min read

Juventus-bound Ramsay won’t play for Arsenal again

Manager Unai Emery says the Welsh star’s hamstring knock rules him out, even if the team get to Europa final

2 min read