Saturday, March 9 2019

The Eclectic Weekend


Mad Max, Juju and a R50k hit: Inside a gang war

A plea deal secured by a hitman reveals a plot to take out rival gang leaders, though accomplices are still at large

Shain Germaner
4 min read

Stray dog stuns Sherpas with 7,000m climb to Himalayan summit

Eager pooch latches onto climbing party for what may be the highest climb recorded for a dog

By Ben Farmer
2 min read

Licence demerits are a great idea ... now to find 100,000 spietkops

It's all very well making a move on bad drivers, but there are a few points to consider about SA’s anarchic highways

Tom Eaton
2 min read

Edcon: ‘A stuff-up of manic proportions caused by the owners’

Embattled retail group’s CEO rants about the doomed leveraged buyout and how he's trying to fix the mess

By Giulietta Taleva
4 min read

Parents’ dislike of black teachers is a disgrace. Minds need to open, now

Far too many schools do not have a single black teacher - but there is one Cape school that sets a better example

4 min read

Book extract: ‘Rebels and Rage’ by Adam Habib

Wits vice-chancellor reflects on how to achieve progressive change in our universities

By Adam Habib
9 min read

Stupid is as stupid does: why clever people do dumb things

As studies suggest intelligence can hold you back, check out this 'cognitive toolkit' to help you make wiser decisions

By David Robson
6 min read

Fear and clothing: Channeling the blithe spirit of Chanel No 5

A weekly reverie on the vagaries and charms of fashion

4 min read

Eishkom hike is going to hurt – a lot

The energy regulator has awarded Eskom an increase of almost 14%, and the experts are very worried

Alex Patrick
4 min read

Coal call: how Eskom rushed through unlawful R659m to Guptas

It took just over an hour to shift R659m to the family, while staff were too fearful to speak out, Zondo hears

Amil Umraw
3 min read

Experts: How SA can stop scaring foreign money away

While the president has signalled great intent, that will only take SA so far – we need highly visible execution

By Chris Gilmour
3 min read

Out because money talks, and pounds talk louder than rands

A worrying trend of younger SA players choosing to play county cricket on Kolpak over playing for their country

Telford Vice
3 min read



Today's cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

1 min read

Today's quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

1 min read