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Zuma got R300k per month from Bosasa, says Agrizzi

A designer handbag full of cash - former exec lays out company's allegedly corrupt relationship with Myeni and Zuma

Amil Umraw
4 min read

Gerrie Nel and Barry Roux team up to defend Coligny killers

And while the heavyweights insist the pair are innocent, a local principal tells court they should be put away for life

Iavan Pijoos
3 min read

Teen’s journey from her to him embraced by school

There is considerable debate about the age at which children should be allowed to consent to transition

4 min read



Fees Must Fall will rise again: convicted student

Activist who was sentenced to three years’ house arrest on Monday says the struggle continues

4 min read

State gets tongue-lashing over Uber rape case delays

The four men accused of kidnapping and raping women using the Uber app have waited years for their trial to begin

Shain Germaner
2 min read

High-risk alert: vital malaria drug goes out of stock in SA

This comes as infection and mortality rates have dramatically worsened

3 min read

In the eye of the go-getter: Township artists create beauty from ugly waste

Langa in Cape Town is at the centre of a movement to transform plastic into arts and crafts

4 min read

The missing link hasn’t been found ... because there isn’t one

Wits prof lashes out at those misinterpreting the latest research, emphasises the non-linear nature of our evolution

Tanya Farber
2 min read



No slow-blinking meat-suit would make my political dream team

There are efficient people labouring among the politically appointed idiots – but we can’t vote for them

Tom Eaton
4 min read

Oh, it ‘wasn’t really socialism’ now that it’s failed? That’s rich

We hear leftists give the same excuses every time a socialist regime such as Venezuela collapses 

By Daniel Hannan
3 min read

The accidental ‘influencer’: It’s not all about Kim’s perky bottom

There's a lot wrong with social media, but Instagram can be brilliant, too. I mean, I even got a R25 tote bag

By Bryony Gordon
4 min read


Six things about SA you need to know

DA will go to ICC, parliament and UN over Zim

The DA will write to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) as part of its interventions to resolve the crisis in Zimbabwe. Party leader Mmusi Maimane announced on Monday it would also formally approach the UN Commissioner on Human Rights requesting the intervention of its council. "With the fall of the Mugabe regime, a sense of hope arose as change was promised by new President Emmerson Mnangagwa. However, over a year after Mnangagwa took office, nothing has changed,” Maimane said. The DA would also urgently request a joint meeting of parliament's portfolio committees on home affairs, international relations and co-operation, police, and defence and military veterans to deliberate on the political and humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe. "It is vital that parliament considers, debates and deliberates on this matter, and seeks collective solutions in light of the president’s [Cyril Ramaphosa] failure to act," Maimane said.

Pupils suspended after ‘bullying’ at top school

A group of boys has been suspended after an alleged bullying incident at Selborne College in East London, in the Eastern Cape. Provincial education MEC Mlungisi Mvoko noted “with shame the spate of violence” in the province, including the incident at the college. “These unfortunate incidents in certain areas have led to burning down of schools by learners, while in Selborne a learner was left with severe injuries on his face,” Mvoko said on Sunday. “All learners involved in the Selborne College incident will be placed on precautionary suspension with immediate effect.” A group of pupils allegedly beat up a 15-year-old boy on the school grounds on Friday. An image of his bloody mouth and shirt was shared on social media by Buffalo City Metro spokesperson Samkelo Ngwenya. Mvoko said the department may take further disciplinary steps once an investigation into the incident was wrapped up. Selborne College spokesperson Jeff Fetting confirmed on Friday that the school was investigating.

Rand rebounds to levels last seen in August

The rand strengthened to under R13.60/$ on Monday morning for the first time since August 2018. “Over the last week, as well as in the year so far, the rand is the second-best performing currency among a basket of 24 emerging-market currencies,” Investec economist Kamilla Kaplan said in her weekly report e-mailed on Friday. “The rand’s performance has been aided by a stabilisation in commodity prices, improved sentiment towards emerging markets, and the paring back of expectations of further interest rate hikes by major economy central banks.” The rand was trading at R13.62/$, R15.54/€ and R17.96/£ at mid-morning.

ANC offices in Sedibeng hit in ‘arson’ attack

The ANC in Gauteng has condemned the torching of its Sedibeng offices. The blaze started in the early hours. "At this stage the report we have from the caretaker, who was at the property at the time, is that he was awakened by the sound of breaking windows and the next thing he knew the building was on fire. He escaped unharmed," the party's head of communication in the region, Tasneem Motara, said on Monday. "A case of arson is being opened … with the Vereeniging police.” The party said it viewed the incident as an attack on the people of Sedibeng. Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele said a case of arson would be investigated. No arrests had been made yet.

Change Constitution and regulate churches: Sanco

The SA National Civic Organisation (Sanco) has called on the CRL Rights Commission to ensure that churches are legislated. This follows an incident in which three people died during a stampede at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's Enlightened Christian Gathering church in Pretoria in December. Sanco representative Abraham Mashishi told the commission there had been a public outcry following the incident. He said the Constitution must be amended to allow churches to be legislated. "Churches are not legislated. They need to be licensed. You can't legislate a shebeen and not legislate a church,” Mashishi said. Bushiri appealed to the commission to involve his church in future engagements and not only summon it when there was an incident. During his presentation, Bushiri told the commission his church had suffered constant victimisation. The commission is set to continue on Tuesday.

EC business leader killed

The leader of Nelson Mandela Bay’s Black Business Caucus, Baba Ningi, has been shot dead. Police were on Monday combing the scene near the Lifa and Mafa Butchery, in Zwide, where the SMME leader was gunned down while walking to his car. Police spokesman Captain Andre Beetge said Ningi was killed following an argument inside the butchery. Beetge said gunmen opened fire on Ningi as he was walking to his car. Large crowds from the community had gathered at the scene, where police officers were combing for evidence.
A visitor takes selfies at a celosia flower garden in Panga, Indonesia.
A CEILING TO GO WITH THE CARPET A visitor takes selfies at a celosia flower garden in Panga, Indonesia.
Image: Chaideer Mahyuddin/AFP


A fire broke out on Lion’s Head on Sunday afternoon. Strong winds saw the fire spread rapidly over the shoulder of Signal Hill to the Atlantic Seaboard side of the mountain. By nightfall, the flames were more than five metres high. Produced by: Anthony Molyneaux



Today's cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

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Today's quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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It's time the Twitter bullies got their own smirks wiped from their faces

The 'stand-off' with a Native American activist devolved into a shocking example of bullying by the rabid online left

By Tom Welsh
2 min read

Pope on the ropes: Why Pentecostals are taking over Latin America

As the pope held mass in Panama City, many far more lively services were taking place in the poorer suburbs

4 min read

Bitter pill: She went to Egypt on holiday, she ended up in jail

Brit who spent 14 months in a Cairo prison for possessing tramadol describes her 'nightmare'

By Chris Graham
2 min read

The world’s loneliest duck has died. The Pacific plunges into mourning

The world-famous, much-loved mallard was killed by dogs

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6 things you need to know about the world

Harry Potter to lure wizards from Oz

Health chiefs will attempt to recruit doctors from Down Under with a new campaign urging them to come to the land of Shakespeare, Harry Potter and Manchester United. Australian GPs are being targeted by the new drive, in a desperate bid to plug shortages of family doctors across England. In September 2015, then-Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, pledged there would be 5,000 extra GPs in England by 2020. But since then the number of full-time doctors in the workforce has fallen. The new social media campaign will attempt to persuade doctors abroad to come to the NHS and work for “a national treasure”. – © The Daily Telegraph

Sorry to interruptus, but the pope says no

Pope Francis said on Monday celibacy for priests was a "gift to the church" and not "optional", nixing the prospect of married men being ordained. "Personally I think that celibacy is a gift to the church," he told journalists aboard his plane returning to the Vatican from Panama. "Secondly, I don't think optional celibacy should be allowed. No.” The pope nevertheless conceded "some possibilities for far-flung places", such as Pacific islands or the Amazon, where "there is a pastoral necessity". "This is something being discussed by theologians, it's not my decision," he said. The Argentinian pontiff has repeatedly said there is no doctrinal prohibition on married men becoming priests, and therefore the discipline could be changed. Saint Peter, the church's first pope, had a mother-in-law, according to the Bible. – AFP

When it’s toff at the top it’s alright, guv

Britain’s public schoolboys speak “mockney” to hide their privileged education, a former headmaster has claimed. Barnaby Lenon, ex-headmaster of Harrow School, said its pupils, as well as Etonians, kept the habit years after leaving school. “There has long been a tendency for schoolchildren at private schools to adopt their own language, and certainly with an emphasis on mockney,” he told The Sunday Times. “It continues into adult life. George Osborne and Tony Blair are both prone to lapse into Estuary English so they resemble the Kray brothers rather more than the private school background they come from.” Lenon said the ex-chancellor and the former prime minister did not “appear to be upper-class, because being upper-class these days is not a good thing”. - © The Daily Telegraph

Hiding in plane sight – an airport mystery

We’ve all heard of cars abandoned in airport parking lots, but Spain’s Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas airport boasts a hulking oddity that is proving to be a big mystery, reports CNN Travel. It seems airport officials can’t find the owners of a plane that has been parked on the tarmac for years. Airport director Elena Mayoral even submitted an official notice to the Boletín Oficial del Estado, the official gazette of the Kingdom of Spain, concerning the McDonnell Douglas MD87, which was in an "obvious state of abandonment", the report said. An airport spokesperson said it was the only abandoned they had. So, if you appear to have lost your plane, its registration number is registration number EC KRV. – Staff reporter

A case of life appropriating art

A man who snatched a 19th-century painting off the wall in a busy Moscow museum and calmly walked out has been arrested, authorities said on Monday. The suspect took a Crimean landscape by Russian artist Arkhip Kuindzhi and carried it through a room filled with visitors on Sunday, footage aired on state television showed. It is the second security incident to hit the capital's Tretyakov gallery in a year, after a visitor seriously damaged a painting of Ivan the Terrible in May. The Russian interior ministry said a 31-year-old man was detained on Monday in a village outside Moscow. He admitted hiding the painting in a construction site from where it was recovered, the ministry said. The painting, depicting the Ai-Petri mountain in Crimea, was completed between 1898 and 1908. – AFP

Trump might wake up and smell the coffee

Billionaire former Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz said in a TV interview he is looking into running against Donald Trump in 2020 as an independent presidential candidate. "I am seriously thinking of running for president," Schultz told 60 Minutes. The self-described "lifelong Democrat" said he "will run as a centrist independent outside of the two-party system. "According to Schultz, 65, "we're living at a most fragile time”. Not only was Trump "not qualified to be the president", but Republicans and Democrats "are consistently not doing what's necessary on behalf of the American people and are engaged, every single day, in revenge politics”. Schultz grew up in a working-class neighbourhood in New York City, but made his fortune when he moved to Washington in the 1980s and built Starbucks into a global coffee shop behemoth. – AFP
Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido and his wife attend a holy mass in Caracas.
HALOED JUAN Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido and his wife attend a holy mass in Caracas.
Image: Reuters/Carlos Barria



Don’t shoot me: Prescribed assets may not be a bad thing

Instead of putting your money in the bank, why not be able to invest it directly in govt-underwritten prescribed assets?

By Mark Barnes
4 min read

What crisis? SA banks are cooking in the Zimbabwe heat

The country needs financial services more than ever – and cash shortages have actually boosted banks

By Londiwe Buthelezi
4 min read

Classified information: What Naspers is betting big on

After trimming its Tencent stake and selling its investment in Flipkart, Naspers is sitting on a hefty cash pile

By Nick Hedley
1 min read



Bookmarks: Atrocity and how we choose to acknowledge it

A fortnightly look at books and writers

By Andrew Donaldson
10 min read

Book extract: ‘Sex, Lies and Stellenbosch’

The scuzzy underbelly of a prosperous, seemingly upstanding community in the winelands

By Eva Mazza
7 min read

Think the Troubles weren’t funny? You’d be surprised

Remembering a Northern Irish childhood through books: a look back, not in anger, but in something like nostalgia

By Judith Woods
7 min read



SPORTS DAY: Bafana and Baxter need a favour from PSL

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

David Isaacson
4 min read

Once more with feelings for the most glum sod in sport

Andy Murray has always been saggy-lipped unhappiness on spindly legs ... until one day he cracked

Telford Vice
6 min read

Blasts from the past: KO for Vic on his pro debut in 1949

Today in SA sports history: January 29

David Isaacson
1 min read