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Gigaba falling on his sword? That’s just not SA’s strong suit

Why would he walk away in disgrace when so many wicked cretins in his own party are staying?

Tom Eaton
2 min read

Gigaba can learn a trick or two from fellow liar Trump

The apparently reckless US president has mastered the art of blurting out falsehoods - particularly in the witness box

Tony Leon
6 min read

Public purse is Zuma’s ‘Stalingrad’ weapon: EFF, DA

Taxpayers’ money should not have been used to fight his legal battles, the parties argue

4 min read



Misery by numbers: Gauteng's dimensions of poverty

It is not only a function of low income - there are other key issues keeping people mired in grinding deprivation

Graeme Hosken
4 min read

Grand occasion for SA vets as they save a stricken tusker

University of Pretoria team called to a zoo in Georgia to remove the infected tusk of an Asian bull elephant

Alex Patrick
5 min read

Military veterans pull off audacious security contract coup

Durban council bows under pressure after military vets threatened shutdown

5 min read

Durban terror bombs ‘bear signature of the accused’

Prosecutor hits back after defence claims state case against 12 alleged Isis acolytes is feeble

Jeff Wicks
3 min read

Holidaymakers to feel the petrol price pinch

Petrol hikes are forcing locals to seriously rethink how they will travel this festive season

Nivashni Nair
2 min read



Zuma ministers, all we want is the Gupta truth

If Gordhan can do it, so can you. If you do, we'll judge you more kindly, no matter what you got up to

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
5 min read

Champ or chump: What will Charles be like as king?

As the Prince of Wales turns 70, those who know him give their opinions on what sort of monarch he'll be

By Michael Holden
7 min read



Today's cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

1 min read

Today's quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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Taareya Moodaly , 6, joins Times Select in wishing our Hindu readers a Happy Diwali. November 6, 2018.
A LIGHTHEARTED MOMENT Taareya Moodaly , 6, joins Times Select in wishing our Hindu readers a Happy Diwali. November 6, 2018.
Image: Jackie Clausen

Six things about SA you need to know

Maimane drops Cyril junior bombshell

DA leader Mmusi Maimane has implicated President Cyril Ramaphosa’s son, Andile, in questionable financial dealings with controversial government service provider BOSASA. He claimed Andile received a suspicious R500‚000 payment from the company. Maimane dropped the bombshell in the National Assembly on Tuesday. Maimane raise the matter of Andile and his dealings with BOSASA‚ a facilities management firm that has been at the centre of controversial government tenders involving several departments‚ politicians and other connected figures, confronting Ramaphosa with papers showing how money was allegedly moved from a BOSASA business account to a trust account allegedly for the benefit of his son under dodgy circumstances. Ramaphosa admitted that the matter had been brought to his attention, and that he had confronted his son about it “some time ago”. He said he was told the payment was legitimate, and that we would be the first to send his son “to jail” if this turned out to be false.

Nissan responds to shocking crash result

“The safety of our customers is Nissan’s top priority. All our cars meet or exceed regulations in all countries in which they are sold.” That’s Nissan South Africa’s response to Friday’s revelation that the body shell of its MP300 Hardbody double-cab - made in Rossyln‚ Pretoria - collapsed in a crash test conducted in Munich two months ago by renowned car safety organisation Global NCAP. The bakkie was given a safety rating for adults of zero stars - because of the “poor protection” it offered to the driver’s head and chest - and two stars for the youngsters strapped into child seats in the back. Nissan appeared unfazed by the finding‚ saying the bakkie was “a tried and trusted partner for businesses and entrepreneurs‚ providing reliability and affordability”. “Continuous improvements are being made to the NP300, such as dual airbags and ABS brakes which are fitted as standard equipment. Nissan is studying further enhancements.”

Pupil suspended for throwing water at teacher

The Northern Cape department of education has suspended a Kimberley Boys' High pupil after he was filmed throwing water in a teacher's face in class. Education department spokesperson Geoffrey van der Merwe said the Grade 9 pupil was suspended on Tuesday. He said the school had started preparations for a formal disciplinary hearing. Pending the hearing‚ the pupil would complete his examinations at the Frances Baard District office. The 30-second video, filed on November 2, of the incident went viral on social media on Monday. In it‚ the boy is seen standing by the teacher's desk‚ holding a plastic bottle containing water. A few seconds later he throws the water in her face. The teacher stands up and they wrestle for the bottle‚ before she takes it and throws it at him.

Parliament not part of any plot: Mthembu

ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu says parliamentary committees will continue do their oversight on ministers and government departments "without any fear or favour”. His remark came after embattled home affairs minister Malusi Gigaba claimed the portfolio committees on home affairs and public enterprises were part of a political campaign to discredit him. Speaking to journalists following a special caucus meeting‚ which was addressed by President Cyril Ramaphosa‚ Mthembu said that while the matter of Gigaba was not discussed during their gathering on Wednesday‚ parliamentary structures were not part of any political agenda. Mthembu said if Gigaba had any evidence of anyone using parliamentary committees to tarnish his name‚ he should have reported the matter to him. "The committees of parliament are not part of any plot. We want to make that clear,” he said.

Search on for 21 missing mentally ill patients

Gauteng health MEC Gwen Ramokgopa says the search will continue for 21 mentally ill patients who went missing after being relocated from Life Esidimeni to unregistered NGOs. Ramokgopa said on Tuesday that "no stone would be left unturned in accounting for the unaccounted mental health patients". She called on the public to assist the police in tracing the patients. More than 140 patients died following the move to ill-equipped and unlicensed NGOs in the province. Ramakgopa said the department had managed to transfer 750 patients from the unlicensed NGO’s, but difficulties in finding the 21 patients were owing to “poor record-keeping during the project, which left the department with very little and unverified information”. She said that initially about 100 patients had been unaccounted, but many has been found.

Dan Plato voted in as Cape Town mayor

Dan Plato officially became executive mayor of Cape Town after he was voted in on Tuesday, receiving 146 out of 208 votes. The runner-up was Xolani Sotashe‚ leader of the ANC in the council‚ who received 53 votes. There were 51 ANC members available to cast their vote in Tuesday's council sitting. The ANC caucus sang loudly after the outcome of the vote was announced in Plato's favour. The former Western Cape MEC for community safety was inaugurated by city speaker Dirk Smit. He takes over from Patricia de Lille‚ who stepped down last week as mayor and as a DA member after a stormy relationship with the party. After receiving the mayoral chain Plato said one of his priorities was to beef up policing in the city.


The EFF did not miss an opportunity to troll home affairs minister Malusi Gigaba during President Cyril Ramaphosa’s question-and-answer session in parliament on Tuesday. Gigaba claimed earlier in the month that blackmailers had hacked his phone and distributed a sex video of him.


The news you don't normally get to hear

Former Nazi camp guard, 94, on trial in juvenile court

Ex-SS man was under 21 when he was an accessory to at least hundreds of deaths, prosecutors claim

By The Daily Telegraph
3 min read

Devil and the deep blue sea: Brit sailor admits killing wife

He said she vanished at sea, but he never searched for her or raised the alarm - and her body was never found

By Gareth Davies
2 min read

Watch out, Generation Y, the baby boomers want your blood

Yes, it's a thing: IV transfusions are now being used to reverse the signs of ageing, and more

By Victoria Lambert
6 min read

Mouth to mouse: People are too scared to give women CPR

One of the main reasons men hesitate to save a life is the fear of being charged with sexual assault

By Sarah Knapton
2 min read



Gee, that’s wild, Mr Geert Wilders

The Netherlands said its ambassador to Pakistan had faced ‘threats’, reportedly from Islamists angry over anti-Islam tweets by far-right politician Geert Wilders. Wilders in August called off a planned Prophet Mohammed cartoon competition that stirred anger in Pakistan, but the MP has since posted several such images on Twitter. ‘We are dealing with threats to the ambassador’s address,’ the Dutch foreign ministry told AFP. Pakistan’s interior ministry last month wrote a secret memo on plans to ‘target’ the Dutch ambassador by the hardline Islamist Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan party (TLP). The TLP, founded in 2015, led protests in August calling for Pakistan to sever diplomatic relations with The Netherlands over the Wilders cartoon contest. It has been reported that elements associated with TLP are planning to target (the) Dutch ambassador’... to seek revenge for uploading of blasphemous caricatures by Geert Wilders, Dutch parliamentarian, on his personal Twitter account,’ the memo said. The TLP denied making any threats. – AFP

China’s ancient wine is more mature than mature

Archeologists in central China believe they have unearthed a 2,000-year-old pot of wine that had been sealed and buried in a tomb. About 3.5 litres of the yellow liquid, which officials said smelled strongly of Chinese wine when they poured it out, was discovered in a bronze pot in Henan province, the official Xinhua news agency reported. The liquid will be sent for further tests to confirm its alcoholic content, said Shi Jiazhen, head of the Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology in Luoyang city. The wine is believed to date to back to the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC to AD 8), although the Xinhua report did not detail how it had been sealed and kept from evaporating. – AFP

Superbugs run amok in Europe

Drug-resistant bacteria killed more than 33,000 people in the European Union in 2015, according to new research published this week warning that superbugs were ‘threatening modern healthcare’. In a study published in the journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases, an EU-wide team of doctors examined data on more than a dozen combinations of antibiotic-resistant bacteria across the continent, and developed a model for infection and death rates of five types of bug. They found that more than 670,000 people fell ill in 2015 from these five strains, and an estimated 33,110 died as a result. The burden of these deaths in the EU ‘was similar to the cumulative burden of influenza, tuberculosis, and HIV’ during the same timeframe, the authors noted. The majority of deaths were thought to have occurred in infants under 12 months and the over 65s. The mortality burden was highest in Italy and Greece, with Italy alone accounting for more than a third of all EU superbug deaths in the year studied. – AFP

Stir of the nation: Finally, some Botswana drama

Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi has used his first state-of-the-nation address to openly attack predecessor Ian Khama in an unprecedented clash for a nation that prides itself on stability. Masisi, who was handpicked by Khama, took power in April when Khama stepped aside. But the two men have since fallen out in a public spat that threatens to undermine Botswana's reputation for stable government. ‘Batswana are all aware that the transition from the previous administration has not been as smooth as expected,’ Masisi said in a keynote address to parliament. He said he had tried to ‘smoothen the process’ by appointing senior politicians to negotiate with Khama. ‘I regret to announce that their efforts have not borne fruit,’ Masisi said, adding a central cause of friction had been Khama’s retirement entitlements and pension. Khama has reportedly been enraged by Masisi's refusal to let him use government planes, while state media have been instructed not to feature the former president. The two men have also battled over the former boss of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) Isaac Kgosi, who was sacked by Masisi for insubordination. Khama, 65, has sought to employ Kgosi as his private secretary but has been blocked by Masisi.

Axe-wielding Berliner not on boar with the law

An 80-year-old pensioner is facing charges for poaching in the German capital after he killed a wild boar with an axe. ‘If you don’t want to know what an 80-year-old butcher did in a Reinickendorf car park with a hatchet last night, don’t click here,’ Berlin police said in a rather alarming tweet, accompanied by a picture of the dead boar. Although it is a city of 3.5 million people, Berlin includes extensive areas of forest where sightings of wild boar are not unusual. Police were called to a forest near the suburb of Reinickendorf on Sunday evening after a resident reported a suspicious vehicle in a closed supermarket car park. A 75-year-old inside the car said she was waiting for her husband, but when police looked for him they found him hiding in the woods with a freshly slaughtered wild boar. The man told them he was a retired butcher. He said he loved wild boar meat but coudn’t afford it, so had decided to hunt his own. When police found him he had already skinned and partially gutted the animal, and had packed away the entrails and larger pieces of meat to transport home. Hunting is strictly controlled in Germany. – The Daily Telegraph

Queen and duke still up for a ride

At the ages of 92 and 97 respectively, they could be forgiven for picking up a more sedate hobby. But the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh yesterday showed they still know how to enjoy themselves. The royal couple, appearing in robust health, were photographed enjoying the great outdoors at Windsor Castle, she riding her beloved pony, and he driving a carriage. The pony had an unmistakable red rosette of four poppies attached to its bridle, signifying the queen’s dedication to the season of remembrance so important to the royal family. The queen, wrapped up warmly in a navy blue coat and headscarf against the November chill, rode through the castle grounds accompanied as usual by Terry Pendryon, her head groom. The duke, meanwhile, undertook his own journey driving a carriage – the sport he made famous – accompanied in the backseat by two female grooms. – The Daily Telegraph
Donald Trump walks on stage at a campaign rally on the eve of the US mid-term elections in Missouri.
A TIE IS NOT ENOUGH TO WIN AN ELECTION Donald Trump walks on stage at a campaign rally on the eve of the US mid-term elections in Missouri.
Image: Reuters/Carlos Barria



Amazing, doll: Sandton City fully let at last after 45 years

Shopping centre signs up more luxury brands than any other mall in SA, proving there’s life in retail yet

By Alistair Anderson
2 min read

He doesn’t mean to be Roodt, but it doesn’t help to be polite

No-nonsense economist rips into the failed state of SA

By Chris Gilmour
3 min read

Markets: Panic, by all means - just don’t do anything daft

Resist the temptation to sell now and hope to time the re-entry just prior to a recovery. It is a fool’s errand

By Magda Wierzycka
3 min read



Salty, fatty, hot: just the way we like our grub, but why?

Bestselling cookbook by chef Samit Nosrat gets made into a somewhat superficial four-part Netflix series

By Andrea Burgener
2 min read

Veggie might: When you can’t make both ends meat

Joburg chef Parusha Naidoo tells you in her videos why going vegan is as easy, cheap and healthy as 3 plus 3

By Roberta Thatcher
3 min read

Malawi wowie: It’ll blow your mind and sort out your head

Kayak cruising on Lake Malawi makes for quite a trip

By Alexander Matthews
4 min read

Spans of sea and sand and sun

Seven of the best beach alternatives now that Maya Island in Thailand is closed to tourists

By Zola Zingithwa
2 min read



SPORTS DAY: Chiefs, Pirates pray for a change of heart

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

Marc Strydom
3 min read

It takes much longer to get to Twickenham ... the slow way

If I’ve learnt anything writing about sport it’s that the story isn’t only on the field

Telford Vice
7 min read

Blast from the past: SA lucky to get more than Zulch in 1921

Today in SA sports history: November 7

David Isaacson
1 min read