Monday, November 5 2018



Wake up, liberals: this is why Trump and his ilk keep winning

The left is appalled by these liars and expects everyone to agree with them at the polls. They are very, very wrong

4 min read

Unsafe cars are deliberately being sold in SA. This is why

The shocking revelation about the Nissan NP300's 'safety' has uncovered a far wider problem

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
4 min read

Claims of rape, beatings rock church-run centre for the disabled

Abuse by staff and sex among residents, some of whom are HIV-positive, have triggered an investigation

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My mission: To get the deaf to raise their voices

Tracy Duncan is determined to build confidence among the deaf, and to make signing SA’s 12th official language

By Francine Barchett
3 min read

Too many women having unnecessary C-sections: WHO

Despite new guidelines, obstetricians at private hospital terminate relationship with midwifery team

By Sipokazi Fokazi and Tanya Farber
4 min read

Abortion pesticides kill foetuses – and young women

The problem seems to be with medical practitioners who handle abortions poorly

By Francine Barchett
2 min read

How the backyard boom is leaving Gauteng squashed

Housing in SA’s economic hub is at a premium as people fight to find their own space to call home

Graeme Hosken
6 min read

Man in Parr-gatory as friend, family fight over funeral bill

His ashes should by now be scattered on a hillside in Wales, but instead his body remains in a Joburg mortuary

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How criminal cops are shattering SA’s confidence

What have we come to as a country when police are often found to be in cahoots with criminals?

By Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane
6 min read

Toilet tales: Nether a dull moment at 35,000 feet

A short history of loos soaring above the clouds – what really happens when you flush up there?

By Oliver Smith
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Today's cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

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Today's quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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Six things about SA you need to know

Garden Route residents evacuated as fires rage

Hundreds of people have been evacuated in the Garden Route as one of the country's biggest fires rages on. Fires on the N2 near Witelsbos forced traffic authorities to close the freeway at Trivolia bridge as a precautionary measure on Sunday. Gerard Otto‚ head of disaster management at the Garden Route District Municipality‚ said on Saturday 252 residents‚ including six babies‚ had been evacuated from towns in the fire's path as a precaution. They were from towns in the Goudveld area, Jonkersberg and Buffelsnek. Otto said dense smoke‚ which had reduced visibility‚ was making it impossible to fight the fire from the air. He said more than 85‚000ha were burning. In last year's Knysna fires‚ which were four times smaller than this fire‚ 22‚000ha were destroyed.

AfriForum gets warrant to seize EFF assets

AfriForum has obtained a warrant to seize movable assets belonging to the Economic Freedom Fighters and its leader‚ Julius Malema‚ to recover R337‚758 in legal fees. The organisation said the warrant‚ obtained from the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on November 1‚ will be given to the sheriff to identify and auction off assets owned by the party and Malema. “Malema and the EFF owe AfriForum this amount‚ due to the North Gauteng High Court issuing two cost orders against Malema and the EFF in favour of AfriForum since March 2017‚” AfriForum said on Sunday. The red berets‚ however‚ said they had no record of being served with a costs order. The cost orders stem from a lawsuit brought by AfriForum against Malema and the EFF for an interdict to prevent them from inciting people to grab or enter land illegally.

Five cyclists injured in hit-and-run

Five cyclists were injured when a car ploughed into them on Durban’s M4 freeway and fled the scene early on Sunday. Netcare911 emergency service responded to reports of a collision on the M4 northbound between the M41 off-ramp and the uMhlanga turnoff. “Reports from the scene indicate that the driver of a light motor vehicle ploughed into five cyclists and then fled the scene‚” said Netcare 911 spokesman Shawn Herbst. He said the patients‚ all adult males‚ were treated for moderate injuries before being transported to hospital for further treatment.

Flying Squad catch robbers in record time

Two knife-wielding robbers who stormed into a doctor’s home in Kimberley in the Northern Cape were arrested within 30 minutes of the break-in by the Flying Squad. The robbers threatened the doctor’s daughter‚ who handed over a laptop and cellphone‚ at the house in Klisserville on Saturday night. They then fled on foot. “Kimberley Flying Squad members reacted swiftly and the suspects were arrested within 30 minutes‚” said police spokesperson Brigadier Mohale Ramatseba. He said the cellphone and the laptop computer were recovered.

Eskom launches groundbreaking microgrid

Eskom has launched its pilot solar-powered microgrid at Wilhelmina Farm‚ Ficksburg‚ in the Free State. The demonstration plant‚ which was completed in November 2017‚ provides electricity to 14 households with 81 family members that make up the Wilhelmina community‚ the parastatal said. “The plant harnesses solar energy and converts it to a peak of 32 kilowatt electrical energy via photovoltaic panels and power inverters.” The remaining energy from the solar panels is stored in three sets of lithium ion batteries‚ totalling 90 kilowatt hours of storage. This storage facility provides electricity when there is low or no sunlight available to the solar PV panels.

Gigaba fires back at Oppenheimers

It is the Oppenheimers who are lying, not me, says embattled Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba. Gigaba’s week began with a shock sex video, and his woes worsened when Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane found he had lied under oath and violated the constitution in the matter of the Oppenheimer family’s private international airport terminal at OR Tambo International Airport. He is now also being investigated by Treasury about his role in a Transnet locomotive deal engineered to help the Gupta family. But Gigaba told the Sunday Times that contrary to court findings and a public protector report, he did not give the green light to Fireblade Aviation to operate a VVIP terminal at OR Tambo International Airport. Gigaba said the courts and Mkhwebane decided to believe the Oppenheimers, and claims he was not given a chance to give oral evidence.
A model wears a dress made out of recycled material during a show organised by LGBT fashion designers to battles discrimination in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
REFUSE TO BE DISMISSED AS REFUSE A model wears a dress made out of recycled material during a show organised by LGBT fashion designers to battles discrimination in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Image: Reuters/Samrang Pring



The news you don't normally get to hear

'Blacks are too stupid to vote for me, said Trump'

His former lawyer recounts a litany of racist slurs he heard uttered by the US president

By Rozina Sabur
3 min read

How were dozens of US spies killed? Google, of course

CIA grapples with catastrophic fallout after Iran and China uncover messaging service

By Margi Murphy
2 min read

Vile straitjacket that lets world's Weinsteins do whatever they want

A contract designed to protect company secrets has mutated into an abusive tool

By Zelda Perkins
4 min read

Prince of Pickers: Dad was a litter fiend, say Wills and Harry

The princes reveal how they got teased after their father used to take them on litter-picking holidays

By Hannah Furness
2 min read



Man, 102, dies while repairing his roof

A 102-year-old UK man has died after being trapped on the roof of his home for three days has died. Ron Easton had climbed on to the roof of an extension on his home with a bucket of tools, but got stuck after falling over or collapsing. One of his friends called emergency services after spotting three unopened milk bottles outside his home. The former racing driver was discovered lying face down on a garden rake with his bucket of tools next to him. – The Daily Telegraph

Spice Girls give up on Posh for reunion

The Spice Girls are reportedly set to reveal they are reuniting for a UK stadium tour in 2019 – but without Victoria Beckham. The band have recorded a video message that will be broadcast on November 5. The Spice Girls, formed in 1994 and one of the most successful acts of the decade, have not performed together since the London Olympics closing ceremony in 2012. – The Daily Telegraph

Seed of doubt hits plant-saving scheme

A groundbreaking plan to store the world’s plants in seed banks to prevent them from extinction has hit a snag after scientists discovered one third of endangered species cannot be frozen. The Millennium Seed Bank, set up by the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew in London, is the world’s largest and most diverse genetic ‘ark’ and is on track to have collected 25% of global species by 2020. But new research by Kew scientists has found that the seeds of a huge number of endangered species simply cannot survive the process of drying and deep freezing. – The Daily Telegraph

France to keep its Pacific foothold

The Pacific islands of New Caledonia voted on Sunday to remain part of France in an independence referendum that showed support for Paris in one of its many far-flung but strategic outposts. Some 18,000km from the French mainland, New Caledonia is home to a quarter of the world's known supplies of nickel - a vital electronics component - and is a foothold for France in the Pacific where China is increasing its influence. On the final count, 56.4% of people had rejected the proposition that New Caledonia become independent, a clear but smaller-than-expected victory for loyalists to the mainland. – AFP

Gays warned of Tanzania crackdown

The US has warned its citizens in Tanzania to be cautious after Dar es Salaam announced a crackdown on homosexuality, which is a criminal offence in the East African country. In an alert on its website late on Saturday, the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania advised Americans to review their social media profiles and internet footprints. ‘Remove or protect images and language that may run afoul of Tanzanian laws regarding homosexual practices and explicit sexual activity,’ it said. Dar es Salaam's administrative chief Paul Makonda said on Wednesday that a special committee would seek to identify and punish homosexuals, prostitutes and online fraudsters in the city from this week. – Reuters

Myanmar falling out of love with Suu Kyi

The party of Myanmar's embattled head of state Aung San Suu Kyi said on Sunday they were defeated in six constituencies in a national by-election, showing uneven support for her government after a string of controversies. Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy (NLD) swept to power in 2015 in a landslide victory, ending decades of military rule. But her tenure has been full of stumbles, most notably with ethnic groups involved in peace talks with the military - which has been marred by skirmishes and ongoing civil war in states like Kachin and Shan. – AFP
Farmers transport teff from their farm in the town of Woliso, Ethiopia.
IT’S A VERY TEFF JOURNEY Farmers transport teff from their farm in the town of Woliso, Ethiopia.
Image: Reuters/Tiksa Negeri



Will Mboweni’s truth bombs give SA the shake-up it needs?

His style of dramatic 'change management' promises to be a rollercoaster ride

By Peter Attard Montalto
4 min read

Contenders to replace Moyane may ruffle feathers

As candidates emerge, so do the spectres of the so-called SARS rogue unit and illicit tobacco sector

By Natasha Marrian
3 min read

Haunted by Mugabe: Financial ruin looms over Zim again

One year after he was ousted, the country is finding it hard to rid itself of his crippling legacy

By Peta Thornycroft and Adrian Blomfield
5 min read



Battling insomnia? Well, for starters, drink coffee and booze

The best way to fall asleep is to ditch all the rules you've been told you must follow, says clinical expert

By Guy Meadows
4 min read

R32,000 buys you a bigger iPhone, but is it better?

Apple fans won’t really care: they’ll cough up anyway

By Sylvia McKeown
2 min read

Mrs SA’s photo exhibition has the Midas touch

Nicole Capper has launched an art initiative showcasing the resilience of the human spirit

By Staff reporter
4 min read



SPORTS DAY: Mum on the run smashes record

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

2 min read

Among old farts and weirdos, a booming Birrell stands out

Apart from the money, you have to wonder why anyone would want to be a high-level sports coach

Telford Vice
5 min read

Blasts from the past: Pretty good show by Montgomery

Today in SA sports history: November 5

David Isaacson
1 min read