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Chilling plot revealed after Estina dairy farm beneficiary is killed

Times Select is in possession of a clip in which two men discuss killing another farmer critical of Gupta-linked project

Bongani Fuzile
3 min read

Under-fire Cyril needs to grasp his Gordhan knot

Ignoring the turmoil surrounding his public enterprises minister could prove dangerous for Ramaphosa

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
4 min read

Will Tito simply balance the books or throw the book at power?

Having ascended to the second-most-important job in politics, he should contemplate this key question

Tony Leon
7 min read



‘I’m sorry for what I did,’ says Hannah accused

A letter in primary school-level Afrikaans begs for forgiveness, but he says he wrote it to help his case

Aron Hyman
3 min read

Ex-Hawks boss is NPA’s star witness - and target

It's using Johan Booysen to make case against businessman stick, but wants him for racketeering too

Karyn Maughan
3 min read

Want to hold a fossil? All you need is a phone

Homo naledi discoverers launch world-first app that puts people anywhere in the world in the famous cave

Leonie Wagner
4 min read

Krugersdorp killings: Widow breaks down during trial

Women tell how their husbands, one of whom was to become a dad, were lured to their deaths

4 min read

Franklin, my dear, they don't seem to give a damn

They were meant to receive houses in a KZN project, now they are resigned to living out their days in mud huts

5 min read

Fatal flaws: ‘Cancer is the new HIV crisis’

Lengthy referral systems and inadequate screening programmes are making a dire situation worse, say experts

3 min read



Cryptomania: bitcoin marks 10 wild years

Initially popular with geeks and criminals, the virtual currency has avoided its own demise and reached a 'turning ...

3 min read

Champing at the bit: another Russian revolution

Russia fails to fully legalise virtual currencies, dashing DeeCrypto founder's hopes

3 min read



Today's cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

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Today's quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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Six things about SA you need to know

Deaf matrics write exam despite protest

The Eastern Cape education department said on Tuesday it had ensured that a protest by National Education‚ Health and Allied Workers' Union (Nehawu) staff employed at the St Thomas School for the Deaf would not interfere with their matric exams. Earlier‚ Nehawu members were photographed demonstrating outside the school. There had been concerns that striking workers were responsible for providing food at the school hostel. Department spokesperson Mali Mtima said pupils had started their English paper five minutes later than scheduled, but the exam went smoothly afterwards. He confirmed they had also received breakfast. Mtima said a delegation from Nehawu was meeting education officials to address the workers' grievances.

One dead in firefighting chopper crash

A Working On Fire helicopter has crashed‚ killing one person‚ in the Vermaaklikheid area of the Garden Route. The accident occurred while the helicopter was fighting fires that have raged since the weekend. Linton Rensburg‚ communications manager at Working on Fire‚ said the Huey helicopter crashed at about 9.45am. The cause of the accident was not immediately known. According to the Garden Route District Municipality‚ the fire has been deemed out of control. Officials warned that about 100 buildings‚ including thatched-roof farmhouses and other infrastructure‚ are at risk of becoming engulfed in the blaze. No evacuations were in place by Tuesday afternoon, but the municipality said residents were “well aware of the danger”.

‘It‘s grim’: DA‘s Mazzone on De Lille probe

Patricia de Lille’s nemesis in the DA‚ federal council deputy chairperson Natasha Mazzone‚ said a forensic report “paints a grim picture” of the Cape Town mayor’s conduct. Responding to media inquiries about the report to be tabled at a Cape Town city council meeting on Thursday‚ Mazzone said it “points to continuous interference and misconduct” by De Lille. The 2‚000-page report compiled over 10 months by law firm Bowman Gilfillan recommends that the city council consider laying criminal charges against De Lille‚ who will vacate the mayoral office on October 31. Mazzone said on Tuesday: “We … have always maintained that this wholly independent investigation should be allowed to run its course so that the full extent of the governance breakdown in Cape Town under De Lille could be independently and fully investigated.” De Lille said she would release a statement once she had “studied the report and consulted my lawyers”.

Study flags nursing malpractice at private hospitals

A study of 122 nursing malpractice cases has raised red flags about the number of civil claims at private hospitals in SA. Civil claims settlements due to nursing malpractice are a growing problem‚ according to Professor Ethelwynn Stellenberg from Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. “The quality of care is declining‚ in both the state and private sectors. The cost of clinical mistakes is just too high‚” she warned. Stellenberg initially reached out to large healthcare organisations to acquire court documents for the study‚ but her requests were denied after they sought legal advice. She then turned to attorneys involved in malpractice claims. A fifth of the 122 completed cases at private hospitals that were studied resulted in the death of patients. The most common factors leading to nursing malpractice included not following guidelines, lack of knowledge, poor monitoring of patients, and not administering prescribed medication.

Pair who killed guards die in hail of bullets

Police have confirmed that two men who were captured on video brutally killing two security guards in Soweto have been killed during a shootout in KZN. Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo said the pair were shot dead in a shack in Clermont‚ west of Durban‚ on Monday. "When police tried to arrest … Lindokuhle Cebekhulu‚ 24‚ and Mbuyiselo Mthonti‚ 26‚ they resisted‚ which resulted in both suspects being shot dead. There are no reports of any police officers being injured at this stage‚" said Naidoo. Cebekhulu and Mthonti are accused of attacking Eric Ngobese and Boykie Moyo from 24/7 Security Services near Maponya Mall in Soweto. Footage of the gruesome killing was shared widely on social media.

Robbers buy toy guns, hit shop across the road

Four suspects robbed a Port Elizabeth shop on Tuesday shortly after buying toy guns from a nearby shop. The incident occurred at about noon. Police spokesperson Captain Sandra Janse van Rensburg said two men entered H2O International in Newton Park‚ asking for the price of water. Two others remained outside. “While talking‚ one of the suspects pulled out a firearm. Three employees inside the shop were held at gunpoint and pushed around. The suspects then demanded car keys and money. The men then got into the car and fled,” she said. Janse van Rensburg said toy-gun packaging was found close to where the car had been parked. Police suspect the toy guns were bought at a shopping centre across the road. A case of armed robbery is being investigated.
Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex attend a welcome ceremony in Albert Park in Suva, Fiji October 23, 2018.
THE PRINCE SHARES HIS UNCOMMON WEALTH OF WISDOM Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex attend a welcome ceremony in Albert Park in Suva, Fiji October 23, 2018.
Image: Chris Jackson/Pool via Reuters


How SA is reacting to rape-accused pastor Timothy Omotoso’s extravagant court outfits.


The news you don't normally get to hear

Sex-trafficking survivors lost in India’s MeToo clamour

The movement is sweeping across the country, yet these victims have still not been heard

By Roli Srivastava
2 min read

Bag to worse: Microplastics found in humans for first time

Experts fear they may damage the immune system, trigger inflammation and poison our bodies

By Sarah Knapton
2 min read

Snapback: Voyeurism victim in battle to change law

Those found guilty of 'upskirting' could face imprisonment, after a UK decided enough is enough

3 min read

'Himalayan Viagra' screwed by climate change

It's considered a wonder drug worth more than gold, but this fungus is under serious threat

3 min read



Khashoggi’s alleged killers meet his family

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met the family of Jamal Khashoggi in Riyadh on Tuesday, state media reported. The Saudi rulers reportedly met Khashoggi’s son Salah and brother Sahel at the royal palace. The report said King Salman and Prince Mohammed offered their condolences to the family of the Saudi journalist. Khashoggi was killed after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2. After more than two weeks of vehemently denying Khashoggi was dead, the Saudi government on Saturday said he was killed in a fight inside the consulate and said the murder was not state-sanctioned. Khashoggi was a US resident and had lived in self-imposed exile in Virginia since 2017, shortly after the powerful Prince Mohammed was appointed heir to the throne. – AFP

Slovak president ‘shocked’ by mafia in his backyard

Slovakia president Andrej Kiska has called the reach of the Italian mafia into his country ‘shocking’ after a report by security services he ordered in the wake of the killing of an investigative journalist. Kiska’s comments appeared to be contradicted on Tuesday by Slovakia’s PM, who said the president had ‘misinterpreted’ the report by the state intelligence service SIS. In a commentary piece, Kiska said he had ordered the report on the activities of the mafia in the wake of the death of Jan Kuciak. The reporter was shot along with his fiancée at home in February in what prosecutors say was a contract killing. He had been investigating allegations that Italian businessmen in eastern Slovakia had fraudulently taken advantage of European Union agricultural subsidies. His death prompted the biggest protests in Slovakia’s post-communist history, leading to a government shakeup that saw long-serving PM Robert Fico resign in March. ‘What I got on my table literally shocked me,’ Kiska wrote in his newspaper article on the SIS report. He said it showed names of people and firms involved in subsidy fraud and land deals over the previous 10 years. ‘And the result? Nothing. Silence,’ he wrote. ‘No arrests, no massive police action.’ – Reuters

Antique and intact: ‘oldest’ shipwreck found

An ancient Greek trading ship dating back more than 2,400 years has been found virtually intact at the bottom of the Black Sea, the world’s oldest known shipwreck, researchers said on Tuesday. The vessel is one of more than 60 shipwrecks identified by the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project, including Roman ships and a 17th-century Cossack raiding fleet. Researchers used specialist remote deep-water camera systems previously used in offshore oil and gas exploration to map the sea floor. ‘A small piece of the vessel has been carbon dated and it is confirmed as the oldest intact shipwreck known to mankind,’ the project said. The ship was dated back to 400 BC, a time when the Black Sea was a trading hub filled with Greek colonies. The team said the vessel, previously only seen in an intact state on the side of ancient Greek pottery, was found at a depth of more than 2,000m. The water at that depth is oxygen-free, meaning organic material can be preserved for thousands of years. ‘A ship, surviving intact, from the Classical world, lying in over 2km of water, is something I would never have believed possible’ said Prof Jon Adams from the University of Southampton, the project’s main investigator. – AFP

‘Gay tsunami’ rattles Malaysian politician

Malaysia’s opposition leader said the quake-tsunami that killed thousands in neighbouring Indonesia was ‘punishment from Allah’ for the activities of gay people, sparking a storm of criticism. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who heads a party that lost power in Muslim-majority Malaysia at historic elections in May, made the remarks in parliament as he warned about the growing influence of the country’s gay community. It was the latest sign of a backlash against homosexuals in Malaysia. In recent months officials – including the PM – have spoken out against gay rights, and two lesbians were caned for breaking Islamic laws that forbid same-sex relations. Ahmad Zahid, a former deputy former premier who is now facing jail after being arrested for corruption, said that ‘in Palu, where there was recently an earthquake and tsunami, it was said that there were more than 1,000 (people) involved in such (LGBT) activities. As a result, the whole area was crushed. This is punishment from Allah’. – AFP

Korea wants to own the Seouls of pot smokers

South Korea has warned its citizens against smoking cannabis in Canada, telling them that even though the country legalised weed last week, using it there was still an offence under Seoul’s own laws. Consumption, possession or sale of illegal substances are criminal offences under South Korea’s tough drugs legislation. Canada last week fully legalised cannabis, including for recreational use. But South Korea’s criminal laws apply both territorially and personally, officials said, meaning that its citizens would still face punishment for smoking weed even if they did so in Canada. ‘South Korean individuals who use marijuana (including purchase, possession and transport) – even in regions where such acts are legal – are violating the law and will be punished accordingly,’ the South Korean embassy in Canada tweeted last week. – AFP

China’s ‘white elephant’ sea bridge makes a splash

The world’s longest sea bridge was officially inaugurated on Tuesday by China President Xi Jinping, with supporters hailing it as an engineering triumph and detractors calling it a controversial white elephant. Here are some facts about the remarkable new multibillion-dollar structure that connects the two semiautonomous cities of Hong Kong and Macau to the sprawling Pearl River delta economic zone via the Chinese mainland city of Zhuhai. In terms of sheer size, it is a record breaker – the longest ocean bridge and tunnel system in the world. The total length runs a whopping 55km, far farther than any other rival bridge and tunnel combination. Chinese state media said 420,000 tons of steel was used in its construction – enough for 60 Eiffel Towers – alongside 1.08 million cubic metres of concrete. It is built to last at least 120 years and can withstand typhoon winds of up to 340km/h. Engineers say the structure will significantly cut down travel time, from four hours between Hong Kong and Zhuhai to just 45 minutes. Only the wealthy or politically connected will be able to take their private cars across. For Hong Kong-mainland dual-plate private cars 10,000 licences will be granted, while the quota for Macau is much lower at just 300.
People rally to protest the Trump administration's reported transgender proposal to narrow the definition of gender to birth sex.
LOUDER FOR THE ONES FALLING BEHIND THE TIMES People rally to protest the Trump administration's reported transgender proposal to narrow the definition of gender to birth sex.
Image: Reuters/Lucy Nicholson



Cyril likes SOEs, so we’d better get used to making them work

State capitalism is a dangerous concept, but some countries have made them efficient and profitable

By Chris Gilmour
3 min read

Trio of becalmed JSE counters seek to abandon listing ship

Three small-cap companies want to leave the JSE, but at what price to their shareholders?

By Marc Hasenfuss
1 min read

From gambling to oil and gas: HCI reckons why the heck not?

Empowerment investment giant makes a whopping R1bn leap into energy exploration in Africa

By Marc Hasenfuss
1 min read

EDITORIAL: Tito Mboweni’s pivotal moment of truth

It is the first concrete opportunity for the new administration to distinguish itself fiscally from the last

By Business Day
3 min read



Fat’s not the problem, so get your teeth into some salami

It could even be - dare I say it - a superfood

By Andrea Burgener
2 min read

The gin is out the bottle: Which one is SA’s best?

We quiz the winners of last week’s prize on their secrets

By Andrea Nagel
5 min read

Fools rush in: What’s the ideal time to arrive for your flight?

Go on, see if you can break the two-hour rule 

By Hugh Morris
4 min read

The Greeks are striking back in the northern suburbs

There are some new kids on the block – and their offerings are more than promising on the culinary front

2 min read



SPORTS DAY: Faf braces for a barrage from the Sheilas

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

David Isaacson
5 min read

She may be a faded beauty but we can’t let this tipsy hag die

Currie Cup is partial to eccentricity which makes it, despite the foibles, quite endearing. Live on, old dear

Liam Del Carme
2 min read

Blasts from the past: Pollard can’t stop SA slinking home

Today in SA sports history: October 24

David Isaacson
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