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A power-drunk Zuma and those Gupta meetings: Nene lets rip

He gives Zondo an eye-opening account of what it was like being a minister in the era of state capture

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
5 min read

Springs Monster’s ex is everything I want, says his cousin

New love gushes about their future life after judge sends child abuser away for 35 years

Iavan Pijoos
4 min read

Ferdi Boer: It takes vision to hit a cricket ball you can’t see

Not even AB de Villiers has hit 200 in a T20 game, but a blind South African has accomplished the amazing feat

Telford Vice
5 min read



Down to the wire: zipline heroes save dangling duo

There was no other way to get to them as their plane hung precariously 300m above the ground

4 min read

Don’t sell your RDP house, Cyril warns new owners

Home ownership is a form of radical economic transformation, he tells beneficiaries in Kokstad

3 min read

Residents say their water is dirty. Tshwane says it isn't. Who's right?

In the meanwhile, people have to buy bottled water even though they can't afford it

Belinda Pheto
3 min read

A very long lunch: Cape cobras are creepy cannibals

The only snakes they enjoy devouring more than themselves are puff adders, an expert reveals

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
1 min read

Saving lives, pulling out bodies: SA charity heads to Indonesia

Gift of the Givers team braced for the worst as they fly into an earthquake and tsunami nightmare

Matthew Savides
News editor
3 min read

Grave anatomy: burnout pushing doctors over the edge

Overwork and exposure to trauma is causing many to make potentially deadly mistakes, say researchers

3 min read



Master and pupil: how to spot a highly effective teacher

Among the parade of forgettable teachers out there, there are some who possess these seven vital traits

5 min read

Kavanaugh is unfit to be a US Supreme Court judge. I should know

My sinister brush with him revealed just how low he's prepared to go to serve his own, selfish ends

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
7 min read

Ban clapping? What a load of claptrap

The millennials who are too sensitive for a bit of happy-clappy need a tight klap

By Laura Freeman
3 min read



Today's cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

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Today's quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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Six things about SA you need to know

Parly will not help find Abrahams’s replacement

President Cyril Ramaphosa has made it clear to MPs that he has no intention of involving parliament in the process of appointing the new National Director of Public Prosecutions to replace Shaun Abrahams. In a written reply to a parliamentary question from COPE leader Mosioua Lekota on Tuesday, Ramaphosa said the constitution was unambiguous on how the president should go about filling the post. In his short reply to Lekota’s question, Ramaphosa said the appointment of the NDDP head was purely his function and it had nothing to do with parliament. “Section 179(1)(a) of the constitution provides that the National Director of Public Prosecutions is appointed by the president, as head of the national executive. It is an executive appointment, constitutionally distinguished from those institutions whose members’ appointment involves parliament,” he wrote.

Bullets fly in Westbury a day after Cele’s visit

The sound of gunshots rattled residents in Westbury a day after Police Minister Bheki Cele visited the suburb in Johannesburg in response to violent anti-crime protests. Police confirmed that a case of attempted murder had been opened after shots were fired on Wednesday. Police spokesperson Kay Makhubele said police rushed to the area and found empty cartridges on the ground. No one was on the scene‚ but a case of attempted murder was opened. Cele visited the suburb on Tuesday when residents converged on a local sportsground to vent their frustrations with crime‚ gangs and police not doing enough about it. Cele vowed to address their concerns.

Soldier who murdered girlfriend loses appeal

A soldier who shot dead his girlfriend while they were both deployed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has failed in his appeal against a 20-year sentence for murder. The Court of Military Appeal upheld the decision of a military judge who convicted Private Elias Mogaki of murdering Private Nomathemba Ngeleka in Goma on October 27 2017. After shooting his girlfriend of five years‚ a single mother and fellow member of 5 South African Infantry Battalion based in Ladysmith‚ Mogaki shot himself in a failed suicide bid. SA National Defence Force spokesperson Brigadier General Mafi Mgobozi said on Wednesday that Mogaki was tried after his recovery from the gunshot wound and sentenced in June. Ngeleka received a full military funeral last November before being buried at KwaNzimakwe village on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast.

Cops bust for hijacking‚ rape, poaching

Mpumalanga police commissioner Lieutenant-General Mondli Zuma is concerned about a spate of crimes in the province involving police. At least five officers have been arrested in the past three weeks in the province for crimes including hijacking‚ rape and rhino poaching. In one of the most recent incidents‚ an officer in Balfour was arrested after handing himself over for being involved in a hijacking. The constable reportedly hijacked a couple at gunpoint, leaving his state vehicle behind. He was set to appear in court on Wednesday. Three other officers‚ including a former station commander‚ were arrested two weeks ago by the Hawks for allegedly being part of a rhino-poaching outfit around the Kruger National Park. On Tuesday‚ TimesLIVE reported that an 18-year-old woman was allegedly raped by a police officer at the Nelspruit Magistrate’s Court last month. The woman had been in custody and had just appeared in court for a crime.

Castration the solution to rape crisis, says ANCWL

The African National Congress Women’s League wants parliament to adopt laws allowing convicted rapists to be forced to undergo chemical castration. “Adopting laws to castrate convicted rapists might be the answer to the high rate of rape cases in the country‚” the league’s secretary-general Meokgo Matuba said. National crime statistics showed reported cases of rape had increased from 39‚828 in 2016/17 to 40‚035 in 2017/18. “The ANCWL is calling for [the] public to discuss and lobby the parliament to adopt laws that will allow [forced] chemical castration or any form of castration of convicted rapists,” the league said. Chemical castration involves hormonal drugs that suppress libido and reduce sexual violence recidivism.

Cape Town security guard bags R64m jackpot

A Cape Town security guard has quit his job after bagging the R64m Powerball jackpot‚ the national lottery said on Wednesday. Ithuba said the man was still in shock over his sudden change of fortune after he reported to their offices in Johannesburg earlier this week. "The new multimillionaire said although he hasn’t decided how he is going to spend his money‚ he has decided to put his security guard days behind him and retire‚" said spokesperson Busisiwe Koloi. The man claimed to have played Powerball every week‚ spending R60. Ithuba said it would offer him free financial advice and trauma counselling.
Piles of ivory burn during a ceremony attended by the president of the DRC in Kinshasa.
FIERY IVORY Piles of ivory burn during a ceremony attended by the president of the DRC in Kinshasa.
Image: John Wessels /AFP


The Khwela app is a platform designed to simplify travel by helping commuters find their way through South Africa's hectic public taxi transport system.


The news you don't normally get to hear

‘Brilliant and relentless’: what Musk’s inner circle think of him

The tweet-happy chief may increasingly have to rely on them as Tesla prepares to appoint a new chairperson

By James Titcomb
6 min read

Arabian nightmare: Top Saudi journo disappears

A leading critic of the nation's repressive regime, he went into a Saudi consulate in Turkey and never came out

By Sarah Dadouch
3 min read

Bye bye, captain: Maori boot ‘murderous’ Cook off their hill

New Zealand tribe say statue of the 'crooked' Brit explorer doesn't belong on their ancestral spot

By Jonathan Pearlman
2 min read

Are millennials really alone in their loneliness?

A new, worldwide survey has come up with surprising results on who is lonely, and why

By Claudia Hammond
8 min read



Life’s a gas for Swiss cows on new diet

Cows burp and fart more than they need to, says Swiss firm Agolin that has developed a feed that cuts methane emissions from livestock — helping to combat global warming into the bargain. A single cow produces the equivalent of about three tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, but Agolin says its specialist feed can reduce that by 10%.There are about 25-28 million cows in the EU. The UN says livestock farming alone is responsible for up to 18% of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Nearly a quarter of that comes from bovine flatulence. ‘The burps for the cows — it is more burps than farts — contribute about 4% of all greenhouse gas emissions,’ said Anne Mottet of the UN. — Reuters

These guys should see Durban on New Year’s Day

Beach boozing and smoking will be consigned to the past when Boracay, the Philippines’ top holiday island, welcomes back a capped number of tourists after its six-month shutdown. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the resort shuttered to visitors in April, after declaring years of unchecked growth had turned the white-sand idyll into a ‘cesspool’. When hotel doors re-open on October 26, the island will crack down on drinking and smoking on its beaches, while only 19,000 tourists will be allowed at any one time. Up to 40,000 beachgoers a day visited at peak periods. Before closure, the 1,000ha island drew two million tourists a year. A 30m stretch of sand will be off-limits to drinking, smoking, weddings, vendors, and massage providers. — AFP

French ‘Scarface’ bust after manhunt

A gangster who made a Hollywood-esque helicopter jailbreak was arrested in France on Wednesday after three months on the run. A massive manhunt was launched after Redoine Faid’s daring July 1 escape, in which two heavily armed accomplices used smoke bombs and angle grinders to break through doors and whisk him to a waiting helicopter in the prison’s courtyard. Within 10 minutes Faid was gone, cheered on by his fellow inmates. The 46-year-old, who has cited movie baddies such as Tony Montana in ‘Scarface’ as an inspiration and said he discovered his ‘calling’ at the age of 12. Faid, who previously escaped from prison in 2013 before being captured six weeks later, had been serving a 25-year term over a botched 2010 heist in which a policewoman was killed. — AFP

Hollywood heists: four kids and a mom nabbed

Four people have been arrested for allegedly robbing the homes of celebrities including singer Rihanna. Authorities said they believe the suspects are part of a larger ring that specialises in breaking into the homes of athletes, actors and Hollywood film producers for theft. The homes of actors Viola Davis and Matt Damon were targeted. The suspects are three teens, two aged 19 and one 18, and the 34-year-old mother of one of them. Police said the victims’ homes had been selected based on social media postings and touring or travel schedules of the owners. Police who made the arrests seized purses and wallets, watches, jewellery and a gun. Over the past two years the homes of Alanis Morissette, Nicki Minaj and Emmy Rossum have also been burglarised. — AFP

Even a fascist fancies a gay sprinkle of salt

French far-right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen went on trial on Wednesday accused of making a string of homophobic remarks. The 90-year-old, who founded the far-right National Front has multiple convictions for xenophobic and anti-Semitic comments. He is being sued for telling Le Figaro newspaper in 2016 that ‘homosexuals are like salt in soup. If there isn’t enough it’s a bit bland; when there’s too much, it’s inedible.’ In another case he suggested the partner of police officer Xavier Jugele, shot dead in Paris in a jihadist attack in April 2017, should not have spoken so freely of his love at a national memorial ceremony. ‘I think this family trait should have been kept away from such a ceremony which would have benefited from more discretion,’ Le Pen wrote. — AFP

Sure, bacon’s better for you than avo

Britain’s biggest coffee house chain was banned on Wednesday from repeating an advert that implied their breakfast deals were a better bet than eating an avocado. The commercial said avocados would be ‘hard as rock for the first 18 days, three hours and 20 minutes, then they’ll be ready to eat, for about 10 minutes, then they’ll go off’, before encouraging consumers to head to Costa Coffee for a bacon roll or egg muffin instead for breakfast. Costa said its advert played on frustration with the unpredictability of ripening avocados, which have become an increasingly popular breakfast choice. Two listeners complained, claiming it discouraged consumers from eating fresh fruit. The Advertising Standards Authority upheld their complaints. — AFP
A demonstrator in Mexico City gestures during a march marking the 50th anniversary of the 1968 student massacre by Mexican armed forces.
COUNTRY OF MY SCHOOL A demonstrator in Mexico City gestures during a march marking the 50th anniversary of the 1968 student massacre by Mexican armed forces.
Image: Reuters/Edgard Garrido



JSE toughens up, but Oakbay proved skelms still at work

Share price skulduggery didn’t begin or end with the Guptas’ ill-fated and dangerously illiquid listed vehicle 

By Tim Cohen
5 min read

The only sales going down in property are by shareholders

Investors take a dim view of constant chopping and changing of senior managers at listed property giants

By Joan Muller
1 min read

Plenty of juice in Zeder, but Capespan has to squeeze it

Company is a lot more than a proxy for its holding in Pioneer Foods, but investors still need some convincing

By Marc Hasenfuss
1 min read



Fear and clothing: Why we secretly love hate couture

A weekly reverie on the vagaries and charms of fashion

3 min read

Turn hair care into a kink with these stars’ tips for a lush afro

Afros can be worn in many differemt ways, but they must always be healthy and well taken care of

By Zola Zingithwa
2 min read

All-white parties look great, but their problems are rather colourful

I mean, where are you going to find white pants that actually look ... OK?

By Yolisa Mkele
2 min read

Hadids prove supermodels aren’t scared of 1980s ghosts

Gigi, Bella and Anwar Hadid, and their mom Yolanda, pay homage to an iconic Tim Burton horror movie

By Zola Zingithwa
1 min read



SPORTS DAY: Battle of the smoking-hot hookers in store

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

Bareng-Batho Kortjaas
Sunday Times sports editor
4 min read

Kallis disregard for traditional rankings of all-time greatest

Think Graeme Pollock was SA’s top Test batsman? Think again - a new study dumps many old assumptions

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
3 min read

Blast from the past: Lambie saves Boks from the slaughter

Today in SA sports history: October 4

David Isaacson
1 min read