Saturday, September 22 2018

The Eclectic Long Weekend


How Trump has made the world's wickedest men - and Zuma - very happy indeed

The US has emboldened dictators around the world by officially spitting in the face of the International Criminal Court

4 min read

Analysis: Why ConCourt dagga ruling makes the law even more smokey

How much marijuana is legal, and what exactly did the judge mean by smoking in a 'private space'?

3 min read

By being soft on Cosatu, Cyril is dooming SA to hard times

The Cosatu conference was a time to get real about SA's troubles, not only take polite swipes at his comrades

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
4 min read

Our fragile students wallowing in self-pity need a history lesson

It is hard to grasp their woe-is-me attitude this side of apartheid - but I have found an antidote

4 min read

Britain's Schindler: the quiet spy who saved 10,000 Jews

Statue unveiled by the Duke of Cambridge belies a remarkable tale of wartime heroism

By Guy Kelly
6 min read

We’ve got to learn how to tell our mates from our Chinas

We’ll all look the other way when China makes demands that defy our view of ourselves as self-determined ... or will we?

Tom Eaton
4 min read

Now look here, sunny ... you just can’t miss Gen Z yellow

Sunshine is the colour of the moment

By Keneilwe Pule
1 min read

The name is Fukunaga, Cary Fukunaga

James Bond’s new director may sound unfamiliar, but his top work on ‘True Detective’ got him the job

By Pearl Boshomane Tsotetsi
2 min read

SA designer puts Down’s syndrome model on runway to success

Australian makes New York Fashion Week history after being spotted by Hendrik Vermeulen

By Gina Cherelus
4 min read

Commute to work by jet? Ja, even if it’s just from a suburb

Aston Martin, Honda and Rolls-Royce reckon short-distance air taxis are the solution to urban congestion

By Moiketsi Thipe
1 min read

Just for the record: Bobbie on the beat, Dread at the controls

A bi-weekly vinyl review

By Andrew Donaldson
8 min read

Pity the poor soccer lovers as PSL and Safa bicker like kids

Are these two bodies not meant to represent the interests of the same sport? It does not appear so

Marc Strydom
4 min read

Sorry Mr Barnes, your Post Office needs to hit resend

Will glitches mean an end to overseas subscriptions?

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
2 min read

Bring it on, says Thuli to sobbing Ajay Gupta

Release the audio of our meeting and everyone will soon know whose version of events is correct, says Madonsela

Karyn Maughan
4 min read

Right-to-die man could face more murder charges

His case has been postponed while investigations into the alleged murders get under way

4 min read

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