Saturday, August 18 2018

This is a compilation some of our great reads of the week. The Eclectic Weekend is free to users who register on Times Select.

The Eclectic Weekend


There are two DAs, and they’re heading for divorce

Tweets by Zille and Mashaba show the party is split into two groups that can't share a bed any more

Tom Eaton
3 min read

Yellow and goodbye: De Lille quits, but where to now?

Carefully crafted peace treaty ends a 13-month DA civil war. Here are the questions that still need to be answered

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
4 min read

It’s debt simple: Getting into the red will eat up our kids

We must teach them young: unsecured, consumption-driven personal debt is the real cancer of finance

By Mark Barnes
4 min read

Fear of the EFF fuels ANC’s spectacularly stupid land move

Desperate for votes, Ramaphosa sows uncertainty among investors by taking a leaf out of Zuma’s book

4 min read

Study shock: Circumcised men have more HIV! Why?

Mpumalanga sample group goes against all previous studies and has researchers scratching their heads

4 min read

'Take a flying jump': hotels fume over bungee

V&A Waterfront hotels say new bungee towers will ruin guests' stay, but city says jumpers won't scream loudly

2 min read

How a ‘running giraffe’ found winning life in the pool

Erin Gallagher can't run to save her life, but has just notched up four world champs qualifying times

David Isaacson
2 min read

Inside VS Naipaul’s life of slap and tickle (and more slaps)

Plus new shades put on history and Jimmy Page’s soiled back pages from when Led Zeppelin ruled rock ’n’ roll

By Andrew Donaldson
5 min read

‘He wasn’t a poacher - he died trying to make a living’

Hout Bay residents say police killed young fisherman for making a living, as they threaten to torch more buildings

By Aron Hyman, Bobby Jordan and Anthony Molyneaux
4 min read

A wing and some flair: Meet SA's pigeon king

As world champion racer, Samuel Mbiza has turned his hobby into a golden ticket

By Reuters
3 min read

It’s a giant F for student aid scheme: now heed the lessons

Pointers on how to get it right are often lost in emotive stories about hungry students sleeping in toilets

5 min read

Oh the stories our trees could tell, if only we would listen

I haven’t spent enough time with trees, and I regret that

6 min read



Today's cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

1 min read

Today's quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

1 min read

Times Select paywall and smart new app launched

Here's how you can keep reading your favourite digital daily edition

2 min read