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Less moaning and more meaningful action, please

Why is SA so dull, so poor, at growing its economy and creating jobs?

4 min read

Apartheid law is 'good enough to charge Malema'

Shaun Abrahams forced to defend his use of 1956 Riotous Assemblies Act to prosecute EFF head for his land grab remarks

Karyn Maughan
3 min read

Analysis: It's all done baa the shouting for Shaun Abrahams

Court to rule whether appointment of SA's top prosecutor was valid after Zuma 'golden handshake' deal

Karyn Maughan
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How not to be fooled by car insurers' sweet talk

Loyalty is often punished with premium creep unless you make a point of contesting the increases, and that's not all ...

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
4 min read

‘Is that a cobra in your suitcase, Madam?’

Hundreds of at-risk species could be lost to human greed as wildlife traffickers thrive on indifference

Tony Carnie
5 min read

'I have so many babies named after me, I've lost track'

Meet three remarkable SA women who work for Doctors Without Borders

3 min read

You failed! Principals battle to pass teaching course

What's more, a lot of teachers haven't been doing their homework

Prega Govender
3 min read

The fat in your genes might keep you out of those jeans

First study of its kind finds 11 variations in genes that play a role in body shape and obesity of South Africans

4 min read

Are we really this desperate to smuggle cash out of SA?

Never mind drug busts, SARS is catching more and more people trying to sneak wads of cash past the border

Belinda Pheto
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Firstly, read Boris's column for yourself and decide what you think

Certain clothing may be oppressive and ridiculous, but Denmark is being too heavy-handed in banning it, says Johnson

By Boris Johnson
5 min read

Now, see how it has led to a battle over when PC goes too far

Are the Tories wrong in demanding that Boris apologise for his words?

By Gordon Rayner and Steven Swinford
5 min read

Finally, one Muslim woman tells us why she is scared of the burka

To normalise the veil is to normalise politics that are against women’s right to be free from oppression, she says

By Suad Farah
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Today's cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

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Today's quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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Performers wearing Pokemon character Pikachu costumes take part in a night parade in Yokohama, Japan.
Pick a Pikachu, any Pikachu Performers wearing Pokemon character Pikachu costumes take part in a night parade in Yokohama, Japan.
Image: Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters

Six things about SA you need to know

SA legal campaigner accused of abusing boys dies

The former head of the Justice Alliance of South Africa‚ who was wanted for questioning in the UK over allegations that he assaulted young men and boys at Christian youth camps‚ has died. A family statement said 77-year-old John Smyth was found dead at his Cape Town home on Saturday. "The official cause of death has not yet been made known‚ but the indicators are that it was a sudden heart attack following a heart procedure earlier in the week‚" it said. Allegations against Smyth emerged in February 2017‚ but he refused to address them. The Mail on Sunday said police in Hampshire had recently asked him to return to the UK‚ where many of his alleged offences were committed‚ for questioning. Smyth's church in Cape Town also investigated him in 2016 after learning he was showering naked with young men in the congregation and discussing sex with them. It eventually asked him to leave.

Mashaba to see Guptas in court over ‘racial slurs’

Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba says he intends challenging the Guptas in court for their alleged racial slurs against black South Africans. Mashaba said on Sunday he had written an open letter on June 11 to National Director of Public Prosecutions head Shaun Abrahams‚ giving him 60 days to take “swift action” against the Guptas following revelations of their corrupt activities and alleged racist behaviour towards black South Africans. Mashaba said he decided to approach the courts since he had not received a response from Abrahams or the National Prosecuting Authority. He added he had recently engaged with past and present employees of “Gupta TV” who had relayed numerous accounts in which the station’s bosses had allegedly uttered racial slurs against black employees‚ and black South Africans in general.

Exposed: state attorneys' R80bn scam

The Special Investigating Unit is probing claims that state attorneys deliberately bungled cases and colluded with private lawyers to defraud the state, and this is estimated to have cost the taxpayer R80-billion to date. The state has opened criminal cases against its lawyers and the private law firms that are part of the scam. Justice Minister Michael Masutha and his health counterpart, Aaron Motsoaledi, said corruption was so widespread that since 2013 the Health Department alone had paid out R60-billion in fraudulent malpractice claims that could have been defended.

AfriForum publishes farms 'on expropriation list'

AfriForum has published a list on its website of farms that it says have apparently been identified by the government to be expropriated without compensation. This follows the ANC’s announcement that it had identified 139 farms for this purpose. AfriForum says the list was kept confidential‚ however‚ and neither the ANC nor the government was willing to make it public. “AfriForum obtained a document‚ however‚ that is being circulated in the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform as a list of farms that will serve as test cases for this purpose. The document does not contain the details of 139 farms‚ however‚ but of 190 properties.” Ernst Roets‚ deputy CEO of AfriForum‚ said a preliminary investigation indicated the list probably contained many farms that had no history of land claims and over which there currently existed no dispute between the owners and the state.

UK tourists killed in KZN ‘related to Queen’

A British mother and child killed on Friday in a crash on the N2 at Zinkwazi‚ about an hour north of Durban‚ were related to Queen Elizabeth‚ the UK newspaper The Sun reported on Sunday. The newspaper identified the deceased as Louise Sword‚ 53‚ and her daughter‚ Tabitha Sword. It said her husband Alistair‚ 53‚ and son Benjamin‚ 11‚ were cut free from their wrecked SUV and airlifted to a Durban hospital and were critical but stable on Friday night. Louise’s brother Tim Taylor‚ 55‚ is married to the Queen’s cousin Lady Helen Taylor, the report said. KZN Emergency Medical Services spokesman Robert McKenzie said the two‚ who were passengers in one of the three vehicles involved in the crash‚ had died. A third person‚ the driver of the Mercedes-Benz that collided with the SUV‚ had died at the scene.

Emergency rules ‘not followed’ in plane crash

Emergency procedures were not followed after the crew of a vintage aircraft that crashed on July 10 near Wonderboom Airport in Pretoria were made aware that one of the engines had caught fire. This is one of the preliminary findings by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in its investigation into the crash of the Convair 340/440. The twin-engine aircraft had taken off with two crew and 17 passengers for a scenic flight from Wonderboom to Pilanesburg in Rustenburg. Both aircraft pilots and two passengers were seriously injured and one passenger was killed. Eight people on the ground were injured. The report also said the plane required two pilots to operate it and both needed to be rated for the aircraft, but that documents and the licences indicated only the captain was rated. It also said the Pilanesberg aerodrome was closed for fixed-winged aircraft since the runway was under construction, but neither the crew nor the Wonderboom Airport air traffic controller were aware of the notice.



A tale of two twisted tongues: How language baffles Koreans

The two Koreas speak the same language, but after decades of division only 70% of words are mutually understood

By Reuters
4 min read

We finally know why we age - now to figure out how to stop it

Turns out it's our genes that age us and not wear and tear

By Sarah Knapton
2 min read

Man, it's time you start asking for directions

Study finds men and women are equally good at navigating. Now the real question is: Why won't men ask for directions?

By The Daily Telegraph
3 min read

Pregnant at 67, Chinese woman spurns abortion advice

‘No one cared about me when I lost my only child, so I found a way out by myself, but you’re blocking me again’

By Nicola Smith
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Residents wash chairs next to a submerged vehicle after flash floods brought by continuous monsoon rains in Manila, the Philippines.
life goes on Residents wash chairs next to a submerged vehicle after flash floods brought by continuous monsoon rains in Manila, the Philippines.
Image: Erik De Castro/Reuters


For wetter or for worse

A beaming bride defiantly marching up a flooded church aisle in the Philippines has won hearts as the country suffers a fresh bout of monsoonal rains. Jobel Delos Angeles, 24, married the father of her two children on Saturday as Tropical Storm Yagi and the southwest monsoon brought heavy flooding to the nation. In a Facebook video shared over a thousand times, Delos Angeles is all smiles as she walks through brown floodwaters in a white gown and veil before her suited groom clad in flip-flops takes her to the altar. ‘Even if it floods or it rains, nothing can stop me. You only get married once, will you postpone it? I was marrying the man I love’” Delos Angeles said. - AFP

‘My name’s Elba, Idris Elba’

British actor Idris Elba fuelled speculation on Sunday that he may be named the first black James Bond, with a cryptic tweet. ‘My name’s Elba, Idris Elba,’ he tweeted, echoing the super spy’s famous catchline, “The name is Bond, James Bond.” The message sent fans into a frenzy of excitement, as rumours abound that Elba may be named to succeed Daniel Craig as the next incarnation of 007. Elba, 45, has been linked to the Bond franchise for years, although he has previously said that he thought he might be too old. Fresh rumours emerged last week amid reports that Bond producer Barbara Broccoli said it was now “time” for a black actor to take the role. - AFP

... but be careful about his lighting, expert warns

The increasing use of black and Asian actors has led some in British theatre to congratulate themselves on the growing diversity of the stage. But experts have warned that casting ethnic minority actors without paying attention to the way they are lit, or what colour costumes they wear, puts them at a disadvantage to white performers. An academic at London’s Globe Theatre says that black and Asian actors can be obscured by the dark costumes and furnishings and gloomy lighting traditionally associated with the staging of works by Shakespeare and other period dramatists. Producers are now being urged to pay more attention to the set design, lighting and costume used in plays featuring ethnic minority actors, in order for the audience to get the most out of their performances. – The Daily Telegraph

Ringing success in battle to return treasures

The US will return to the Philippines church bells seized by American forces in a bloody campaign more than a century ago, its embassy said on Sunday, following a demand by President Rodrigo Duterte. American forces took three bells from the Catholic church of Balangiga town in 1901 as war booty in what historians said was a particularly brutal military operation in the new US colony. Duterte and previous Philippine governments had urged Washington to return the bells. - AFP

My corona: craft sets off to explore sun

Nasa on Sunday blasted off a $1.5bn spacecraft toward the sun on a historic mission to protect the Earth by unveiling the mysteries of dangerous solar storms. The unmanned spacecraft aims to get closer than any human-made object in history to the centre of our solar system. The probe is designed to plunge into the sun’s atmosphere, known as the corona, during a seven-year mission. Protected by an ultra-powerful heat shield that can endure unprecedented levels of heat, and radiation 500 times that experienced on Earth, it should come within 6.6 million km of the sun’s surface, close enough to study the curious phenomenon of the solar wind and the sun’s atmosphere, which is 300 times hotter than its surface. - AFP

Last bend in the river for VS Naipaul

British author VS Naipaul, a famously outspoken Nobel laureate who wrote on the traumas of post-colonial change, has died at the age of 85. Naipaul, who was born in Trinidad and the son of an Indian civil servant, was best known for works including ‘A House for Mr Biswas’ and his Man Booker Prize-winning ‘In A Free State’. Naipaul stirred controvers, describing post-colonial countries as ‘half-made societies’ and arguing that Islam both enslaved and attempted to wipe out other cultures. - AFP



Expropriation may allow US to play trade Trump card

The ANC's land election ploy could give the US a way out of a critical trade agreement, and this would really hurt SA

By Stuart Theobald
4 min read

Rising tide lifts global mining but SA is stuck underwater

Policy uncertainty means more and more exploration money is going to other African countries

By Lisa Steyn
3 min read

Sea Harvest profit slows as it gears up to change the game

Recent acquisition of Viking Fishing expands net from hake to lobster, prawns, tuna, mussels and oysters

By Marc Hasenfuss
1 min read



So you think cleaning the house can’t be fun?

These funky gadgets make household chores a lark

By Moeketsi Thipe
1 min read

Social media regress kids to mentality of three-year-olds

Scientist warns that children are losing their ability to think for themselves, empathise and communicate

By Charles Hyma
2 min read

3D printing: We just know something bad’s gun happen

While the revolution may not be televised, it could, one day, be downloaded. What could go wrong?

By Iain Overton
4 min read



SPORTS DAY: Sri Lanka find Proteas' Akila's heel

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

Mninawa Ntloko
Sports editor
6 min read

Volleyball ticks all the Saffer boxes, but we still suck at it

Why? Because it doesn't get sponsorship and is untouched by the nonsense that sport is a matter of patriotism

Telford Vice
5 min read

Blasts from the past: Luvo pipped by a hair at Olympics

Today in SA sports history: August 13

David Isaacson
1 min read