Tuesday, July 17 2018



Holomisa: I've been gagged but I'll fight on

Court orders UDM leader to stop making PIC corruption allegations against top companies and leaders

Karyn Maughan
3 min read

Church's gay marriage scrap goes from bad to verse

The unholy infighting in the Dutch Reformed Church over who can marry whom is headed back to court

Graeme Hosken
4 min read

I just want my gay union blessed by the church I grew up in

Groups on either side of NGK's homosexual marriage row wield their scriptural interpretation as a weapon

By Leonie Wagner and Graeme Hosken
4 min read

OPINION: We need to talk about Kevin, his dad, and his crocked arm

Anderson has made a lot of sacrifices on his way to the top of tennis

Telford Vice
4 min read



Smelly and rotten: R16.5m abalone case gets weird

Was it just plain armed robbery, as the minister says, or an unauthorised undercover entrapment operation?

Aron Hyman
6 min read

US tycoon has SA's crims in his cross-hairs

Using sophisticated audio sensors, police can now pinpoint exactly where a gunshot was fired

Jeff Wicks
2 min read

Families of Lily Mine victims 'ignored' in rush to reopen

Activist asks how the government can back reopening the mine when a report on the tragedy hasn't emerged

Bongani Fuzile
5 min read

Hundreds of crocs butchered. Their crime? Doing what crocs do

An angry Indonesian mob butchered 300 crocodiles at a farm where a man who broke into an enclosure was killed

2 min read

The pink tax debate: How does SA rate?

Amid global outrage over women's products being more pricey than men's, a survey sees if this is true in SA too

Nivashni Nair
3 min read

Put that in your pipe and (don’t) smoke it

Despite warnings and health risks, youngsters are continuing to flaunt their hookah pipe use on Instagram

2 min read



Don't blame the Kardashians - we made them

We can bray all we like about their materialism and superficiality - but they're just being who they are

Tom Eaton
4 min read

Oh, fathers, where art thou?

A new report on SA fathers gives pause for thought, and highlights the painful space men occupy in our society

Tanya Farber
5 min read



Today's cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

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Today's quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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U.S. President Trump told Russian President Putin that he hopes the two leaders will end up having 'an extraordinary relationship' in opening remarks in Helsinki on Monday.


A riot policeman disperses residents chanting slogans on the road during the visit by former US president Barack Obama to his ancestral Nyangoma Kogelo village in Siaya county, Kenya.
Obama's back to his roots A riot policeman disperses residents chanting slogans on the road during the visit by former US president Barack Obama to his ancestral Nyangoma Kogelo village in Siaya county, Kenya.
Image: Reuters/Thomas Mukoya

Six things about SA you need to know

Putin is coming … and he’s not coming alone

Russian President Vladimir Putin will soon descend on SA, and with him will be more than a dozen top government officials. Putin will be in the country for the Brics summit in Johannesburg from July 25 to 27. Putin last visited SA for the Brics summit in Durban five years ago. “Everything is changing by the minute and it is difficult to confirm who is coming. However‚ there will be a big delegation of ministers who will accompany the president‚” Russian embassy press attaché Alexander Kulyaev said. He said more than a dozen ministers would attend‚ including foreign affairs minister Sergey Lavrov.

DA vs De Lille – the battle continues

The Democratic Alliance's fight with Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille is far from over as the party revealed on Monday it would appeal the Western Cape High Court judgment that set aside its decision to terminate De Lille's membership. Also on Monday, Marian Nieuwoudt‚ a DA councillor in Cape Town‚ tabled a new motion of no-confidence in De Lille. The motion is set to be heard during a council meeting on July 26. Meanwhile, municipal Speaker Dirk Smit’s fitness to hold office is also up for debate‚ as the ANC tabled a motion of no-confidence in him. ANC caucus leader Xolani Sotashe accused Smit of being partisan and allowing a cabal within the DA caucus - including party leader Mmusi Maimane - to run the council. De Lille said on Twitter on Monday that she respected the DA's right to appeal the high court judgment.

ANC sets up its stall to fight DA in 2019

The ANC in Gauteng has outlined its strategy to ward off the DA in the province come 2019’s general elections. The plan‚ which focuses mainly on alleviating socio-economic challenges faced by Gauteng residents‚ will be discussed at the party’s provincial conference, which begins on Friday. Briefing the state on readiness for the conference‚ ANC provincial secretary Hope Papo said the “cardinal point of focus of all discussion papers is specific challenges and socio-economic problems facing the people of Gauteng”.

Initiation season death toll rises to 19

This weekend‚ while close to 30‚000 Eastern Cape initiates who underwent the Xhosa circumcision tradition (ulwaluko) were graduating and going home healthy‚ one more family went into mourning. Olihle Njima of Mbhongweni village in EmaXesibeni died of septicaemia in the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital in Mthatha on Thursday. He was the 19th initiate to have died in the province in the past three weeks. Nkosi Mwelo Nonkonyana‚ chairman of the Eastern Cape House of Traditional Leaders‚ and cooperative governance and traditional affairs spokesman Mamkeli Ngam said the tens of thousands of initiates who go home healthy do not make up for the loss of one life, let alone 19.

Brace for another fuel hike‚ warns AA

South Africans are in for another fuel price shock. The Automobile Association’s outlook for August predicts fuel prices are likely to rise again at the end of the month. Current data suggested "a price rise of 19c a litre for petrol‚ 13c for diesel‚ and 22c for illuminating paraffin". It warned that the international fuel price and the dollar-rand exchange could result in a bigger hike still. "If the prevailing rand and fuel price trends persist for the rest of July‚ the fuel price increase may be lower than expected‚ but we cannot rule out the possibility of further volatility‚" said the AA.

Snow seekers escape after car slides off Sani Pass

A recovery operation was launched on Monday to retrieve an Audi Q5 that slid off an icy road on the snow-engulfed Sani Pass near Underberg on Sunday. Nathan and Brigitte Renald were returning home to northern KwaZulu-Natal from a night at the top of the snow-covered pass when their car veered off the road and landed about 15m below against the rocks. Snow Report SA’s Rob Ansell said the Renalds were heading down the pass when their Audi went off the road. They are understood to have managed to climb out of the car. Paramedics reportedly said the couple were lucky to escape uninjured. The Drakensberg mountain range has been blanketed in snow since Saturday‚ luring scores of snow seekers up Sani Pass for the best view.



I ain't done with Musk, says cave hero after 'pedo' slur

Brit who helped rescue Thai boys mulls legal action over Tesla chief's rant following submarine putdown

By The Daily Telegraph
2 min read

Meghan's dad is at it again, this time claiming she's terrified

The hits just keep on coming for the duchess as her father refuses to stop his embarrassing 'tell-all' interviews

By Joel Thomas
3 min read

Here's to full-fat milk: The white killer is actually good for us

Full-cream milk even prevents strokes, scientists have found

By Isolde Walters
3 min read

Sacha's barren crowin': Has Ali lost his G-wow factor?

His new series was supposed to leave Americans cringing. Instead it's left them yawning

2 min read


Officials record and examine cygnets and swans during the annual census of the Queen's swans, known as 'Swan Upping', along the River Thames near Chertsey.
What would the queen say? Officials record and examine cygnets and swans during the annual census of the Queen's swans, known as 'Swan Upping', along the River Thames near Chertsey.
Image: Reuters/Toby Melville


Cops can be such tossers sometimes

Two police officers in Atlanta, Georgia in the US have been suspended after they used a coin toss to decide whether to arrest a 24-year-old motorist they stopped for speeding, police said. The officers stopped the motorist in April when she was running late for work at an Atlanta hair salon and sped past them at about 130km/h on a wet road. The two female police officers then discussed whether to give motorist Sarah Webb a speeding ticket or arrest her for reckless driving, police said. They decided to flip a coin to decide it: heads, arrest; tails, release, according to the Roswell Police Department. Officer Courtney Brown used a coin flip app on her cellphone and the toss went against Webb, with Brown and the other officer, Kristee Wilson, giggling as they began to write up charges, according to a video which led to all charges being dropped. - Reuters

Muslims haven’t got a prayer in China

Green-domed mosques still dominate the skyline of China’s “Little Mecca”, but they have undergone a profound change - no longer do boys flit through their stone courtyards on their way to classes and prayers. In what locals fear is a deliberate move to eradicate Islam, the atheist ruling Communist Party has banned minors under 16 from religious activity or study in Linxia, a deeply Islamic region in western China that had offered a haven of comparative religious freedom for the ethnic Hui Muslims there. China governs Xinjiang, another majority Muslim region in its far west, with an iron fist to weed out what it calls “religious extremism” and “separatism” in the wake of deadly unrest, throwing ethnic Uighurs into shadowy re-education camps without due process for minor infractions such as owning a Quran or even growing a beard. - AFP

World Cup final score: Pussy Riot 1, Putin 0

Russian protest group Pussy Riot has claimed responsibility for a pitch invasion that briefly disrupted Sunday’s World Cup final in Moscow. The group, known for protesting against Russia leader Vladimir Putin, made the claim on social media after four people in old-fashioned police uniforms ran onto the pitch during France’s victory against Croatia. The invasion briefly halted the game before the protesters were tackled to the ground by stewards. One woman managed to reach the centre of the field and share a double high-five with France forward Kylian Mbappe, who had a shot saved a minute earlier. The group released a statement in Twitter calling for the freeing of political prisoners, an end to “illegal arrests” of protesters and to “allow political competition” in Russia. Pussy Riot, a Russian punk rock group, rose to prominence with daring outdoor performances critical of Putin in 2012 that sent two members to prison for nearly two years. - © The Daily Telegraph

Ex-rough sleeper Sheeran won’t riff with the raff

Pop superstar Ed Sheeran, who spent nights sleeping rough on the streets of London early in his career, has won planning permission to install “anti-homeless” railings outside his £8-million London home. The 27-year old singer is now authorised to install pedestrian gates and cast iron railings outside his converted Victorian brickworks in Kensington and Chelsea, which will "prevent opportunities for rough sleeping" according to his planning agent. It comes after planners rejected his application to build a flint and stone “ruined Saxon chapel” in the grounds of his Suffolk estate. - © The Daily Telegraph

Oh deer – leave animal rescue to the experts

A deer that swam four miles from the Isle of Wight to the Hampshire coast later drowned during a bungled rescue attempt, firefighters said. The three-year-old roe buck managed to make dry land on the Southsea shore at about 10am on Sunday, but then returned to the water as beachgoers looked on. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution sailed close by to shadow the deer and keep other boats and swimmers away while rescue efforts were organised. But when the lifeboat crew returned to shore to pick up an animal rescue specialist, members of the public in a passing boat mounted their own rescue attempt, lassoing the deer. Their efforts led to the animal becoming distressed and drowning. - © The Daily Telegraph

‘Letters from Yarmuk’ lensman dies in detention

An award-winning Palestinian-Syrian photographer who documented life in the Yarmuk refugee camp in southern Damascus has died after nearly three years in regime detention, his partner said on Monday. Niraz Saied, who himself hailed from the Palestinian camp, was arrested in October 2015. His partner, Lamis Alkhateeb, who lives in Germany, wrote on Facebook that Saied had died in detention. He was believed to be 27. It was not clear how she had learnt of his death. Their relationship had formed part of the 2014 film “Letters from Yarmuk”. That year, after winning a United Nations photography competition with a shot of the downtrodden faces of three brothers waiting to be evacuated from the camp for medical treatment, Saied said: “You can’t find a complete family in the refugee camp,” Saied said then. “I used to feel that in every portrait of a Palestinian family you could see the shadow of a person missing, and that is why my photos are dimly lit.” - AFP



Was Sibanye’s roll of the dice good for it - or just the bank?

$500m deal (or bet) gives it breathing room to trade its way out of its current state, but the cost is also extreme

By Tim Cohen
1 min read

Social grants: Net1 says it’s glad to get out of the mess

But the grim reality is that the woes of the South African Social Security Agency are unlikely to end

By Ann Crotty
1 min read

Is it better to be popular than right, or can you be both?

As the truth of our backlogs in SA become more clear and obvious, it’ll be obvious what to do. We must invest

By Mark Barnes
4 min read



Critics go gaga after going behind bars with Mandela

A collection of his prison letters gives great insight into Madiba’s humanity, and the foreign press is agog

By Andrew Donaldson
5 min read

The strange and wonderful saga of the white sangoma

John Lockley recounts how he as a middle-class white man crossed the divide to become a Xhosa shaman

By Bongani Mthethwa
8 min read

Kentridge transports London back to the WW1 trenches

The master South African artist gives forgotten soldiers their due at the Tate Modern

By Mark Hudson
3 min read



SPORTS DAY: Vilakazi reckons CAF Champions title in reach

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

Mninawa Ntloko
Sports editor
5 min read

No more dodgy jokes about Djokovic and his affairs

Serb locates winning formula once more after sorting out his off-court issues 

By Oliver Brown
5 min read

Blasts from the past: Papwa nabs his second Dutch Open

Today in SA sports history: July 17

David Isaacson
1 min read