Wednesday, July 11 2018



She’s won this round, but it’s not yet time for the Jiba jive

Former prosecutions head has massive court victory, but there's still the little matter of disciplinary action

Karyn Maughan
3 min read

The martyrdom of Moyane and Duduzane: What's really going on?

There's a wider game being played out and the SA public needs to stay on high alert

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
4 min read

Misery in Moz: Saffers up the creek without a passport

Mozambique seizes passports, slaps South Africans with heavy fines for being there under false pretences

Graeme Hosken
4 min read



It’s a whole new worldwide web for Cape township

Tech start-up is bringing affordable wifi to some of the province’s most deprived communities

By Dan Meyer
3 min read

From beggar to bookseller: He's started a new chapter in his life

A new project in Durban aims to help the homeless restart their lives and, at the same time, get SA reading

Nivashni Nair
2 min read

Don’t worry, mate, we’ve got your back, SACP tells ANC

Despite apparent fractures in the alliance, the SACP has said it will campaign for the ruling party

By Zimasa Matiwane
2 min read

'We won't give up trying to build our homes'

The police keep tearing down their shacks, but these illegal occupants say they have no choice but to rebuild

By Nonkululeko Njilo
3 min read



OK, so Beyonce is coming, but what's in it for us?

We love the booty but how can SA capitalise on that Global Citizen moola?

By Andile Ndlovu
4 min read

Mr Trump, meet Her Majesty the Queen - Helen Mirren

Get ready to cringe as the president of the Still-United States meets the PM of the Mostly United Kingdom

Tom Eaton
4 min read

Why are our diplomats repeating the anti-Semitic lie?

Conspiratorial, Jew-hating thinking appears to constitute part of the fabric of our foreign service

By Milton Shain
3 min read



Today's cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

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Today's quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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Six explosive devices have been planted at various locations around Durban in the past few days, targeting popular shopping malls and social events. Here is what we know so far about these devices.


A South Sudanese girl with the national flag painted on her face poses for a portrait at the Nyakuron Cultural Centre in Juba.
Show us your style A South Sudanese girl with the national flag painted on her face poses for a portrait at the Nyakuron Cultural Centre in Juba.
Image: Reuters/Andreea Campeanu

Five things about SA you need to know

Willemse opts for rights commission hearing

Former Springbok wing Ashwin Willemse has decided not to pursue an Equality Court case against SuperSport. Speaking on 702 and CapeTalk on Tuesday‚ Willemse said he had told his legal team he was prepared to take part in a Human Rights Commission hearing about his walkout on live TV in May. He also said he had not ruled out returning to SuperSport as a rugby presenter and pundit alongside Naas Botha and Nick Mallett‚ the presenters involved in the on-screen incident. “I’ve reached out to Nick and to Naas‚ because I’ve seen the effect this process has had on my family‚” Willemse told presenter Eusebius McKaiser. “That same spirit of reconciliation is what I will use to engage all parties involved‚ including SuperSport. There are no doors that are closed.”

Solidarity suspends SAA court action

Trade union Solidarity has suspended plans to initiate court proceedings to have South African Airways placed under business rescue. The announcement follows a written undertaking from SAA chief executive Vuyani Jarana that the embattled airline will “immediately” start a process to procure a strategic partner. “In view of the SAA’s letter in which comprehensive undertakings are given‚ Solidarity has decided to suspend its application for business rescue for the time being‚” said the union’s Dirk Hermann on Tuesday. “It is difficult to immediately proceed with litigation if the other party has conceded in writing to most of our demands.”

Good girl! Dog traps skelm in pool

A would-be thief chose the wrong house when he ended up trapped in the swimming pool thanks to a fearless boerboel named Jess. Jody Gabrielson told the Kormorant he was watching television in the early hours of Sunday at home in Hartebeespoort, North West, when he heard Jess barking. Gabrielson saw a man jump over the wall. The moment the would-be thief's feet hit the ground, the dog gave chase, driving him into the pool. He was trapped there as the boerboel sat at the edge of the pool, growling every time he tried to move. When Gabrielson called his dog, the trespasser took the gap and bolted for the neighbour's wall - only to find pitbulls waiting for him on the other side. Trapped, the man ran at Gabrielson with an axe and a scuffle ensued. Local security and community policing forum members apprehended the intruder.

SA’s biggest rise in labour strikes was in 2017

The country experienced its highest increase in labour strikes in 2017‚ with the figure rising by 8%, according to the Industrial Action report released by the Labour Department on Tuesday. There were 132 work stoppages as a result of strikes‚ increasing from 122 in 2016. The department said the hike was the highest recorded in the “history of strike monitoring”. According to the report‚ 125‚000 employees were involved in strikes across all industries‚ costing the economy R251-million in lost earnings in 2017‚ compared with R161-million in 2016. The annual strike analysis is drawn up from data collected from employers and trade unions after strikes and lockouts.

Concern mounts for kidnapped Cape businessman

A family man who makes meticulous business decisions. That is how an attorney described the 65-year-old businessman who was kidnapped by five men in the parking basement of his company in Parow‚ Cape Town‚ on Monday. Concern is mounting for the safety of Liyaqat Ali Parker‚ a founder of the Foodprop Group‚ which owns the Foodworld chain of supermarkets. He is also a board member of Al Amien Foods and a non-executive director of Brimstone Investment Corporation. Parker’s attorney‚ Walid Brown‚ said on Tuesday he was a strict businessman and a family man. “He owns businesses in retail‚ property and development - and other businesses and quite a few malls. The one thing I know about him is that he makes strict business decisions. His business is family run‚ all its directors are family‚” said Brown. Police are investigating a case of kidnapping and armed robbery.



The messy month of May: one of these is the next Tory leader

Who could be stepping into the breach if Theresa May is ousted? Here are all the runners and riders

By Steven Swinford
5 min read

What's old and pink and gets scientists very excited?

It may look like just another bit of desert to you, but it answers a question about life that's puzzled them for decades

1 min read

'Bring back an extinct rhino? Where will we put it?'

It's too overcrowded, and a waste of money, to bring back a subspecies using IVF, argues Brit TV host

By Izzy Lyons
1 min read

Conceived in summer? Sorry, you're destined to be fat

Global warming just got a little worse ...

2 min read


Vintage military aircraft perform a fly past over the Queen Victoria Memorial and Buckingham Palace to mark the centenary of the Royal Air Force in central London.
A golden era Vintage military aircraft perform a fly past over the Queen Victoria Memorial and Buckingham Palace to mark the centenary of the Royal Air Force in central London.
Image: Reuters/Henry Nicholls


They finally caught that monster croc

An elusive monster saltwater crocodile weighing 600 kilograms has finally been caught after an eight-year hunt in Australia. The 4.7 metre beast was found in a trap downstream from the northern outback town of Katherine after first being spotted in 2010. Authorities had tried in vain for years to bag the croc, which is estimated to be 60 years old. The animal was taken to a crocodile farm to keep it separate from the local human population. The crocodile population has exploded since they were declared a protected species in the 1970s, with the killing of an elderly woman last year reigniting calls to curb their numbers. - AFP

George Clooney crashes his scooter

George Clooney was treated in hospital on Tuesday for minor injuries after a scooter accident in Sardinia. The actor hurt his leg when a Mercedes car allegedly turned without giving right of way and collided with his scooter. Clooney, 57, was reportedly thrown from his two-wheeler onto the windscreen of the vehicle. The crash took place in Costa Corallina in the island’s northeast at around 8am (0600 GMT). Clooney was discharged from hospital later in the morning and advised to rest for a few days. - AFP

Sarin attack cult guru is ashes

The youngest daughter of Shoko Asahara, the head of the Aum Shinrikyo cult behind a deadly 1995 sarin attack, has agreed to collect his cremated remains after he was executed on Friday. Her statement comes after reports of a battle between other members of Ashara’s family, including his wife, for his remains. His wife and several other children remain in an Aum successor cult. His youngest daughter is the only one of Asahara’s children to break with the successor group. She called on cult members to ‘put an end to the Aum and stop hating society. Asahara’s remains will stay at the detention centre where he was executed for now because of fears that his daughter could be assaulted by his followers if she came to collect them. - AFP

Mosquitoes given birth control

More than 80% of a dengue fever-spreading mosquito has been wiped out in the Queensland town of Innisfail, Australian, during a landmark trial. Researchers bred millions of non-biting male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in laboratory conditions and infected them with the Wolbachia bacteria, which renders them sterile. They were then released into wild at trial sites where over three months they mated with females who laid eggs that did not hatch, causing the population to plummet. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is one of the world’s most dangerous pests, capable of spreading devastating diseases like dengue, Zika and chikungunya. - AFP

Your luxury villas will kill the monks

Environmentalists and residents are accusing developers of endangering monk seals’ by building luxury villas on top of the caves they inhabit along the coast of Cyprus. There are only around 300 seals the Mediterranean. Most are found in Greek waters. But tucked under white rocks by the town of Peyia, caves provide sanctuary to some of the seven to 10 monk seals. Cypriot law provides for a protection zone stretching 91 metres back from the shore. But one of the building projects is around 25 metres from the shore. Experts say the work at Peyia is symbolic of a broader problem in Cyprus of sacrificing natural assets for development. - AFP

Stan Lee drops that $1bn POW! lawsuit

Comic book legend Stan Lee has terminated a $1-billion lawsuit alleging that the entertainment company he co-founded had tricked him into signing away his image rights. The entertainment icon contended that POW! Entertainment CEO Shane Duffy and co-founder Gill Champion took advantage of him at a time when he was despondent over the death of his wife Joan and suffering from macular degeneration, a condition affecting the eyes. The order has since been dismissed following confusion in court over who was supposed to be representing the comic book icon. - AFP



Even investment’s ‘silver bullet’ is not bulletproof

‘Smart beta’ ETFs punted as low-cost answer to actively managed products, but even they don't look very clever at times

By Chris Gilmour
3 min read

Want affordable high fashion? Sorry for you ... for now

Will the likes of Edgars manage to jack up their house brand products to make up for the loss of foreign labels?

By Nick Hedley
1 min read

You’d have to be one hell of a contrarian to dive into gold

In 2018 the JSE Gold Index has fallen a chunky 18%

By Allan Seccombe
1 min read



We’re nothing but prawns in this ‘eating green’ game

Because one can’t fix everything, the tendency is often to ignore the whole bloody sustainability mess

By Andrea Burgener
2 min read

How to get yourself over a case of game reserve fatigue

Try Samara, deep in the magical Great Karoo

By Andrea Nagel
7 min read

A little bite of Joburg, a little bit of Cape Town, but all Plett

A modern take on the chef’s home-cooked favourites makes this family-run dining room a Garden Route hit

By Dominique Herman
3 min read

How to get in on the secrets of Russia’s forbidden cities

Samara, Kaliningrad and Nizhny Novgorod are a few of the towns that remain curious relics of the Cold War

By Oliver Smith
9 min read



SPORTS DAY: ‘Anderson can whip Federer,’ says Ferreira

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

David Isaacson
5 min read

Grimace and bear it, Serena: Drug testing ain’t going away

Sports personalities, like parents who don’t deliver when they’ve promised, will routinely disappoint

3 min read