Thursday, June 21 2018



Cops claim they were strip-searched in front of colleagues, suspect's wife

'Brigadier told us to take off everything, our bras, panties, our socks, everything,' one of them alleges

Graeme Hosken
4 min read

Bitter pills: The hard questions the Health minister must answer

From costs to lawfulness, Motsoaledi will face a barrage of questions when he sets out National Health Insurance Bill

4 min read

'Congratulations, the land is yours again' - Just kidding

A woman whose face was used to celebrate victory for land claims is still waiting for her returned land three year later

Bobby Jordan
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Cyril denies bid to muzzle intelligence watchdog

He says matter of greater independence for inspector-general of intelligence shouldn't be decided by courts

Karyn Maughan
2 min read

Ipid bites over ‘outrageous’ Phahlane funding

Cop watchdog wants cops to promise they won’t investigate the officials who are investigating them

Karyn Maughan
2 min read

Fools for love: fake boyfriends fleecing South Africans

Women are handing over cash to cons at an alarming rate, and the amounts are often huge

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
2 min read

Kids sleep at school after fetching water all night

Villagers have now gone to court to demand municipality gives them the resource they desperately need

Matthew Savides
News editor
4 min read

Being a zebra is very uncool, science says

Scientists still trying to figure out why zebras have stripes, but they do know they're not to keep them cool

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
3 min read

Service delivery woes: A tale of more than two townships

The effects of service delivery protests can be felt throughout the country

By Nonkululeko Njilo
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No, Zuma was not worse than Verwoerd. But you have the right to say so

Zuma is not off the hook, but comparing him with apartheid leaders shuts down a more complex question

4 min read

If you want to know the real Joburg, ride a bus

It's a whole different world on a Rea Vaya during rushhour

6 min read

Everyone knew I was gay, says Barry Manilow

Crooner says he never talked about it before because 'I like my privacy, not because I didn’t want people to know'

By Ben Lawrence
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Today's cryptic crossword

It's time to put your brain to work

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Today's quick crossword

How fast can you get it done?

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Local bronze sculptor Eric Ogbemudia, 62, works in his studio on Igun street in Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria.
The modern bronze age Local bronze sculptor Eric Ogbemudia, 62, works in his studio on Igun street in Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria.
Image: Reuters/Akintunde Akinleye

Six things about SA you need to know

Gauteng to do lifestyle audits on the executive

Gauteng premier David Makhura said he was still committed to doing lifestyle audits in provincial government, but that it had to be done “the right way'”. The comment came as DA MPL Jack Bloom accused Makhura of delaying audits on the members of his executive. Makhura told the provincial legislature he was still engaging relevant institutions to help conduct the audits. This angered Bloom, who said he felt the audits were not viewed with any urgency. “Corruption is rife in provincial government departments and lifestyle audits are a useful tool to pick up areas for investigation‚” he said.

Constable arrested for gun theft at police station

A constable from the Bellville South police station in Cape Town has been arrested over the theft of 18 guns being held as crime exhibits. The 34-year-old ‚ who was arrested by the Hawks’ National Bureau for Illegal Firearms Control and Priority Violent Crime‚ was expected to appear in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday‚ said Hawks spokesman Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi. Two of the guns, stolen from a store room in August 2017, were recovered during crimes committed in September and April. In the September incident‚ police on patrol in Belhar responded to a complaint about a firearm being pointed and arrested a man who allegedly had drugs and a .357 revolver.

Model heading to Palestine after comments

Model and TV personality Shashi Naidoo will travel to Gaza to "educate her on issues in the area" after the star sparked outrage at the weekend by referring to the area as a "shithole". The "fact-finding" trip was announced during a press conference in Johannesburg on Wednesday. Naidoo came under fire after she took to social media to debate a follower on the unrest between Israel and Palestine. In a series of posts she called Gaza a "shithole" and was seemingly pro-Israeli. Her comments caused widespread outrage. She later deleted the posts and apologised. Human rights and Palestinian solidarity organisation Boycott‚ Divestment and Sanctions South Africa said they had accepted a full apology and that they approached Naidoo to offer her an opportunity to go to Gaza and learn about the situation.

ANC MP killed in attempted hijacking

The ANC caucus in parliament is mourning the death of MP Sibusiso Radebe‚ who was shot in an attempted hijacking in Roodepoort on Tuesday night. The party described Radebe as “a dedicated servant of our movement”. Radebe was a office-bearer in the party’s youth structures, including deputy secretary of the Congress of South African Students in Mpumalanga‚ and chairman of the South African Student Congress at the Tshwane University of Technology. Police said they were searching for two men believed to be involved in the murder. They said preliminary reports indicated that Radebe was with another person in a vehicle parked on Carbon Street‚ Lindhaven‚ when two suspects allegedly approached the vehicle and opened fire‚ fatally wounding Radebe. His companion escaped uninjured.

Officials charged over poaching back at work

Government officials alleged to have used their positions to run one of the biggest abalone poaching syndicates in the Western Cape are back in their jobs. This comes less than a week after eight of the nine Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries officials arrested in an undercover operation in February were released on R20‚000 bail each by the Cape Town Regional Court. Sources close to the investigation said the officials had returned to work. It was also confirmed by Beverley Schäfer‚ who chairs the Western Cape legislature economic opportunities committee, saying she was shocked that they had been allowed back in their posts. The officials were released on bail despite recorded telephone conversations between some of them allegedly showing intent to acquire firearms to kill another suspect and department officials. Department deputy director-general for fisheries Siphokazi Ndundane said corruption in the department was to blame for them being allowed back at work.

Siam Lee’s alleged murderer released on bail

The prosecution of the businessman accused of murdering Siam Lee is on shaky ground, with bungling by police and a private investigator highlighted by the magistrate who released him on bail. Magistrate Mahomed Motala granted the 30-year-old R40‚000 bail on Wednesday‚ bringing an end to his five-month bid for freedom. He faces a raft of charges‚ including the kidnapping and murder of Lee‚ and the rape of another woman. He cannot be named until he has tendered a plea in relation to the rape charge. Motala examined facets of the investigation into Lee’s slaying‚ saying the prosecution had placed heavy reliance on circumstantial evidence. He added that the case was largely based on undisputed evidence that a search of the man’s house and vehicle were conducted without a search warrant. He will appear again on August 17.



The new Dr Death? Opioid-mad doctor killed 456 patients

Now further investigations will try to work out what her motives were

By Olivia Rudgard, Rosie Taylor, Hayley Dixon and Danny Boyle
8 min read

Another reason not to massacre whales: the meat is toxic

But this warning will probably not halt the ritual, centuries-old mass killing on the Faroe Islands

2 min read

Cancer shock: survival rate much lower that thought

Just 3% of people with the most common type of pancreatic cancer will still be alive after five years

By Sarah Knapton
2 min read

Naked loo dash ends in horrific, protracted death

Woman who got up to go to toilet during the night got herself stuck in a cupboard where she died of hypothermia

By The Daily Telegraph
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A racegoer poses for photographs before the start of Royal Ascot on Wednesday.
You ain't got none unless you got buns hun! A racegoer poses for photographs before the start of Royal Ascot on Wednesday.
Image: Reuters/Andrew Boyers


Want to know what’s in Heathrow’s Dead Shed?

While passengers mosey around Heathrow Terminal 2, preparing to board their flights, a few hundred metres away, in a musty storeroom, you can stare into the glass eyes of a dead tiger. Shot by hunters, the big cat’s cadaver was then fashioned into a rug and packed off to the UK, where it was duly seized by Border Force. The so-called Dead Shed holds grisly artefacts such as the severed hand of a macaque, a polar bear pelt, a stuffed bobcat, sperm whale teeth and little vials of bear bile, which would have been “tapped” from the gall bladders of captive bears in the name of Chinese medicine. There is also a seemingly-inoffensive shawl, known as a shahtoosh, made from the neck wool of an entire herd of up to five slaughtered Tibetan antelopes. — © The Daily Telegraph

Jihadist suspect bust for brewing up deadly ricin

German police said on Wednesday they had foiled a biological attack with last week’s arrest of a Tunisian suspected jihadist in possession of the deadly poison ricin and bomb-making material. “Very concrete preparations had been made for an act with a biological bomb, which is a first for Germany,” said the BKA Federal Criminal Police Office. German police commandos on June 12 stormed the Cologne apartment of the 29-year-old Tunisian identified only as Sief Allah H and discovered “toxic substances” that turned out to be ricin. Produced by processing castor beans, ricin is lethal in minute doses if swallowed, inhaled or injected and 6,000 times more potent than cyanide, with no known antidote. — AFP

Blood, sweat and tears in the name of fashion

Struggling to make your fashion more personal? No sweat. A London fashion student can help you decorate your attire with crystal accessories formed from your bodily excretions. Alice Potts showcases her quirky design methods with a pair of ballet shoes adorned with crystals formed from sweat and a fake fur featuring urine-crystals. Potts, who has also experimented with blood, believed the odourless but stomach-turning materials had environmental and health benefits beyond the limitations of traditional plastic or cotton. “Instead of using plastic accessories to maybe embellish garments we can start like growing onto our garments these new materials and more natural materials.” — Reuters

Wait just a second, judge tells Stormy Daniels

A federal judge in Los Angeles has rejected a request by the adult film actress Stormy Daniels to restart her lawsuit there against US President Donald Trump and his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen. US District Judge James Otero said the amount of media attention in the case was not a sufficient reason to reconsider the 90-day stay he had imposed in April. Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is suing to void a non-disclosure agreement under which Cohen paid her $130,000 not to discuss her alleged relationship with Trump in 2006 and 2007. Trump has denied having sex with Daniels, whose lawsuit also includes a defamation claim against Cohen. — Reuters

From a silicone doll brothel to low-THC zol

Technically, the fragrant marijuana buds on offer at a new Paris boutique are illegal to be smoked, as the disclaimers remind clients — brewing the herb in hot water is advised, as is adding it to food. But judging by the 45-minute wait to get inside Cofyshop, not to mention the smoking paraphernalia behind the counter, that certainly seems to be the goal. Cofyshop claims to have found a loophole for letting people light up: its buds have less than 0.2% of THC, the psychotropic compound that gets people high — below the limit set for French growers of marijuana or hemp for industrial uses. It is not the first time Lousquy has courted controversy. In February he opened a Paris “brothel” of silicone dolls, drawing the ire of women’s groups who accused him of encouraging rape. — AFP

Senegal team ‘joke’ wasn’t terribly funny

British businessman turned BBC TV star Alan Sugar came under fire on Wednesday after tweeting a picture of the Senegal national football team comparing them to sunglasses salesmen. He wrote: “I recognise some of these guys from the beach in Marbella. Multitasking resourceful chaps.” He illustrated his statement with a photoshopped image of the team above knock-off designer sunglasses and handbags for sale on a beach. The Apprentice presenter took down the post after being accused of racism, writing: “Seems it has been interpreted in the wrong way as offensive by a few people ... frankly I can’t see that but I think it’s funny.” Sugar has presented the British version of 'The Apprentice' since 2005. — AFP



Bingo! There’s still life in the old dog of a gambling sector

Investment company RECM says ‘alternative gaming’ such as bingo and limited-payout slots are cooking

By Marc Hasenfuss
2 min read

Uh-oh, Brait isn’t telling us something, and it’s not nice

After posting a R9.7bn annual loss it revealed two worrying transactions – but kept schtum on the details

By Hanna Ziady
1 min read

Eyebrows raised as Niveus CEO and CFO resign together

Shareholders may be a little unsettled by the latest highly unusual development in the HCI subsidiary

By Ann Crotty
1 min read



Art has all gone to pot, and we can’t get enough of it

The clay craze is still making home decor fans swoon

By Roberta Thatcher
2 min read

Wear your art on your tee (and your cushion and umbrella)

Blurring the line between fashion and art

By Lwandile Bhengu
2 min read

Frida’s just another word for something great to wear

An exhibition of Frida Kahlo artefacts at the Victoria & Albert Museum is inspiring stuff for fashion lovers 

By Emily Cronin
1 min read

Chaps, the envelope clutch bag is the in thing this winter

Don’t dare return to sender; the dinky little things are all over the menswear ranges of the hottest designers

By Keneilwe Eleanor Pule
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SPORTS DAY: Sterling falls in value but Rashford’s on the up

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

David Isaacson
5 min read

We feel your pain, Italy (but at least we’ve got rugby)

It’s as if the World Cup doesn’t exist in Italy, which is bizarre considering they have won it four times

Telford Vice
4 min read