Saturday, June 2 2018

The Eclectic Weekend


Get over Zuma and just be glad we've got Cyril

Everything is not hunky dory, but Ramaphosa is fixing what Zuma broke and he deserves our support

3 min read

Leadership comes naturally for new Bok skipper Siya Kolisi

I’m not someone who gives ‘Braveheart’ speeches. I’m all about my deeds, he says

By Craig Ray
4 min read

Company sues customer for HelloPeter rant

Make sure your complaints are factual and in the public interest before venting about a company online

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
4 min read

It pays to have an education, literally

Before dismissing the value of education, consider how vastly the earnings picture changes with each qualification

4 min read

State thrashed in R250m court battle with the Guptas

Guptas laughing all the way to the bank as high court unfreezes their assets

Karyn Maughan
2 min read

'Dad, we have been hijacked and they took my baby away'

Little girl killed during shootout after Durban hijacking

Jeff Wicks
3 min read

Without two incomes, SA families can no longer survive

New Gauteng rates increases a devastating blow on top of other utility price hikes, says economist

4 min read

Rohde has some questions of his own

On day 2 of his cross-examination Jason Rohde repeatedly picked holes in questions posed by the prosecutor

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
5 min read

When my school of strife became a school of life

It took just one, out-of-the-box head boy to transform my school days

4 min read

So what exactly is your new ‘activist fund’, Magda?

Intentionally buying stakes in companies with weak management, weak governance and weak strategy?

By BusinessLIVE reporter
1 min read

'Probably fool's gold, but they are desperate'

A KZN village is in the grips of a 'gold rush' after road workers stumbled onto a seam of sparkling rocks

By Jeff Wicks and Lwandle Bhengu
4 min read

De Beers has a gem of an idea: Make and sell fake diamonds

Trick is that prices will be around 75% below those of other synthetic diamond producers

By Allan Seccombe
2 min read