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Why parents kill their kids, in their own words

Cape child murderers reveal why they commit such terrible acts. And experts say what can be done to change them

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
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Get over Zuma and just be glad we've got Cyril

Everything is not hunky dory, but Ramaphosa is fixing what Zuma broke and he deserves our support

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Company sues customer for HelloPeter rant

Make sure your complaints are factual and in the public interest before venting about a company online

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
4 min read

Murder by parachute: woman jumps to hubby's defence

Cheating SA-born army man tried to kill his wife twice, but she insists he isn't guilty

By The Daily Telegraph
2 min read

Seeing red: Vodacom charges woman R90,000 for its blaps

A Cape Town resident is furious after her credit was downgraded for an account she claims she didn't open

By Dan Meyer
4 min read

Poor old SA: The safer the women, the richer the country

Survey shows wealth growth is boosted by strong levels of women’s safety in a country. SA scores very badly

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My 16-day terror in Chinese jail thanks to visa glitch

SA woman endured a living hell as family and friends tried desperately to find her

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In a rare moment of happiness for the refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Africa to Europe, a woman shows off the baby she has just given birth to aboard the Aquarius. She called the boy Miracle.
miracle baby In a rare moment of happiness for the refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Africa to Europe, a woman shows off the baby she has just given birth to aboard the Aquarius. She called the boy Miracle.
Image: Guglielmo Mangiapane/Reuters

Six things about SA you need to know

Teen mom accuses Moyane of 'Ninja-like' beating

Suspended SARS boss Tom Moyane may be prosecuted for assault after the teenage mother of his six-month-old grandson accused him of attacking her at his Johannesburg home last week. Police confirmed this week that Moyane had been warned to be at the Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court on Friday when a prosecutor would decide whether to charge him with common assault. Moyane allegedly kicked the 17-year-old in the face “like a Ninja” and “rugby-tackled” her during an argument at the Weltevreden Park, Johannesburg home. He allegedly screamed at the woman, accused her of witchcraft and blamed her for destroying his “empire”. A medical report by a doctor at Helen Joseph Hospital dated May 15 shows she suffered a bruised jaw, a cut to the inside of a cheek and a bruised abdomen.

Man killed in Carletonville shooting

A man was killed in a shooting in Blyvooruitsig, Carletonville on the West Rand on Saturday‚ paramedics said. ER24 spokeswoman Ineke van Huyssteen said it was believed that the man and a woman were walking home when they were robbed. The woman escaped unharmed. Alerted by the police, paramedics were on the scene shortly before 5pm and found a man lying in a field. He had a gunshot wound in his back and was in a critical condition. He died shortly after arriving at hospital, she said.

28 Life Esidimeni patients still missing - DA

At least 28 Life Esidimeni patients have still not been located, the Democratic Alliance's Jack Bloom said on Sunday. “While I am pleased that the original list of 62 has been reduced to 28 patients‚ there is a decreasing chance of finding them all since they were discharged two years ago from Esidimeni to illegally registered NGOs [Non-Profit Organisations]‚” said Bloom‚ who laid missing person cases with the police earlier this year. The DA’s Gauteng health spokesman said that according to the list from the Gauteng health department that the police had given him‚ there were 18 men and 10 women missing‚ aged between 27 and 79. About 144 psychiatric patients died after the Gauteng health department terminated its contract with the Life Esidimeni Group and moved them to ill-equipped NGOs.

Music promoter hits R2.4bn high note with tender

A little-known music promoter was awarded a R2.4-billion, three-year deal to supply SA Express with fuel, at R67-million a month, despite the troubled airline already having a contract to receive jet fuel from SAA. The Sunday Times revealed that SA Express executives Sam Vilakazi and Merriam Mochoele allegedly engineered the deal with EML Energy, owned by Pretoria music promoter Eldridge Motlhake, without any tender process or the knowledge of the airline’s board and management. SA Express did not receive one drop of fuel in the deal. “I can’t comment due to contractual obligations,” Motlhake said last night. Neither Vilakazi nor Mochoele could be reached for comment.

Man held for murder of 2 girls in school hostel

North West police have arrested a 19-year-old man in connection with the murder of two teenage girls whose bodies were discovered in a school hostel. Police said the bodies of the girls‚ aged 16 and 17‚ were discovered by a hostel matron at the Stella High School in Stella on Saturday morning. “The matron found the body of the 17-year-old girl hanging from the rails of the staircase in the hostel. She alerted the school management and the police were summoned. The police discovered the second body with a string around her neck at the hostel's bathroom.” The suspect was believed to be an ex-boyfriend of one of the girls. The motive was unknown.

Report on DA split ‘nothing more than gossip’

The Democratic Alliance has dismissed a report that senior DA leaders are plotting to form a breakaway true liberal party as nothing more than rumours and gossip. The City Press said on Sunday that‚ angry about the direction the party was taking under the leadership of Mmusi Maimane‚ senior leaders had been holding consultations and were said to be keen on getting Western Cape Premier Helen Zille to lead the new party. DA national spokeswoman Refiloe Nt'sekhe said on Sunday that, during the DA’s federal congress last month, thousands of delegates reaffirmed their confidence in the party and its leadership. The party had adopted 18 strategic resolutions that would form the basis of its manifesto offer ahead of the 2019 general elections. “As such‚ the reports in the City Press today are nothing more than rumours and gossip.



Wake up and smell the racism, Starbucks tells staff

The coffee behemoth is to educate employees against racial bias - but not everybody is convinced it will work

4 min read

Birds survived the big asteroid because they couldn't fly

Only later did they evolve the power of flight, new research finds

By Sarah Knapton
2 min read

Deep in the desert, tiny rocks can make big fortunes

Meteorite fragments can sell for as much as R13,000 a gram

3 min read

‘Skype on steroids’ discovers the lies behind our smiles

Facial recognition software can spot liars and could help bust airport terrorists and drug smugglers

By Joseph Archer
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Howard, an Australian-Chinese impersonating North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, poses with a durian at the Esplanade in Singapore.
big stink Howard, an Australian-Chinese impersonating North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, poses with a durian at the Esplanade in Singapore.
Image: Edgar Su/Reuters


Astronaut goes to last big meeting in the sky

Former Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean, who was the fourth man to walk on the moon and later turned to painting to chronicle the moon landings on canvas, has died. He was 86. Bean was the lunar module pilot for the second moon landing mission in November 1969. He spent 31 hours on the moon during two moonwalks, deploying surface experiments with commander Charles Conrad and collecting 35kg of rocks and lunar soil for study back on Earth. With Bean’s passing, only four of 12 Apollo moonwalkers are still alive - Buzz Aldrin, Dave Scott, Charlie Duke and Harrison Schmitt. – The Daily Telegraph

Life's a drag in South Korea

South Korea held its first ever drag parade this weekend, a small but significant step for rights activists in a country that remains deeply conservative when it comes to gender and sexuality. Dozens of drag queens and kings marched through Seoul carrying rainbow flags and receiving shouts of support and the odd baffled look from those they passed. While homosexuality is not illegal in South Korea, same-sex marriage is not recognised and people cannot legally change their birth gender - AFP

She should be so lucky: Kylie turns 50

Pint-sized Aussie superstar Kylie Minogue celebrates her 50th birthday on Monday, another milestone for the singer who is one of the few celebrities known simply by their first name. From teenage soap sensation to pop royalty, over Minogue’s three-decade career she has sold 80 million records, survived breast cancer and become a gay icon whose fanbase spans generations. To mark the occasion Kylie has said she is planning “an extravaganza” with friends in London. - AFP

Rickman didn't like playing Snape

The personal papers of Alan Rickman reveal the late actor was "frustrated" by his role as Severus Snape, the sneering teacher of the Harry Potter films. An archive of papers belonging to Rickman, who died in 2016, is for sale in London – including a postcard from David Hayman, the producer who cast Rickman in the role of Snape: "I know, at times, you are frustrated but please know that you are an integral part of the films. And you are brilliant." A note by the actor while working on 2009's “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” also suggests he was unhappy about the lack of attention given to his character. – The Daily Telegraph

Pornhub finds way to dodge age curbs

Pornhub has launched an app which could allow children to watch pornography on their smartphones and bypass digital safety laws. The app lets users connect to a “private network” on the company’s servers, which changes their online location, so they will not need to sign up for age-verification to prove they are over 18 years old. Experts say this will be the “adult magazine tucked under the mattress” of the next. – The Daily Telegraph

Now even busking is cash-free

London is introducing a contactless payment scheme for buskers in what organisers said will be a world first. Under the “Busk in London” programme, street musicians will be able to accept non-cash payments with contactless cards, wearable technology and chip and pin. Charlotte Campbell, a full-time busker who has been trialling the technology for two weeks, said she had noticed a “significant” increase in contributions. – AFP



What does Woolies have to do not to sink in Oz?

Life is tough Down Under as CEO Ian Moir is discovering, although his pay has more than doubled in 3 years

By Nick Hedley
3 min read

Kenya moves to regulate fintech lending craze

World watches as borrowers buckle under huge interest rates after money lenders pounce on technology

By Reuters
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How to take your kid to a live show and not shoot yourself

Believe it or not, it’s possible. Ten tips to help you do it

2 min read

How Mick Jagger keeps coming out all lungs blazing

Rolling Stone’s anti-ageing health routine explained

By Tom Ough
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Want to get from city to city chop-chop? Just fly Uber

The on-demand taxi service is looking to the skies

By Paula Andropoulos
1 min read

Get with the program, girls – supermodel Karlie Kloss

Coding is the key to empowering young women

By Rebecca Deuchar
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SPORTS DAY: Calm Ricciardo triumphs in Monaco

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

Mninawa Ntloko
Sports editor
7 min read

Erasmus’s big Bok squad ticks all the boxes – for now

The new coach has uses overseas-based players sparingly and has met his transformation targets without fuss

By Craig Ray
4 min read

Blasts from the past

Today in SA sports history: May 28

David Isaacson
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