Saturday, May 26 2018

The Eclectic Weekend


Dear white pupils, you're privileged. Do something about it

Jeppe High School for Boys deputy principal Kevin Leathem delivered a powerful lecture to his pupils on the P-word

By Kevin Leathem and Tammy Bechus
13 min read

Puzzled why Willemse got offended? Read on

Black and white viewers responded to Saturday's on-screen incident completely differently

6 min read

Before judging Cyril, count 100 and think of Zuma

There is good reason to hedge on Ramaphosa's achievements, but just imagine the alternative

Tom Eaton
7 min read

Van Breda: The many faces of a murderer

For 66 days we watched his many guises and listened to his innumerable lies, but none of them could save him

Tanya Farber
7 min read

The rise and fall (and possible resurrection) of Black Jesus

Supra has finally succumbed to pressure to 'retire' as North West premier, but his woes aren't over – or are they?

Sibongakonke Shoba
Sunday Times political editor
3 min read

'Prophet' flees after bizarre cave deaths

Cops scour vast Magaliesburg cave network amid fears the bodies of other church members will be found

By Graeme Hosken and Nomahlubi Jordaan
6 min read

Wow, what kind of mindless game is Luc Eymael playing?

Free State Stars coach’s insults raise doubts about his credentials to succeed in South Africa

Marc Strydom
5 min read

Clicking with the royals: Less flash and lots of casual style

Alexi Lubomirski brought a bit of Hollywood glamour to the famous wedding pictures

By Bethan Holt
5 min read

Jacko's gravity-defying move was so smooth it was criminal

The King of Pop leaned heavily on science - and showmanship - to pull off his 45-degree tilt, scientists reveal

By Zoah Hedges-Stocks
6 min read

The ice madman cometh, and water load of nonsense it all is

Here we go again. The great let's-tow-an-iceberg idea is being floated once more

4 min read

Sad to say, but AB missed the bus from very good to great

Sorry, but there’s no silverware to show for his efforts

4 min read

Lard help us: SA is the tubbiest nation in Africa

And while we face an epidemic of lifestyle diseases, the rest of the world is rapidly catching up in the obesity stakes

By Dave Chambers and AFP
4 min read