Saturday May 19, 2018

The Eclectic Weekend


SA's professors of academic fraud

It takes years of peer-reviewed hard work to earn a professorship - but not in this country

4 min read

The Cape Town silence that echoed around the world

How the mayor's son inspired the moment a city fell silent for the first time, in remembrance of the war dead

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
9 min read

Do or Di: My pilgrimage to Harry's wedding

Having gone for William's wedding, Arlene Prinsloo's 'obsession' with royalty is taking her back for Harry's

Leonie Wagner
5 min read

Ooooh! I can’t wait for Saturday afternoon ... sport

That kiss gave us a glimpse of something about the world we didn’t understand, but maybe one day would

6 min read

Just for the record: This’ll get you Moanin’ in the Moonlight

Some essentials to add to your vinyl collection

By Andrew Donaldson
6 min read

What Kallie taught me: the Boer War was just a kerfuffle

By talking out of his poephol about apartheid, AfriForum's chief changed my view on that small skirmish of 1900

Tom Eaton
3 min read

Motsepe missed a trick with this Messi business

Where was the real engagement with Barca’s fans in this public relations stunt?

1 min read

Nature has mitey clever ways to fix our planet

We can improve our physical world by reverse engineering nature’s blueprints, say biomimicry experts

Tanya Farber
3 min read

He's EFFed. Zuma's court fight kitty under major threat

Malema's cleverly crafted challenge to Zuma's funding looks set to end his hopes of continuing his legal battles

Karyn Maughan
4 min read

That bang you heard was the DA shooting itself in the foot again

Instead of accepting the court decision to reinstate De Lille as mayor, the DA has renewed its frenzied attack on her

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
3 min read

Cyril's scorecard: Why he still deserves our faith

Sure, he's had his failures, but the problems he's dealing with need very delicate handling

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
3 min read

It's offaly complicated, but the proof isn't in the pudding

A column to satisfy your inner grammar nerd

Sue de Groot
2 min read