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It may be too late for Cyril to stop the Zuma rot

Jacob Zuma's ghost lingers as his cronies gun for Ramaphosa, and voters are rapidly losing patience

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How the Guptas stripped Optimum of R3bn

Business rescue team finds a mine in chaotic disrepair, with barely a cent in its bank account

Kyle Cowan
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Gay rant: What turns free speech into hate speech?

Qwelane's appeal raises debate about freedom of speech

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24 years on, it's finally voetsak to Verwoerd

Parents of pupils attending Hoërskool Hendrik Verwoerd will vote for a new name

By Prega Govender
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Everybody's on their case: Cape detectives snowed under

Amid headline-grabbing murders, Stellenbosch cops juggle caseloads that are eight times the national norm

Nashira Davids
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Why we’re a whisker closer to understanding leopards’ diet

Whisker samples show that male leopards are more picky eaters than females

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
2 min read

This drought is turning out to be a very bad sport

Some dams have been forced to ban power boating, sailing, kitesurfing, kayaking, skiing and swimming

Bobby Jordan
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Men nursing men to take better care of their health

Male nurses are essential to help men get over their prejudices and accept proper healthcare

Matthew Savides
News editor
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The Cape Town silence that echoed around the world

How the mayor's son inspired the moment a city fell silent for the first time, in remembrance of the war dead

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
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Cancellations don't get much welcome at Telkom

It’s a game of broken telephone and red tape torture

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
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The horror! Being a dad to a teenage daughter

Spycams, professional bouncers and cop call-outs — Five dads confess how they handled their little girls growing up

By The Daily Telegraph
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'Girls of the Sun' (Les filles du soleil) director Eva Husson and cast member Emmanuelle Bercot have a good time at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday.
charmed to the teeth 'Girls of the Sun' (Les filles du soleil) director Eva Husson and cast member Emmanuelle Bercot have a good time at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday.
Image: Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters

Six things about SA you need to know

DA asks: Did SAA get secret R5bn bailout?

The DA said it would call for a full disclosure on the status of funding for South African Airways given that a further bailout of R5-billion‚ its third cash injection in just one year‚ may have been sourced. It said National Treasury director-general Dondo Mogajane told the standing committee on finance in parliament that the amount needed by SAA would not come out of public funds but would be sourced from lenders or private equity. But SAA chief executive Vuyani Jarana told Reuters last week the government had promised to “inject another R5-billion into SAA”. DA finance spokesman Alf Lees has demanded answers: “If the R5-billion has been paid to SAA‚ there will have been a total of R15-billion in bailouts to SAA.”

Naming of Cape Town mayoral committee delayed

The appointment of a new mayoral committee for the City of Cape Town has been delayed until Monday‚ acting executive mayor Ian Neilson announced on Sunday. He said this was out of respect for the court‚ which has reserved judgment on the reinstatement of Patricia de Lille‚ who was axed as mayor by the DA last week. The high court reserved judgement in De Lille’s case on Friday, and did not indicate when it would make a ruling. “I am advised that‚ legally‚ nothing precludes me from proceeding with the appointment of a mayco‚ but out of respect to the court I will delay making the appointment until 3pm on Monday May 14 2018. If by then the high court has not ruled on De Lille's application‚ upholding her application for the interim order‚ I will proceed with the appointment of a new mayco‚” Neilson said.

Mkhwebane: whistleblowers must be protected

Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane expressed frustration on Sunday at the lack of cooperation by the ministers of police and state security in ensuring that protection is offered to whistleblowers in one of the investigations she is conducting in KwaZulu-Natal. In October last year‚ Mkhwebane launched an investigation into allegations of maladministration‚ corruption and imprudent use of public funds by the Umzimkhulu Local Municipality, in connection with the appointment and payment of service providers for the refurbishment of the dilapidated Umzimkhulu Memorial Hall. At the beginning of the investigation‚ Mkhwebane condemned the violence and killing of councillors‚ which was alleged to be linked to the project. She said her office had been engaged in talks with the SAPS and the State Security Agency to ensure the security of these whistleblowers. But she was “frustrated by the lack of cooperation and delays” in providing this.

Two arrested for attack on taxi in February

The police’s National Investigation Unit (NIU) has arrested two men in connection with an attack on a taxi in Johannesburg earlier this year in which a passenger was wounded – in what many believed to be an attempted hit. Shaghani Bashir was travelling in a taxi to Houghton on the morning of February 23 when the taxi was cornered by four men in a sedan on Athol Oakland Road. The driver was assaulted before the men robbed and shot Bashir and fled. The SAPS said the NIU was tasked with the investigation as speculation‚ particularly in the media‚ was rife that the shooting of Bashir was a hit. But this was debunked, with the SAPS saying it emerged when two men, aged 32 and 35, were arrested on Friday that the motive was robbery. Both are in custody and expected to appear in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Cyril hails ‘one-of-a-kind’ photographer Nzima

President Cyril Ramaphosa has conveyed his condolences‚ on behalf of the government and the people of South Africa‚ following the death of veteran photographer Sam Nzima. Nzima‚ who took the iconic image of Hector Pieterson during the 1976 Soweto uprising‚ died in Mpumalanga on Saturday. Nzima is the recipient of the National Order of Ikhamanga. Ramaphosa described Nzima as one of a kind: “His camera captured the full brutality of apartheid oppression on the nation’s psyche and history from the Defiance Campaign through to forced removals and the Soweto student uprisings.”

DA to lay extortion charges against Manana

The DA will lay charges of extortion and corruption against ANC MP Mduduzi Manana on Monday. This follows the release of a voice clip in which Manana allegedly tries to extort his former domestic worker‚ Christine Wiro‚ who claims that he assaulted her. The DA spokesperson on women Terri Stander‚ among others, would lay the charges at the Douglasdale police station at 10am. “Manana clearly abused his privileged position and subjected Ms Wiro to financial pressure to avoid further prosecution. We welcome the South African Police Service and National Prosecuting Authority’s decision to continue pursuing the charges against him‚” the DA said. The party said it was firmly opposed to gender-based violence and would fight to ensure that alleged woman abusers like Manana were jailed.



'UK's Jeffrey Dahmer' dies the natural death he denied his 15 victims

Britain's second-worst serial killer preyed on gay men and had sex with their dismembered bodies

By The Daily Telegraph
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Sorry tycoons, we've bought our island so you can’t

Five residents have won a bid to buy a Scottish island after it was put on the market by an noble family

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The space garden challenge: one giant leaf for mankind

Nasa turns to professional botanists and novice gardeners to teach astronauts how to grow food

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Bugs aren’t gay - they’re just really bad at mating

Scientists have discovered that ‘bisexual’ beetles don’t swing both ways ... they’re just inept

By Sarah Knapton
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A man creates a large soap bubble in St James's Park in central London on Sunday.
thar he blows A man creates a large soap bubble in St James's Park in central London on Sunday.
Image: Henry Nicholls/Reuters


Women are getting much richer in UK

Britain this year, with 141 female millionaires making the cut. The UK’s richest woman is Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken, 63, who runs the family Heineken beer business. Her fortune is worth £11.1bn. Topping the 2018 list is British-born industrialist Jim Ratcliffe,whose fortune stands at £21.05bn. – The Daily Telegraph

Online cures cause pets 'horrific suffering'

Millions of dogs and cats are at risk of avoidable death from an increase in unproven anti-vaccination “remedies” being sold online. Amazon this week agreed to remove advertisements for products made from the diseased flesh of dead animals after an investigation revealed misleading boasts claiming the “homeopathic nosodes” provide immunity from fatal conditions. The UK’s RSPCA said the rise in online marketing of “anti-vax” materials risked “horrific suffering” among pets whose owners reject conventional jabs. – The Daily Telegraph

Time travellers may go to Hawking funeral

Time travellers are welcome to attend Stephen Hawking’s memorial service next month. An online ballot to attend the service requires applicants give their date of birth, which can be any day up to December 31 2038. So far all applicants live in the present, according to the Stephen Hawking Foundation, but the door remains open to voyagers in a fourth dimension. A spokesperson said: “We cannot exclude the possibility of time travel as it has not been disproven to our satisfaction. All things are possible until proven otherwise.” – The Daily Telegraph

Chopper to fly on Mars

Scientists at Nasa have announced that they are sending a helicopter to Mars. The small, autonomous rotorcraft will travel with the agency’s Mars 2020 rover mission, currently scheduled to launch in July 2020. The mission is designed to demonstrate the viability and potential of heavier-than-air vehicles on the Red Planet. – The Daily Telegraph

Mini-Neanderthals being grown in lab

Scientists are to bring Neanderthal “miniature brains” to life to see how humans differ to their closest relatives. The tiny blobs of tissue, around the size of a lentil, will be grown from human stem cells edited to contain Neanderthal DNA. The so-called brain organoids are incapable of thoughts or feelings but will replicate the basic structures of an adult brain. Researchers said: “Neanderthals are the closest relatives to everyday humans, so if we should define ourselves as a group or a species it is really them that we should compare ourselves to. We’re seeing if we can find basic differences in how nerve cells function that may be a basis for why humans seem to be cognitively so special.” – The Daily Telegraph

Male stars 'must man up and get paid less'

Salma Hayek says male stars will have to take pay cuts if they are serious about equality for women. The actress, a leading voice in the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, said highly-paid male stars would have to make sacrifices. “It is not just the producers” who have to change if the huge pay gap is to be closed. “It is actors too,” she said on Sunday. “Time’s up. You had a good run but it is time now to be generous with the actresses - AFP



We’re getting in a right tizz about online banking

Nearly a quarter of cases opened by the Banking Ombud in 2017 concerned Internet transactions 

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
3 min read

Scoundrels' ploy to protect profits pounds the poor

When businesses start banging on about saving jobs, what they're really worried about is losing money

By Stuart Theobald
4 min read

How to turn social grant queues into lines of credit

Looking beyond its Sassa bid, Net1 now wants to to sell products to social grant recipients

By Nick Hedley
2 min read

Parade of departing execs will fuel shareholder jitters

Fourth top executive to leave GPI in the past year comes amid calls for more effort to unlock value

By Marc Hasenfuss
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Don't call me lady!

The language of gender … and why it matters

By Paula Andropoulos
5 min read

Facebook’s newest app is basically a meet market

After letting your data get stolen, social media is coming for your heart

By Sylvia McKeown
2 min read

Don’t get cute about acute gastro: Just take ginger

New tests show that remedies using the root can no longer be dismissed as old wives’ tales

Claire Keeton
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SPORTS DAY: Lewis shows the Merc of a champion

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

Mninawa Ntloko
Sports editor
6 min read

When you sit on the fence, sometimes you get a sore bum

It’s all very well for SA to juggle the demands of Super Rugby and Pro14 in Europe, but ...

Liam Del Carme
3 min read