Thursday, April 19 2018



Malema plot: 'We are threatened every day'

EFF leader Julius Malema says Cape Town underworld figures were asked to kill him

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
3 min read

Meet the BEElittled woman who beat Lamberti

Insulted employee speaks of landmark race and gender discrimination case that downed Imperial CEO Mark Lamberti

Karyn Maughan
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Religion vs rugby furore: Bok greats have their say

Wallaby fullback Israel Folau's anti-gay rant sparks debate about how much players can say in public

Liam Del Carme
3 min read

My anti-poaching fight's not over, vows Kruger head ranger

Rhino killings have dropped, largely thanks to Ken Maggs and his team - but he has one more mission before he retires

Farren Collins
3 min read

SA man vows to fight UK government after wife dies

Nancy Motsamai 'was accused of faking illness' amid the couple's tragic deportation nightmare

Tanya Steenkamp
6 min read

Samaritan’s money makes knowledge grow on trees

Cape farm school is getting a massive hi-tech makeover thanks to an anonymous benefactor - and it will be fee-free

Nashira Davids
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Imagination, not money, will rescue education

The problem with our learning institutions lies with a lack of leadership rather than a lack of funding

Jonathan Jansen
4 min read

Sterilised by the state: They took my life away

It's a long road to justice for people forcibly sterilised under Japan's eugenics programme that only ended in 1996

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As bus drivers across the country went on strike on Wednesday April 18 2018, commuters were left frustrated and running late. Drivers are demanding a 12% wage increase‚ while employers are offering 7%.


Former president Thabo Mbeki and his wife Zanele at the official memorial service for Dr Zola Skweyiya held at Tshwane Events Centre on Wednesday.
In memory Former president Thabo Mbeki and his wife Zanele at the official memorial service for Dr Zola Skweyiya held at Tshwane Events Centre on Wednesday.
Image: Phill Magakoe

Six things about SA you need to know

Gerrie Nel sets sights on ‘well-known’ politician

Advocate Gerrie Nel is preparing to privately prosecute a “well-known political party leader”, but will only reveal the person’s identity on Wednesday morning. Nel announced in January 2017 that he had resigned as a prosecutor to head a private prosecution team that AfriForum was establishing. Its focus was to pursue prosecutions where the state “fails miserably or simply refuses to prosecute”. AfriForum’s first private prosecution took aim at former president Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane, after he crashed his Porsche into a taxi in 2014 on the M1 freeway in Johannesburg‚ killing Phumzile Dube. The NPA has since indicated it is reconsidering a previous decision not to prosecute him for culpable homicide.

SA lashes out over Aussie travel advisory

South Africa has taken strong exception to a “misleading” and “image-tarnishing” travel advisory issued through the government of Australia. International Relations and Cooperation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu was planning to raise government concerns about the advisory with her Australian counterpart‚ Julie Bishop. The Department of International Relations and Cooperation said on Wednesday the advisory “contains misleading information about South Africa in general and‚ in particular‚ about the experiences of foreign tourists visiting South Africa”. TimesLIVE reported on Tuesday how the Australian government’s department of foreign affairs and trade cautioned tourists about murder‚ rape‚ car hijackings‚ civil unrest‚ water shortages‚ spiked drinks‚ drunk drivers and terrorism in South Africa. Dirco said the advisory “has the potential not only to deter Australians from visiting South Africa‚ but also to tarnish our country's image”.

‘Don’t ignore death threats against Malema’

Allegations of a plot to assassinate Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema cannot be ignored and must be acted upon quickly. This is the view of Jasmine Opperman, director of the Africa Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium. Opperman said police did not have the luxury of time and must act to verify the credibility of the information before them. “The problem for the police is that they cannot ignore it. The cooperation between Mr Malema and the police is now essential to get to the bottom of who made these threats and are they actually factual.” The EFF has said it stepped up its own security after being alerted to the death threat. On Wednesday‚ Nonkululeko Phokane‚ Police Minister Bheki Cele’s spokeswoman‚ confirmed that Malema had brought the matter to the attention of the minister.

EC man kills ANC councillor, turns gun on himself

An Eastern Cape ANC councillor was shot and killed in East London on Wednesday morning in an apparent jealous rage. The shooter then turned the gun on himself. The incident happened on Ebson Road outside the King Davids Hotel in Quigney‚ where the councillor had been staying and attending a four-day strategic planning session with other councillors. Police said they could not name the councillor since the family had not been informed. At the scene, police spokeswoman Hazel Mqala said a case had not been opened yet because the police were still working on the scene.

Protesters halt R4.2bn development in Umhlanga

Work on the R4.2-billion Oceans development in Umhlanga, Durban, was halted by hundreds of protesters on Wednesday. They gathered in the plush suburb‚ blocking the gates to the construction site. Construction workers filtered out of the gate as work ground to a halt. Oceans Umhlanga‚ driven by Edison Power chairman and popular ANC backer Vivian Reddy‚ is the largest mixed development in South Africa. It will be home to the Radisson Blu Hotel‚ a world-class shopping mall and luxury apartments. Trueman Mnyandu of the Delangokubona Business Forum told TimesLIVE on Wednesday they had decided to stop all work at Reddy’s sites because Reddy and the developers had reneged on an agreement to accommodate the forums and their “community”.

Joburgers urged to help prevent grave situation

City of Johannesburg residents are being urged to consider alternative burial options‚ including shared family graves and cremations. With staggering world population growth each year‚ cities like Johannesburg need to start thinking proactively about the environmental and economic costs of the management of cemeteries that become dormant once they have reached full capacity for new burials‚ the city said on Wednesday. Although the city has adequate burial space for at least the next 50 to 70 years‚ without considering plans to develop more cemeteries it is looking at more sustainable and even environmentally friendly alternatives. Of the 32 cemeteries across Joburg‚ only four have not reached full capacity. Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo‚ the custodians of the city’s cemeteries and designated public open spaces‚ is encouraging residents to consider using the same gravesite for the entire family.



In the UK since he was 8, grandad still an 'illegal alien'

And his nightmare is just one of many faced by the Windrush Generation of Caribbean immigrants

3 min read

After 80 years of nipping, the corgis' reign is over

Queen Elizabeth II's last corgi Willow has died, ending 14 generations of a royal bloodline

By The Daily Telegraph
6 min read

Inside the horror as woman is sucked from plane

Who was the woman who met such a terrible death? What did the passengers see? And why did it happen?

By Danny Boyle and Rozina Sabur
7 min read

Diamonds from space came from long-lost planet

Gems discovered in Sudan provide evidence of an early planet that roamed the solar system

By Henry Bodkin
3 min read


Igor, a 13 year-old Siberian tiger, lies on the operation table before the non-invasive stem cell surgery in Zoo Szeged, Hungary.
Igor was embarrassed to know these pics were leaked Igor, a 13 year-old Siberian tiger, lies on the operation table before the non-invasive stem cell surgery in Zoo Szeged, Hungary.
Image: Reuters/Bernadett Szabo


Green tea makes you green about the gills

Taking high doses of supplements containing green tea extracts may be associated with liver damage because of high levels of antioxidants, according to new research from the European Food Safety Authority. Most supplements provide an intake of 5-1000 mg, but consuming over 800 mg per day led to higher health risks, said the EFSA. — Reuters

Is fat-shaming by Schumer fat-shaming?

Comedian Amy Schumer says people have got the wrong idea about her new romantic comedy ‘I Feel Pretty’. A trailer for the film was heavily criticised on social media for appearing to fat-shame women whose bodies do not conform to fashionably slim and toned ideals. When Schumer’s character tumbles off an exercise bicycle, she falls unconscious and wakes to see herself as the woman she always wanted to be. Although her outward appearance has not changed, Renee is suffused with newfound confidence and charisma, lands a great job, finds a boyfriend and even enters a bikini contest. — Reuters

Finally Facebook faces up to your privacy

Facebook announced on Wednesday it would begin rolling out changes to how it handles private data this week, with European residents seeing the measures first. Under the new policy, Facebook users will be asked to review and make choices about ads they receive, including whether they want Facebook to use data from third parties. Facebook users will also be asked to review and choose what to share about the political, religious, and relationship information on their profiles. Additionally, users will be allowed to opt in or out of use of facial recognition technology. — AFP

Mass evacuation to defuse World War 2 bomb

The discovery of an unexploded World War 2 bomb will force a mass evacuation around Berlin’s central railway station on Friday, covering several government ministries and a hospital, police said. Buildings and streets in a radius of 800m around the site north of the busy train station will be cleared until the 500kg explosive is safely defused. The evacuation zone covers the central railway station, the economy and transport ministries, an army hospital and the embassies of Indonesia and Uzbekistan. — AFP

This coral’s dying from global chilling

Unusually cold water has devastated some of the world’s most northerly coral reefs, which lie off the coast of western Japan, an environment ministry official said on Wednesday. The ministry surveyed the reefs in recent months and found widespread bleaching, with between 90% to 100% of each of the six spots surveyed affected. The devastation is thought to be the result of unusually cold water temperatures in the area this year, partly produced by the meandering of the Kuroshio current. — AFP

Newfangled Chinese factory blasts fresh air

China has a found a novel way to tackle its massive air pollution problem: Putting up a giant air purifier the size of an industrial smokestack in the middle of a smog-plagued city. Instead of pumping out billows of black smoke like the chimneys rising from factories, the 60m tall structure on the outskirts of Xian blasts clean air. Standing between high-rises, the device is capable of cleaning between five million and 18 million cubic meters of air each day. The tower can reduce the density of PM 2.5 — the tiny airborne particles most harmful to health — by between 10% and 19% in a 10km area. PM 2.5 is linked to heart disease, stroke, and lung ailments such as emphysema and cancer. — AFP



The auditing profession isn't adding up

Auditor general’s broadside pinpoints disastrous management that infects the entire SA industry

By Hilary Joffe
4 min read

No matter what you thought, Nokia never went away

Now it’s got big plans for the smartphone market

By Nick Hedley
2 min read



Fear and clothing: Why you too should Think Pynk

A weekly column on the vagaries and charms of fashion

Aspasia Karras
3 min read

Get it on your chest: Inside the allure of the humble T-shirt

R10,000 for one with a designer’s name on it? Or with a virtue-signalling slogan? How about plain white?

By Victoria Moss
5 min read

I do, I DO! Second weddings are now bigger than the first

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘secret’ ceremony at the weekend suggests the era of the low-key second marriage is over

By Rosa Silverman
6 min read



SPORTS DAY: It's hope and play for Bafana coach

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

Bareng-Batho Kortjaas
Sunday Times sports editor
5 min read

It’s time we all banged a gong for the Commonwealth Games

For SA’s star athletes, they sure ain’t irrelevant

David Isaacson
2 min read

Blasts from the past: Symcox blows India out of the water

Today in sports history: April 19

David Isaacson
1 min read