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'Her life was and is always about defiance'

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela's life is a difficult story to tell

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
4 min read

Winnie and her Qunu court battle: 'The case is still on'

For her, it was a matter of principle to take a stand against African patriarchy

2 min read

Smiths, this is not the time to keep on at the Joneses

You may not understand why Winnie is mourned, but, then again, you have no idea what the mourners have been through

Tom Eaton
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Exclusive: Top secret file links govt to poachers

Leaked document exposes abalone graft claims in the fisheries department

Aron Hyman
5 min read

Saving lives, helping kids, it's all in a day's work

Hero cop rescued hijacked man, but his greatest fulfillment comes from coaching his junior soccer team

Farren Collins
3 min read

Sex workers walk line between law and livelihood

Prostitutes recount 'horror' stories of abuse by law enforcement, and constant threat posed by public nuisance by-law

3 min read

Chiskoppe might have had a close shave with a virus

Researchers flag possible public health risk after hepatitis B virus found on township barber clippers

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
2 min read

Triassic treasure hunt yields African dinosaur bonanza

New species discovered as scientists comb under-researched areas to shed light on dinosaur life in southern Africa

By Madeline Harvey
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Cape Town is experiencing a severe water shortage due to insufficient rainfall and fast declining dam levels. We take a look at what Theewaterskloof dam looked like exactly a year ago. Video credit:


Little boys examine their books as the new school year begins in North Korea.
flowering minds Little boys examine their books as the new school year begins in North Korea.
Image: KCNA/via Reuters

Six things about SA you need to know

Discovery of body ends search for missing trio

The search for a missing Dundee policeman‚ his wife and a family friend has ended with the discovery of the body of Ashok Rajoo on Tuesday afternoon. Arnesh "Jakes" Juggan's body was found 500m downstream of the point where his police bakkie was seen protruding from the Sand River on the outskirts of the KwaZulu-Natal town. Juggan’s wife Molly was found with the bakkie. Sources with knowledge of the search said Rajoo’s body was found 7km from where the bakkie had become wedged in mud. The trio had been missing since March 23.

Huge Laudium sinkhole getting bigger

The gaping sinkhole on the R55 Quagga Road near Laudium continues to get even bigger‚ Gauteng Roads and Transport said on Tuesday. Spokesperson Melitah Madiba said the last time the sinkhole was measured it was 30m deep and 25m wide. "The technical teams are going to conduct further tests but they need it to mature or collapse completely in order to ensure they don't put anyone at risk." A preliminary report by the technical team estimated about R50-million and more than six months would be needed to repair the hole. Two homes have been affected by the ground collapse.

Security stubs out the spliff at Splashy

Eagle-eyed security officers arrested five people for possession of and dealing in drugs at the Splashy Fen Music Festival in the southern Drakensberg at the weekend. The popular Easter-weekend outdoor festival draws crowds of thousands. Organiser Stuart Berry said four people were arrested by the security team stationed at the gate. “The fifth individual was arrested inside after our teams flagged them and monitored their activity. Within four hours they were arrested after being in possession of drugs and were handed over to the police‚” he said.

Edward Zuma gets shirty with Cele

Edward Zuma has hit out at Police Minister Bheki Cele‚ insisting that nothing would stop him from wearing his ANC colours at the court appearance of his father on Friday. Jacob Zuma will make his first appearance on charges of corruption‚ money laundering and racketeering in connection with the controversial arms deal. The ANC has warned its members not to wear party colours when attending the court case and instead show support as individuals. Cele drove this point home in an anti-Zuma address in Lamontville at the weekend. Edward Zuma hit back on Tuesday, saying he would be wearing his ANC T-shirt.

MK vets angry over eThekwini mayoral snub

A group of about 50 disgruntled Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans' Association members – irked by eThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede’s “failure to accommodate them” - gathered on the steps of Durban’s City Hall on Tuesday. They had demanded that Gumede meet them to address their concerns. The protest is understood to relate to the military veterans’ policy‚ put in place last year‚ which paved the way for veterans to be given preferential treatment when it comes to housing allocation‚ tenders and skills development. One of their leaders‚ speaking on condition of anonymity‚ claimed they had been snubbed by the mayor.

Lamberti apologises for equity comment

Newly appointed Eskom board member and Imperial Holdings CEO Mark Lamberti says he "deeply regrets" that he upset a senior black female staff member by calling her a "female employment equity" appointment in front of other managers. Imperial said it had not been Lamberti's intention to "insult or demean" the former staff member in any way and he apologised "unreservedly". The statement followed a North Gauteng Court ruling that Lamberti had impaired the dignity of Adila Chowan‚ a highly qualified and experienced senior black female staff member.



The pope, the communists and the vanishing bishop

Claims a prelate was snatched bedevil already shaky talks on who appoints clergy in China

2 min read

Want to have a baby? You'll have to wait your turn

The director at a Japanese childcare centre decides the order in which workers get married or become pregnant

By Danielle Demetriou
3 min read

The moment of cowardice that ruined the third Kennedy

Director of new film goes for 'honesty' in retelling the Ted Kennedy car-crash scandal

3 min read

Chook horror! Chefs sizzled over crispy chicken gaffe

Even Malaysian prime minister rips into MasterChef judges over their display of cultural cluelessness

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Model Rosy Pendlebury poses for a Neon Naked Life Drawing class in London.
Purple pose Model Rosy Pendlebury poses for a Neon Naked Life Drawing class in London.
Image: Henry Nicholls/Reuters


Oh sheet! Huge chunk of Antarctica vanishes

A region of ice the size of Greater London vanished from the edge of Antarctica between 2010 and 2016, a new British-led study has shown. The 1,463 square kilometres of underwater ice at the base of the Antarctic ice sheet melted under the influence of warm ocean water currents. The discovery emerged from satellite tracking of the boundary where the sheet's base leaves the sea floor and begins to float. The movements were tracked across 16,000km of coastline using the European Space Agency's CryoSat-2 orbiting satellite. - The Daily Telegraph

App put through the Grindr over HIV data

Gay dating app Grindr is under fire for sharing information about users’ HIV status or locations with two companies enlisted to optimise its software. Grindr chief technology officer Scott Chen said in a post online that sharing data with partners such as Apptimize and Localytics was “industry practice” and that steps were taken to protect people’s privacy. Grindr users have the option of sharing their HIV status and when they were tested. Researchers said including health information with other data such as location and e-mail address could result in people being identified. - The Daily Telegraph

It’s a go for Cosby witness, says judge

Bill Cosby’s lawyers can call a witness they say will undermine his accuser’s credibility, a Pennsylvania judge said on Tuesday, reversing his ruling in the first trial that ended with a hung jury. The ruling to allow Margo Jackson’s testimony came on the second day of jury selection. Cosby’s legal team had argued that her testimony will be central to their argument that Andrea Constand’s claim of assault is untrue. Cosby, 80, is facing his second criminal trial on charges that he drugged and sexually assaulted Constand at his Philadelphia home more than 14 years ago. - Reuters

London overtakes New York in murder stakes

London police investigated more murders than New York over the past two months, statistics show, as the mayor’s office condemned a “violent scourge” on the city’s streets after another weekend of bloodshed. There were 15 murders in London in February against 14 in New York, according to London’s Metropolitan Police Service and the New York Police Department. For March, 22 murders were investigated in London, with 21 reports in New York. British politicians and police are increasingly worried about the UK’s high numbers, driven by a surge in knife crime. - Reuters

Down the hatch and out the door to freedom

Two prisoners escaped from a maximum security jail in Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, by getting a guard drunk and convincing him to let them go to go and buy more alcohol, the BBC reported. Colleagues of the guard at La Picota jail said they smelled alcohol on his breath and he refused to be breathalysed. Home-brewed liquor inside the prison is common, the prison director was reported as saying. The two fugitives are members of the Farc rebel group jailed for kidnapping and theft. – Staff reporter

You won’t believe the the latex craze

The latest internet challenge to give parents nightmares goes like this: uncoil a condom and stuff it up one side of your nose, then plug the other nostril and inhale until the long piece of latex slides into your throat. Then, reach back and pull it from your mouth. The “condom-snorting challenge” has swept social media, according to the Washington Post, while reports that a viral video on YouTube has been shared thousands of times, showing teenagers and young adults giving the craze a whirl. - Staff reporter



Small miners don’t dig being sidelined on charter

Mining Charter’s transformation rules will hammer small businesses, says industry body

By Allan Seccombe
3 min read

Si, si, scenario: So which path will SA take?

If this makes you a little depressed, think how bad it could have been if NDZ had won

By Chris Gilmour
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Stuck in the middle with you: The lure of ‘escape rooms’

Find your way into the most fun entertainment you'll ever have without your phone

By Matthew Savides
4 min read

Just for the record: Country women do it darker and dirtier

A bi-weekly vinyl review

By Andrew Donaldson
8 min read

A boutique winery in Gauteng? Well, wine not?

Veteran Cape winemaker produces four limited-run varieties in the heart of Johannesburg

By Jessica Brodie
2 min read

I’ve stopped breastfeeding - after five long years ...

... why oh why would I do that to myself?

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SPORTS DAY: Five Saffers tee up for the Masters

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

Mninawa Ntloko
Sports editor
4 min read

It was Morné the merrier and pain was no barrier

Morkel wasn’t about to let an oblique muscle strain get in the way of his very last Test

2 min read

We won, albeit by fewer than half a thousand runs ...

What a monumental clobbering that was

By Telford Vice
1 min read