Friday, March 30 2018

The Eclectic long Weekend


Buchan hell! That's poor Cape Town down the drain

Angus Buchan prophesised that the Cape's dams would be full by the end of March, and there's only a week to go

Tom Eaton
4 min read

Even in death, Kathrada is a blessing to SA

Ahmed Kathrada died just as the ANC reached its nadir, but his final act helped bring about the change he yearned for

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
4 min read

The return of the Economic Fighting Fascist

With the cloak of the anti-Zuma struggles torn away, the scary and dangerous Malema has been unmasked

4 min read

Caught in the land-grabs crossfire

A Somali shopkeeper represents the life-and-death decisions both bystanders and policymakers face as Hermanus burns

By Naledi Shange and Petru Saal
7 min read

Do what you like with your balls, Aussies, no one cares

In the greater scheme, ball-tampering doesn’t matter

By Telford Vice
5 min read

Oh faux the days when fakery didn't rob us of fun foolery

A column to satisfy your inner grammar nerd

Sue de Groot
4 min read

Momberg jailed for her words ... and lack of them

If she'd shown remorse for her racist rant, she would have probably been spared prison

Karyn Maughan
4 min read

Dry-as-dust Cape Town to double the price of water

The price of water will more than double between July 1 this year and July 1 2020

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
2 min read

Finding peace and light just takes a little hard walk

I’m a different person in different situations, and you probably are too. One of them is better and nicer

5 min read

Best man in a flap panic turns a wedding into a hoot

It all started so beautifully, until he couldn't get the rings off the barn owl's claw - then all hell broke loose

By Victoria Ward
3 min read

Ova to you: Here’s how to properly crack Easter

Your guide to the sweetest treats we could find

By Roberta Thatcher
2 min read

Bears are so clever they have even learned the law

Female brown bears now take longer care of their young as they adapt to a law banning the hunting of mothers with cubs

2 min read

The little boy who can’t eat

Toddler Aaron Lipschitz has a rare illness which means he cannot eat without becoming seriously ill

Nivashni Nair
3 min read

A big up on your birthday, Viagra!

After 20 years about 65 million Viagra prescriptions have been filled worldwide

4 min read

‘I could’ve done that!’ ... ‘But you didn’t’

At the centre of all the concentric circles of economic feeding is that most valuable of all things: invention

By Mark Barnes
4 min read

How to shift from class to classroom consciousness

As with the land issue, the pot will boil over in education because we did not act when we had the chance

4 min read