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Exclusive: Guptas in R2bn-a-year scam?

Threatening letter to business rescue practitioners tries to fend off buyers of Gupta mines

Kyle Cowan
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The dangers of defending dangerous men

Defence lawyers must fend for themselves

By Nashira Davids
3 min read

It was the apple of Van Riebeeck's eye, and now you can have a bite of it

The Witte Wijn apple is back in South Africa after being absent for hundreds of years

Bobby Jordan
2 min read

'Tiger Brands must pay for victims' treatment'

Lawyer is preparing to sue the food giant, but is asking it to help with medical bills in the meanwhile

5 min read

He went in for a routine test. Days later he was dead

Durban hospital denies negligence as widow sues for R2.7m

Nivashni Nair
1 min read

Til parole do us part

Husband in 2009 love triangle murder is out on parole while wife still languishes in jail

By Logan Govender
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The greatest love of ball

When we think about what we love the most, we realise that it is the echo of an even deeper love

4 min read

The looneys have their tunes, but let's not make them singalongs

Don't let self-serving politicians hijack our life-and-death issues

Tom Eaton
3 min read

Not loosing your dogs is the mark of a homophonic rant

A column to satisfy your inner grammar nerd

Sue de Groot
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Some of the newly-released Dapchi schoolgirls are pictured in Jumbam village, Yobe State, Nigeria.
Freedom at a cost Some of the newly-released Dapchi schoolgirls are pictured in Jumbam village, Yobe State, Nigeria.
Image: Reuters/Ola Lanre

Six things about SA you need to know

Zuma poisoning nevert reported

Over 10 years‚ police reported only two VIP security breaches, and neither was the poisoning of then-president Jacob Zuma in 2014. In a report on the government’s 6‚600-strong private army of VIP protectors that he said costs R2.6-billion a year‚ Gareth van Onselen said he combed through South African Police Service annual reports between 2007/08 and 2016/17 looking for evidence of threats to VIPs. In 2010/11‚ there was one breach “while protecting a South African VIP at Tshwane University of Technology”, and in 2011/12, “a security breach occurred at Danielskuil in the Northern Cape in respect of the protection of an MEC”. Van Onselen‚ whose report was published by the South African Institute of Race Relations‚ said this was “difficult to reconcile with the public record” because as recently as August and November 2017 Zuma had confirmed being poisoned.

Mother and 3 kids killed by lightning

A mother and her three children were killed when lightning struck their home in northern KwaZulu-Natal on Wednesday. The provincial department of cooperative governance and traditional affairs (Cogta) said they were shocked to learn on Thursday of the "tragic" death of four Mngomezulu family members in Jozini as heavy rains continued to batter the province. KZN Cogta MEC Nomusa Dube-Ncube said the department’s disaster management teams were sent to provide support to the family.

From Day Zero to 203‚000 water heroes

An extra 49‚000 households brought their water consumption below 6‚000 litres in February‚ the City of Cape Town said on Thursday. A total of 203‚000 households across the city achieved the coveted dark green dot on the city council water map‚ which is updated monthly. The figures were provided on World Water Day. Xanthea Limberg, mayoral committee member for water, said that although the “immediate threat of Day Zero” had been averted, water resources still had to be stretched to make it through winter‚ and through another potentially harsh summer.

R12m to debug storm-hit president's home

More than R12-million will be ploughed into refurbishing the official presidential residence in Durban. The Department of Public Works announced on Thursday that it is “currently undertaking major renovations of the Dr JL Dube Presidential Residence” to address storm damage, as well as a wood borer infestation. The residence - which will be occupied by President Cyril Ramaphosa during his visits to the city - is a heritage building‚ which was first occupied in 1904 and has seven buildings on its grounds. National Public Works spokesman Thami Mchunu said the renovations began last month.

Wierzycka abandons Twitter

Billionaire businesswoman Magda Wierzycka said she had abandoned Twitter following an avalanche of criticism over a tweet she posted to commemorate Human Rights Day on Wednesday. Wierzycka‚ the CEO of investment firm Sygnia‚ tweeted an iconic photograph of Hector Pieterson, who was shot and killed on June 16, 1976 during the Soweto uprisings, with the caption “Let’s never forget 21 March 1960”‚ which is in fact the date of the Sharpeville massacre. In a subsequent tweet Wierzycka apologised after deleting the photograph. She said on Thursday the criticism had succeeded in silencing her voice on the platform. She also pointed out that the official account for the Department of International Relations and Cooperation had made the same mistake and posted the same picture on Twitter‚ where it remained for the day.

Will Motsamai ever be free again?

It was unclear whether political prisoner Shadrack Doshani‚ known as Kenny Motsamai‚ would ever get out of jail again. This comes after he was re-imprisoned for parole violations. After a year on parole‚ the Department of Correctional Services announced on Thursday that Motsamai's parole had been revoked. He would only be reconsidered for parole in three months, but it would not be automatic. “His files will be resubmitted to the minister in three months’ time for reconsideration [of parole]. The reconsideration will be determined by his cooperation to attend therapeutic programmes with the social workers and psychologists‚ as set out by the minister‚" department spokesman Mocheta Monama said. Motsamai is being kept at the Boksburg Correctional Facility and has been there since his rearrest last month.



Inside the convoluted mind of the Austin bomber

Police are examining a video confession by Mark Conditt to find out more about the man behind the bombing spree

By Harriet Alexander, Rose Thayer and Helena Horton
7 min read

Putin's private army casts a shadow of death over Syria

As the bodies pile up, questions swirl around the involvement of Russia's secret army in the conflict

4 min read

Mike Pence's rabbit goes gay and hops off the shelves

John Oliver makes fun of the US vice president’s children’s book by retelling it with a gay hero

By Helena Horton
2 min read

Robin Williams groped me ... and it was so much fun

He did the grossest things, but it was just Robin being Robin, says 'Mork and Mindy' co-star

By The Daily Telegraph
1 min read


People gesture during a gathering celebrating Newroz, which marks the arrival of spring and the new year, in Diyarbakir, Turkey.
The team hadn't noticed that Tom had lost his footing People gesture during a gathering celebrating Newroz, which marks the arrival of spring and the new year, in Diyarbakir, Turkey.
Image: Reuters/Sertac Kayar


Finger facts not to be sniffed at

Cocaine is so prevalent in society that one in 10 people who have never used the drug have traces on their hands, University of Surrey researchers have shown. They tested the fingerprints of 50 drug-free volunteers and 15 drug users who had taken cocaine or heroin in the past 24 hours. About 13% of fingerprints of those who had never used the drugs were found to contain cocaine, while 1% contained a metabolite of heroin. A study by the Forensic Science Service estimated that every banknote in Britain is contaminated with the drug within two weeks of entering circulation. - The Telegraph

Joe moer, Trump tells ’tough guy’ Biden

Donald Trump has insisted Joe Biden would "go down fast and hard, crying all the way" after the Democrat threatened to "beat the hell out of" the US president if they were at school. Biden, 75, the former US vice-president, said this week he would have taken Trump, 71, "behind the gym" and beaten him up over his crude comments about women. On Thursday Trump tweeted that Biden is "trying to act like a tough guy", but "actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically". - The Telegraph

Light shed on deadly self-driving crash

Video of a deadly self-driving car crash in the US shows a pedestrian walking from a darkened area onto a street moments before an Uber SUV strikes her. The car’s lights didn't illuminate 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg on Sunday night until a second or two before impact, raising questions about whether it could have stopped in time. The crash in Tempe, Arizona was the first death involving a fully autonomous test vehicle. The Volvo was in self-driving mode with a human back-up driver at the wheel, police said. - The Telegraph

This Slutsky is too muchski, say journos

Top Russian media outlets launched a rare boycott of parliament on Thursday after it dismissed journalists’ claims that a senior lawmaker had sexually harassed them. They said they would no longer send journalists to cover the lower house of parliament, the State Duma. This comes after several reporters for Western and Russian independent media accused Leonid Slutsky, head of the foreign affairs committee, of making lewd sexual comments and groping. The parliamentary ethics commission found no violations in the 50-year-old’s behaviour. - AFP

Cannabis activist attempts suicide in parliament

A 65-year-old man jumped several metres from a public gallery onto the floor of the Dutch parliament on Thursday with something tied around his neck, police said. He survived the apparent suicide attempt. Witnesses said the man had been pacing, agitated, before jumping, the Telegraaf newspaper reported. The paper identified him as an activist who had camped outside parliament in a demonstration for the legalisation of hashish and marijuana. Cannabis is illegal in the Netherlands but police do not prosecute for the possession or sale of small amounts. - Reuters

Farmer jailed for hanging his dog

A farmer has been jailed for 18 weeks for killing his sheepdog because he didn't round up his flock of sheep properly, reports the Daily Mail. Witnesses said they saw Graham Thomas, 55, shouting and swearing at the Welsh border collie moments before he tied a piece of 6m rope around Prince's neck and hanged him from a tree on his South Wales farm, the report said. A vet told the Newport Magistrate’s Court the animal would have suffered “great fear, distress and clear unnecessary suffering”. - Staff reporter



Naspers cashes in 2% of its Tencent holdings

Partial sale suggests company is eyeing a fresh deal

By Nick Hedley
3 min read

Unemployment: ‘We’re sitting on a revolution’

Harsh warning for business to create jobs urgently

By Giulietta Talevi
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You need to get out more: Here’s where to go

Where to get yer ya-yas out this weekend

By Yolisa Mkele
2 min read

It’s not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves her

Annette Bening shines as a dying star

By Tymon Smith
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Won’t you take us to the bioscope?

The films opening in our cinemas this week

By Critics’ choice
1 min read

He’s so fine: Egyptian Lover swaggers into Jozi

The retro electro-hip-hop vibes of an LA-based master

By Yolisa Mkele
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SPORTS DAY: Proteas on the rack but Elgar hangs in

Your roundup of the sporting news of the day

David Isaacson
5 min read

Oh boy ... golfing world licks its lips at Tiger’s return

This comeback is about fulfilling destiny

By Craig Ray
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