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The Secret is out: diet menace is back

Authorities go after makers of weight-loss product containing banned substance, echoing 2010 scandal

4 min read

Weight loss at how heavy a cost?

Fat burner's banned substance has led to consumers getting heart and thyroid complications

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
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SA doesn't want to suffer this blustering fool

After years of protecting Zuma, Shaun Abrahams has no credibility and should be fired - and he's not the only one

4 min read

Gupta puppets or free agents? Let the court decide

The Guptas' business rescue practitioners say an application to have them removed is tantamount to defamation

Kyle Cowan
3 min read

He would give his golden eye teeth for some justice

R200m claim for damages against cops after malicious arrest has dragged on for 15 years, leaving him broken

By Logan Govender
3 min read

Consumers going cold turkey on processed meat

People are not touching cold meat as shopkeepers count the costs in returned stock

Khanyi Ndabeni
2 min read

Ancestors didn’t blame their tools, they made new ones

Our instinct to shop, mix paint and improve our home gadgets is something we’ve had for, well, ages

Tanya Farber
3 min read

New’s new foresight on climate change, forsooth!

UCT professor is the closest to a soothsayer we've got

Claire Keeton
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What have we really got from Brics? Not much!

President Cyril Ramaphosa should be asking himself whether Jacob Zuma's decision to join Brics in 2010 was the right one

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
2 min read

Let’s not make discrimination a race to the bottom

Social cohesion: It is time we tackled racism head-on

By Veli Mthembu
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Pedestrians walk past an advertisment for a skin-whitening cream on a street in Abidjan. Many African countries including Ivory Coast have banned the use of skin-lightening products because of health concerns.
Look towards the light Pedestrians walk past an advertisment for a skin-whitening cream on a street in Abidjan. Many African countries including Ivory Coast have banned the use of skin-lightening products because of health concerns.
Image: Issouf Sanogo / AFP

Six things about SA you need to know

Maimane nominated unopposed as DA leader

Mmusi Maimane and James Selfe have been nominated unopposed as the candidates for leader and federal council chairperson of the Democratic Alliance, respectively. But it will be a three-horse race between incumbent and Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip‚ Annelie Lotriet and Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga for the position of federal chairperson. The job of federal youth leader will be contested by Lincoln Machaba‚ Luyolo Mphithi‚ Katlego Clement Peterson‚ and Xabiso Nicholas Nyati. The nominations‚ which closed on Friday‚ were announced on Sunday ahead of the DA’s federal congress on April 7 and 8 in Tshwane.

Back to work, forensic pathology strikers told

Striking forensic pathology workers in Gauteng have to return to work after a court granted an interdict against the strike. Forensic pathology officers‚ largely from the Germiston facility‚ were striking over a bonus dispute and alleged unfulfilled promises following their strike in June 2017. They are demanding payment of performance bonuses for the 2016 and 2017 financial years. The Gauteng health department applied for a court interdict on Thursday, and it was served on Friday. It ordered officials to go back to work with “immediate effect”. The DA’s Gauteng health spokesman, Jack Bloom, previously said there were 65 bodies piled up at the Germiston mortuary because of the strike.

Esidimeni arbitration 'will cost about R47m'

The Gauteng provincial government has spent R15.7-million so far on the Esidimeni arbitration hearings and is expecting to pay a R47-million for all the costs of this alternative dispute resolution process. DA MPL Jack Bloom said this was disclosed by Gauteng premier David Makhura in a written reply to his questions in the Gauteng legislature. Bloom said that, according to figures in the reply‚ the provincial treasury allocated R13.6-million for Esidimeni-related expenses in this financial year ending on March 31‚ but R15.7-million had been spent as at February 12, 2016‚ leaving a deficit of R2.1-million. More than half the amount (R8.4-million) was spent on the Emoyeni Conference Centre, the venue for the hearings. Bloom said it remained to be seen whether enough had been budgeted to cover the financial award that former deputy chief justice Dikgang Moseneke would be announcing on Monday for the relatives of those who died.

Manhunt after two cops shot in Joburg

Police were looking for four suspects who wounded two police officers during a shootout in Greenside, Johannesburg on Saturday. Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele said police were alerted to a suspicious-looking Audi parked on the side of the road at about midday. As police approached the vehicle the four occupants started shooting at them‚ hitting the two officers in the lower body. The suspects fled, damaging their car after hitting the pavement‚ Makhubele said. They abandoned an AK47 and a pistol, and police later found another pistol in the abandoned Audi. The suspects hijacked a Kia and then‚ about 1km further‚ hijacked an Isuzu‚ shooting the driver. The two police officers were taken to Milpark Hospital. One has been released and the other stabilised. The Isuzu owner was also admitted to hospital.

Thieves add to Cape Town’s water woes

As if the drought is not bad enough‚ the City of Cape Town is battling thieves stealing from aquifer drilling sites‚ resulting in “delays of weeks at a time” to bring more water online. The city said on Sunday it is something that it can “ill afford”. Tools‚ batteries‚ vehicles and any materials considered possible scrap is being targeted. Fire hydrants‚ water meters and valves worth more than R5-million have been damaged since July 2017. The city called on residents to report vandalism.

Your voters will punish you, EFF is warned

DA leader Mmusi Maimane has cautioned the Economic Freedom Fighters that voters‚ including their own‚ will punish them severely if they return Nelson Mandela Bay to the ANC. The EFF has brought a motion of no-confidence in DA Mayor Athol Trollip in Nelson Mandela Bay. Speaking after a two-day meeting of the DA’s federal executive on Saturday‚ Maimane warned that if the motion succeeds - which he added was not guaranteed - the EFF “will have handed the metro back to the same corrupt ANC that brought that metro to its knees”. He said voters had rejected the ANC in Nelson Mandela Bay because the city had been so stripped through corruption and maladministration that it could barely deliver any basic services. In 18 months the DA-led coalition had turned the city around.



We will not die Armageddon-style, thanks to Nasa

Nasa draws up plans for a huge spacecraft to blow up potential doomsday asteroids

By Sarah Knapton
3 min read

Scientists figure out why grandpa gets lost all the time

Research shows that elderly people get lost because their internal GPS goes haywire with age

By Sarah Knapton
2 min read

Saline solution: plan to save the sea is dead in the water

Plan to stop the Dead Sea from going dry depends on co-operation between three very unfriendly neighbours

3 min read

With a toss of her curls - Riri wipes $1bn off Snapchat

Rihanna lays into Snapchat for posting an advert appearing to mock domestic violence

By James Titcomb
1 min read


The world’s most tattooed man, Gregory Paul Mclaren, performs as Lucky Diamond Rich in Vienna, Austria.
It's not enough to be the most tattooed man ... The world’s most tattooed man, Gregory Paul Mclaren, performs as Lucky Diamond Rich in Vienna, Austria.
Image: Hans Klaus Techt / APA / AFP


Trump firm up for stealing 50m IDs

A data analytics firm that worked with Donald Trump’s election team has been suspended from Facebook amid claims it harvested 50 million profiles from the social media site. Cambridge Analytica got information from an academic who was asking Facebook users to fill out surveys via an app as it sought to develop an effective campaigning tool. Around 270,000 Facebook users downloaded the app but it allowed for information about hundreds of their online friends to be obtained without consent. – The Daily Telegraph

Galapagos reaps bad side of human evolution

Officials at Ecuador’s Galapagos National Park say they have collected 22 tons of rubbish since January off the coasts of the pristine archipelago. The Galapagos are most famous for inspiring Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. The bulk of the rubbish reaches the island shores “from the coasts of Central and South America, and even from the Asian continent”. - AFP

China to offer space boomerangs

China plans to begin offering recoverable satellites to commercial users between 2019 and 2020. The country has successfully brought back more than 20 satellites from space since 1975 and is confident its technology is highly reliable, said Zhang Hongtai, president of the China Academy of Space Technology. “We plan to upgrade this technology in order to satisfy the needs of commercial users,” said. - Reuters

Depardieu pops one in for Putin

One of Russia’s most famous citizens, French film star Gerard Depardieu, joined the millions who cast ballots in Sunday’s presidential election. Depardieu, a friend of President Vladimir Putin who presented him with a Russian passport in 2013 during a tax row between the actor and French authorities, voted at the Russian embassy in Paris. The embassy tweeted a picture of the 69-year-old, wearing a coat with fur trim and sunglasses perched on his head, popping his ballot in the box. – AFP

They clearly didn't think that one through

Donald Trump flops over his pink and white baby walker and rolls it around his family’s modest home in Kabul, blissfully unaware of the turmoil his “infidel” name is causing in the deeply conservative Muslim country. The rosy-cheeked toddler’s parents named him after the billionaire US president in the hope of replicating his success. But now he is at the centre of a social media firestorm in Afghanistan after a photo of his ID papers was posted on Facebook. Some Facebook users have gone as far as threatening to kill the baby’s father, while others have accused him of endangering the boy’s life. - AFP

Priest wishes pope a speedy death

A Polish archbishop has denounced a conservative priest from the devout Catholic country who last month wished Pope Francis a speedy death if he did not open himself up to wisdom. Father Edward Staniek delivered a homily last month in which he said: “I pray for wisdom for the pope, for his heart to open up to the Holy Spirit, and if he does not do that, I pray for his quick departure to the House of the Father.” - AFP



Union pokes one in the eye of mining takeover

Amcu threatens to interdict Sibanye-Stillwater's buyout of Lonmin because workers weren’t consulted

By Allan Seccombe
2 min read

Cyril effect means the strongest economy in years

He's barely three months into his presidency, but the bond market is already telling a good story

By Stuart Theobald
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Why do more intelligent people live longer?

A new study discovers the ‘smart genes’ responsible

By Sarah Knapton
2 min read

At last SA gets into the global Spotify stream

World-leading music streaming service launches locally

By Sylvia McKeown
2 min read

Oh, the agony: Is it OK to have sex on the first date?

Tongue-in-cheek advice for your most profound problems

By Yolisa Mkele & Nina Hastie
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SPORTS DAY: It's a leap of faith for Manyonga's fans

A roundup of international sporting highlights

Mninawa Ntloko
Sports editor
5 min read

Seconds out, round No 1 - it's boxing v MMA

Remember Antonio Inoki? Of course not. Unless you’re a Muhammad Ali fan, and who isn’t?

By Telford Vice
5 min read

Blasts from the past: That haunting day for Toweel

On this day in sporting history

David Isaacson
1 min read