Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Eclectic Weekend


Rameo and Julius: Cyril's strange wooing of Malema

The strategy – if there is even a strategy at all – to court Julius Malema is strange

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
4 min read

READ IN FULL: Behind the scenes at Gupta TV

Rajesh Sundaram, who was headhunted to start ANN7, tells all on what went down behind the scenes

By Rajesh Sundaram
26 min read

Tell-all book: How Zuma directed ANN7's editorial policy

'The push in our favour should be subtle'

Matthew Savides
News editor
5 min read

It was an ANN7th heaven for satirists

... and the revelations in the new tell-all book are just the tip of the large, floating lump of frozen water

Tom Eaton
2 min read

Zuma's tentacles are still deep in the Ramaphosa ANC

While his cronies are still working away for their Gupta paymasters, the former president can still unleash chaos

Justice Malala
3 min read

Great escapist reads: A frothy frisson of Ian Fleming

Spies, women’s lib and the spirit of Brigitte Bardot

By Andrew Donaldson
7 min read

Early humans survived supervolcano thanks to SA caves

Caves near Mossel Bay have revealed that, despite the Toba catastrophe, early modern humans thrived in SA

Tanya Farber
3 min read

The future and the forgotten function of markets

As aggregators of disparate information, these are the devices we use to see things coming

By Stuart Theobald
4 min read

When is a sport not a sport?

If we accept chess and e-sports, let’s at least be good sports about it

By Telford Vice
6 min read

Humility from whites will advance the land debate

But relax, you will not lose your land

Jonathan Jansen
4 min read

Racism: To kill the weed you must get at the root

Tourism minister says we wrongly assumed that apartheid mindsets would just evaporate

By Derek Hanekom
7 min read

His packing-up is troubled

... because his old kit bag just can't hold all he wants to take. But, in a way, that's the whole point

5 min read