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Why Cyril had to appoint 'DD' despite the skeletons in his closet

The real problem now is less about Mabuza being deputy and more about him becoming president one day

Graeme Hosken
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INSIDE THE RESHUFFLE: There was method behind the madness

It's not Cyril Ramaphosa's dream team yet - but don't give up on the dream too soon

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What the Fikile? Mbalula was shocked to be dumped

Former Police minister says the reshuffle survivors must prepare to face the pain he's suffering now

By Thanduxolo Jika
2 min read

Gordhan has a pit of vipers to disentangle

Back in the Public Enterprises seat, he'll have to watch his back as he turns around SA's abysmal state entities

Sabelo Skiti
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The night careers were sent to sleep with the fishes

A new Family takes charge as South Africa tries to become a legitimate business

Tom Eaton
3 min read

Ramaphosa faces a brave new world in the mining sector

But there are some early and welcome signs that his presidency will find ways to deal with it

Tony Leon
6 min read

Golden chance missed for SA to have a Hong Kong moment

Totally the wrong taxes were levied in the budget

By Peter Meakin
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President Cyril Ramaphosa said that land will be expropriated without compensation but with great wisdom and skill so food security and agriculture will not be compromised. Ramaphosa was speaking to traditional leaders at the opening of the House of Traditional Leaders.



A borehole will cost R2.4m - if you're in government

Another day, another inquiry into unauthorised pickpocketing of the public purse

Bobby Jordan
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Lend us an ear

SA researchers hope to make children's ears as important as fingerprints in identifying them

3 min read

Beware the telly-tale signs of a deadly habit

Couch potatoes be warned: your TV binge-watching could lead to fatal blood clots

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The new skinny on diets gives Noakes an equal weighting

American study shows low-carb and low-fat diets are perhaps not as different as people think

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A Congolese soldier from the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo carries a box with bullets on top of his head near town of Kimbau, North Kivu Province, DRC.
Deadly lineup A Congolese soldier from the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo carries a box with bullets on top of his head near town of Kimbau, North Kivu Province, DRC.
Image: Reuters/Goran Tomasevic

Six things about SA you need to know

'The time for reconciliation is over'

The EFF tabled has called on the ANC to change the Constitution to make land expropriation without compensation happen. Malema said that the EFF was willing to vote with the ANC to breach the two-thirds threshold required for a constitutional amendment. The draft resolution‚ brought by Malema‚ states that the country has a unique history of “brutal dispossession of land from black people by the settler colonial white minority” - a situation which has continued until today. It is a scenario which has left “indelible mark on [the] social‚ political and economic landscape of the country‚ and has helped create a society based on exploitation of black people and sustenance of white domination”. The EFF wants Section 25 - the so-called property clause which requires the state to pay compensation for land redistribution – changed. The motion was passed by 241 to 83.

Legal challenge to public protector's Vrede report

The Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (Casac) has launched a legal challenge to Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s report on the controversial Vrede dairy project. The organisation said she “failed to discharge her duties in terms of the Constitution and the Public Protector Act” because she failed to conduct a thorough investigation. She also “willfully ignored crucial information”. It added that it was startling that Mkhwebane produced a superficial report that whitewashed the involvement of key political leaders after an investigation that spanned four years. The dairy project was meant to benefit residents of the Free State community but funds were allegedly funnelled to a Gupta-linked company. Casac said it had filed an application in the North Gauteng High Court.

Malnutrition a serious problem in SA

Malnutrition remains a serious problem facing South African children. A report released by Statistics South Africa on the latest evidence on the realisation of government’s early childhood development goals for children from birth to six years, found that Gauteng (34.2%)‚ the Free State (33.5%) and KwaZulu-Natal (28.5%) have the highest percentage of children who are stunted. North West (12.6%) and the Western Cape (11.9%) have the highest percentage of children who are underweight. The report suggests that government feeding programmes need to be better targeted “either through the primary healthcare system or through social services to reach all children at risk of malnutrition”.

Will Mokonyane wrecking ball destroy SABC?

Former water and sanitation minister Nomvula Mokonyane should not have been reappointed to the cabinet owing to the mess she made in her previous post. That’s the view of Themba Godi‚ chairman of parliament’s standing committee on public accounts (Scopa)‚ who on Tuesday condemned Mokonyane’s role in the implosion of her former department. He also questioned whether the SABC could be plunged back into crisis with Mokonyane at the helm in her new post as communications minister. Godi‚ leader of the African People’s Convention‚ was addressing water and sanitation officials at a Scopa meeting convened to address financial irregularities related to various large water infrastructure projects. He said Water and Sanitation had ceased to function as a normal department‚ comparing its recent problems with the implosion of other departments such as Home Affairs and Public Works.

King calls on Zulus to raise money for land

Zulu monarch King Goodwill Zwelithini has called on all Zulus to donate R5 each for the fight against the proposed dissolution of the Ingonyama Trust. The king has also vowed that Zulus will never allow their land to be taken away from them and will be prepared to die over this. His comments come after a high-level panel headed by former president Kgalema Mothlanthe proposed the disbandment of the trust. Delivering a keynote address at the official opening of the KwaZulu-Natal legislature‚ Zwelithini became emotional about the panel's proposal. He said he would soon be opening accounts with all four major banks in the country, as well Capitec and Ithala, and he implored all Zulus to contribute R5 or more to the fight for their land not to be taken away.

Fourth man questioned over missing couple

A fourth man has been questioned in connection with the kidnapping of Britons Rod and Rachel Saunders. He was detained on Monday night and later released. This comes as Hawks spokesman Captain Lloyd Ramovha confirmed that another man was arrested and is expected to appear in the Verulam Magistrate’s court on Wednesday. The 19-year-old was arrested in Ndlovini‚ near Eshowe‚ in a raid on Monday night. The latest developments come nearly 10 days after Sayfydeen Aslam Del Vecchio‚ 38‚ and Fatima Patel‚ 27‚ were detained during a covert operation in Vryheid. An Isis flag was flying at the compound. The two remain at the centre of the high-level probe‚ facing charges related to terrorism‚ abduction and possibly murder. The Saunders‚ prominent botanists‚ were abducted near Vryheid in KwaZulu-Natal nearly two weeks ago.



Cape Town water crisis is a 'wake-up call'

Climate change is pushing weather extremes off the scale, says global cities group

By Sophie Hares
2 min read

Elephant genome study offers a jumbo surprise

Research confirms that the two types of African elephants are separate species

By Will Dunham
2 min read

Do bugs in the desert point to life on the Red Planet?

Scientists find microbes that have survived hundreds of years in the most Mars-like place on Earth

By Sarah Knapton
1 min read

#MeToo, says Lewinsky. My fling with Clinton was abuse

Former White House intern says she's reconsidering her past depictions of the relationship

By Rob Crilly
3 min read

A small boo-boo or the birth of a serial killer?

A study suggests that bumps to the head can alter the brain structure and increase the risk of violent offending

By Sarah Knapton
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Greenpeace activists gesture while wearing masks of Mexico City's mayor Miguel Angel Mancera during a protest outside the museum holding the Women4Climate conference in Mexico City.
The evils of the world wear suits Greenpeace activists gesture while wearing masks of Mexico City's mayor Miguel Angel Mancera during a protest outside the museum holding the Women4Climate conference in Mexico City.
Image: REUTERS/Ginnette Riquelme


Friends or food?

American Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy has sparked accusations of cultural colonialism and Western double standards after rescuing a puppy from a South Korean dog meat farm during the Pyeongchang Games. Kenworthy posted pictures of his new pet, Beemo, on social media, along with the caption ‘Dogs are friends. Not Food’. While his post chalked up close to 200,000 likes, others criticised his campaign for being one-sided in comparison to the many other animals being slaughtered and eaten in Western countries. – © The Daily Telegraph

Don’t play kid games in Aceh

Two Indonesian Christians were flogged after being arrested for playing a game at a children’s entertainment complex. The pair was accused of gambling while another man got 19 lashes for being involved in the game. The pair was publicly flogged as hundreds of onlookers ridiculed them and took pictures. The town’s meyor said: “We purposely do it in front of the public ... so it won’t happen again.” Aceh is the only province in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country that imposes sharia. - AFP

Is it rung to keep ‘Hitler bell’?

A German village has decided to keep a contentious Nazi-era church bell that bears a swastika and the words “All for the Fatherland — Adolf Hitler”, arguing it serves as a reminder of the country’s dark past. The town’s mayor presented an expert’s opinion that judged the bell had heritage value and should remain as “an impetus for reconciliation and a memorial against violence and injustice”. Some church-goers were dismayed to find out that they had got married, baptised their children or joined other religious ceremonies and events under the Hitler bell. - AFP

No ‘sexual training’ allowed

Thai police have arrested 10 Russians who allegedly organised sexual training courses for their compatriots in the seaside resort city of Pattaya. “The hotel management said they had no details on the event but they booked it for a seminar and training,” a tourist police official said. Some participants told police that they had to pay 20,000 baht but some said they attended for free. – AFP

Clipboard forces plane to land

A clipboard left behind during pre-flight checks was sucked into the jet engine of an international passenger plane in Australia. Ground staff put the bundle of paperwork on the engine cowling after loading luggage — but seemingly forgot to pick it up again. When the engines were started, they swallowed the clipboard, spraying bits of paper all over the tarmac. However, no one told the flight crew until the Sydney-bound plane was in the air, forcing the pilot to return to Auckland. - AFP

‘Noah’s Ark’ is full of seed

Norway’s ‘doomsday’ seed bank, which seeks to protect the world’s crops from natural disasters said it had gathered more than a million varieties as it marked its 10-year anniversary. Launched in 2008, the Svalbard vault was marking its 10th anniversary by taking shipments of more than 76,000 seed samples, with depositors from all over the world delivering crops such as black-eyed peas, the Bambara groundnut and the Estonian onion potato. Although housed in Norway, the seeds belong to the donor states and institutions and they can withdraw them at their convenience. - AFP



Shoprite’s excellent African adventure pays off

Share price shoots up on satisfying group performance

By Ann Crotty
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Discovery makes a profitable toast to your health

Homegrown champ hasn’t run out of international road

By Chris Gilmour
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Ugly Delicious: It’s all in the best possible taste, my dear

Chef David Chang doesn’t bother making food pretty

By Jessica Brodie
2 min read

An Eiffel and an earful: A trifle shabby but it’s still Paris

Though missing some of her sparkle, the old lady is fine

9 min read

A little light hint of Milan in the heart of Kenilworth

Milanese chef Giorgio Nava's new Cape restaurant

By Jackie May
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SPORTS DAY: Around the world

A roundup of the highlights of the day

By Agencies
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Darn right the Proteas need to worry about Steve Smith

When you average nearly 64 you command respect

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