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Cabinet reshuffle: Cyril's undone some of the greatest wrongs

But it comes at a high price

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
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He gave Gupta firm R30m. Why hasn't he been fired?

North West health head of department now facing suspension for premature payment

Aphiwe Deklerk
3 min read

Creepy car terror for Eskom whistleblower

Police confirm a case of intimidation is being investigated

Kyle Cowan
2 min read

Surviving ‘cult’ brothers vow to keep on preaching

Mancobas blame their ‘troubled’ late sibling Thandazile for killing five Ngcobo policemen and a former soldier

By Malibongwe Dayimani
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Beware the outbreak of misinformation

It is great to educate people about listerioris, but get your facts right first

4 min read

Video star is alive and well and living in Joburg

Joburg's Video Spot proves that browsing real shelves is still a thing for hardcore lovers of film and TV

3 min read

Same old, Samsung: Smartphones are the new boring

Samsung's Galaxy S9 shows how hard it is to ring the changes in a smartphone market that has long been stagnating

By James Titcomb
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The Strandfontein desalination plant, which is still under construction in Cape Town but expected to be online by March. It is one of three temporary desalination sites being built in the drought-hit city.



ANC coy about big land debate

Ruling party says it may amend the EFF's motion on land expropriation without compensation

Aphiwe Deklerk
3 min read

SA to repatriate 'missing' Zim children

Parents are planning to lodge an urgent court application to keep them here

3 min read

Kruger baboon gangs in smash and grab

Movie franchise 'Planet of the Apes' may not be fiction after all

Tony Carnie
4 min read

The moon may hold the answer to water shortages

A group of scientists is looking for new water resources on the moon

Tanya Farber
2 min read

West Coast wind farm a new threat to vulnerable pelicans

Ornithologists reckon 2,000 birds are at risk every year

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
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A labourer trims his moustaches while waiting for work on his push-cart along a wholesale market in Karachi, Pakistan.
With a great moustache comes great responsibility A labourer trims his moustaches while waiting for work on his push-cart along a wholesale market in Karachi, Pakistan.
Image: REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro

Six things about SA you need to know

Bathabile Dlamini served by SAHRC

The SA Human Rights Commission has subpoenaed Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini in connection with the commission’s National Investigative Hearing on the Status of Mental Health Care in South Africa, held on November 14 and 15 2017. The commission said it made “numerous attempts” to secure submissions from the department at the hearing‚ but neither Dlamini nor department officials responded. It said the department was a crucial part of the probe. The subpoena was served on Friday 23 February‚ the commission said.

KZN violence takes toll on election costs

Hundreds of thousands of rand were spent on convening unscheduled by-elections following the deaths of councillors by unnatural causes in KwaZulu-Natal. That's according to KZN provincial electoral officer Mawethu Mosery, giving evidence on behalf of the Electoral Commission to the Moerane Commission of Inquiry into political killings in KZN on Monday. He said political killings had a negative impact on the voting public, and impaired the public’s enthusiasm to participate in a constitutional democracy. He revealed that holding by-elections beyond the number of those planned and budgeted for cost between R120‚000 and R140‚000 per by-election. He said that between 2011 and December 2017‚ 502 sitting councillors were replaced in KZN. However, the IEC does not maintain a record of the causes of death.

Homeowners fume over Joburg valuations

Property owners in Johannesburg are fuming after the city released its valuation roll‚ which shows prices rising by more than 1000% in some cases. The city released the 2018 roll on February 20 for the period July 1 2018 to June 30 2022. About 40% of property values increased by between 21% and 40%‚ according to a breakdown provided by a city representative. A further 30.7% saw increases of between 41% and 60%. Property values had increased by more than 101% in 3.4% of cases. Janet King‚ who lives in Melville‚ said she was shocked her two-bedroom house with a cottage increased in value from R1.45-million to R2.5-million. Another multiple property owner, Michael Dick‚ saw his Rosel Court, Belleview property increase from R1.25-million to R17.89-million.

Higher power to intervene in DUT impasse

Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training Buti Manamela is to intervene in a seven-week impasse between Durban University of Technology management and staff‚ which has resulted in the academic programme being indefinitely suspended. Manamela will meet the affected parties at DUT on Tuesday after the institution implemented a lockout last week. Three labour unions representing disgruntled staff turned to the Labour Court on Friday in a bid to have the institution’s decision to dock the salaries of striking workers overturned. This is the second time the deputy minister has had to step in at the institution.

Third Gupta mine fails to pay workers' salaries

An employee at the Shiva uranium mine‚ a Gupta-owned company based in Klerksdorp‚ North-West‚ said workers had been left in the lurch after the company failed to pay their salaries last week. They were told they would be paid on February 28. The employee said mine bosses told them the payments were delayed because the company only has an international bank and the funds had to be converted from dollars, a process that “takes long”. They were also told the delay was owing to Eskom not paying the company. Shiva Uranium is the third Gupta-owned company to not pay its employees. The Optimum and Koornfontein coal mines have also failed to pay workers their salaries this month.

Two million young Gautengers sit at home

Gauteng has almost two-million young people who are sitting at home doing nothing, Gauteng premier David Makhura said during his state of the province address on Monday. These youngsters were "neither in employment‚ in education nor in training”. Some were on the verge of losing hope while others “have drifted to crime and other social ills such as drug and substance abuse”. He said the provincial government had launched the Ke Moja campaign in response to this challenge. As a result, more than a million young people have been encouraged to live clean and drug-free lives.



Xi could be the next Dear Leader

Xi Jinping could remain president of China for life

4 min read

You can hire anything in Vietnam – even a groom

They've found a unique solution to the clash between an old culture and a new society

4 min read

It ain't nothing Buddha swing thing: Thais go street dancing

With its elegant finery and infectiously happy vibe, Thailand's swing community has taken off in recent years

1 min read

Pharaoh wishes us ‘happy new year’ from the afterlife

Egypt uncovers ancient necropolis south of Cairo

By Mostafa Salem
1 min read

Rebel’s reward a bit too damaging

Australia media join forces to fight record Rebel Wilson payout

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A dancer takes a selfie upon the arrival of the special aircraft carrying the Fifa World Cup Trophy during its World Tour at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport in Nairobi.
Selfish A dancer takes a selfie upon the arrival of the special aircraft carrying the Fifa World Cup Trophy during its World Tour at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport in Nairobi.
Image: Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP


Storm Cloud on Apple's Chinese horizon?

Apple is giving Chinese authorities greater access over customers' iCloud accounts to comply with new laws there, it has confirmed. It will begin hosting the accounts in a new data centre that stores the cryptographic key needed to unlock an iCloud account. These had been stored in the US, meaning foreign states looking for access to an account needed to submit a request through the US legal system. Chinese authorities can now use their own legal system to ask Apple to hand over iCloud data for Chinese users, legal experts said. - The Telegraph

Decapitation case grows legs

Japanese police investigating the discovery of a woman’s severed head have reportedly uncovered several other body parts in different locations, acting on information from an American in custody over her disappearance. Authorities found a torso and two arms in the mountains near Osaka, and two legs in Kyoto, 50km away, according to local media. They found the head of the unidentified woman in a suitcase left in a room in Osaka which was rented by the 26-year-old American. - AFP

'Polokaust’ museum won’t be built

Poland’s deputy culture minister Jaroslaw Sellin has backed away from an academic’s proposal to build a so-called Polokaust museum for Polish victims of the Nazis, at a time when Warsaw faces international pressure over a law imposing up to three years in jail for suggesting Polish complicity in the Holocaust. Academic Marek Kochan coined the term “Polokaust” to suggest that Poles were similar targets of Nazi crimes as Jews. Sellin, who had backed the museum proposal, said on Monday it would antagonise Jews. - Reuters

Vatican offers Exorcism 101

A soaring demand for exorcists in Italy has reportedly prompted the Vatican to set up a new exorcism training course. Sicilian priest Benigno Palilla, a trained exorcist, told Vatican Radio that 500,000 cases a year of alleged demonic possession were recorded in Italy, and he worried about inexperienced or self-taught priests conducting exorcisms. Exorcism is recognised under the Catholic Church's canon law but can only performed with high-level permission, USA Today reported. — Staff reporter

Hazing gets dirty Down Under

Students at 12 major Australian universities are subjected to violent hazing, a report said Monday as its authors called for it to be criminalised. Anna Hush, who co-authored the report by activist group End Rape on Campus, said “the rates of hazing and sexual assaults are incredibly high”. The report detailed alleged bullying, harassment and assault, including male students masturbating into the shampoo bottles of females and eating live goldfish, and faeces smeared on walls. - AFP

That's a wrap for Weinstein firm

The Weinstein Company will file for bankruptcy, US media have reported, after prosecutors sought to impose conditions on a sale of the firm co-founded by disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The company has been in freefall since accusations of sexual harassment, assault and rape began emerged in October against Weinstein, who steered many films to Academy Awards glory. The firm’s board of directors said in a statement cited by the Los Angeles Times that the move is “the only viable option to maximise the company’s remaining value". - AFP



Higher VAT a good idea; it should be higher!

But only if you reduce income tax, or cut it altogether

By Mark Barnes
4 min read

Unit trusts: Managers stick with Resilient

Brutal January and February in listed property stocks

By Giulietta Talevi
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Rape, beating and murder of women in fiction must stop

Too many guilty of falling blindly into those old clichés

By Andrew Donaldson
5 min read

The 10 best bestsellers of the year so far, do you read me?

Feel free to add your own choices to this list

By Jenn Platt
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What's Up? From Brecht's Bible to the Maputo dump

A selection of the art exhibitions on in your city this week

By Critics’ choice
5 min read

Cover-up: What lies behind a Picasso masterpiece

X-rays reveal a hidden landscape behind a great work

By The Daily Telegraph
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SPORTS DAY: Around the world

Your roundup of sporting news from around the world

By Agencies
6 min read

SA Rugby appear determined to make it rough for Rassie

Soon-to-be coach Erasmus has to start on the back foot

By Craig Ray
3 min read