Saturday, February 24 2018

The Eclectic Weekend


Well, let’s hope we’re gon’ be alright, Mr Gigaba

The budget speech was going to be a hard sell from the start, but was it delivered by the wrong man?

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
4 min read

Rations of Ramaphosa might be the only way to feed my hope

In the interests of self-preservation, I am going to manage my own expectations of our new president

Tom Eaton
4 min read

Fishy tales: Don’t believe a word your folks tell you

Forget about love and responsibility, in our family pets have only been a curse

Samantha Smith
3 min read

Lessons in pride: what we can learn from South Korea

As our nation enters a new phase, we could glean much from the exceptional success of the Korean people

By Anant Singh
4 min read

Fear and Clothing: No more high heels and other fashion predictions

Li Edelkoort predicts that the flat shoe is in our fashion future. Aspasia Karras objects

4 min read

Anti-tech: The kids who get their kicks from retro

Real books and 1980s pop get the thumbs-up

3 min read

Just for the record: A fitting tribute to Bra Hugh

A bi-weekly vinyl review

By Andrew Donaldson
7 min read

Kenya lets slip the dogs in the poaching war

Bloodhounds take centre stage in a unique conservation project in Kenya's famous Masai Mara reserve

4 min read

The wine is fine, for now

Table Mountain is keeping the city’s vineyards alive with water captured on its cloudy slopes

Bobby Jordan
3 min read

EXCLUSIVE: 'Tobacco giant used state to spy'

Whistleblower exposes industrial espionage and tells how it became more sinister as politicians got involved

Graeme Hosken
5 min read

Has Black Sam Bellamy risen from his watery grave?

Archaeologists believe DNA tests will confirm they have found the remains of the world’s richest pirate

By Rozina Sabur
2 min read

Mr President, it's time to do something brave

Here's how to fix education in SA and leave a legacy which will forever carry your signature

4 min read