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Mystery deepens as blood found in couple's car

Anti-terror cops scramble to find couple who vanished after visit to Zululand bush lodge

By Jeff Wicks, Aron Hyman and Bobby Jordan
4 min read

'They dragged our officers like dead dogs'

Police chief gives chilling account of killing spree at Engcobo police station in Eastern Cape

Siphe Macanda
2 min read



A tale of two jerks in the city

There is something darkly, shamefully seductive about being righteously publicly angry

4 min read

We ignore what the Zuma years teach us at our peril

While state capture prosecutions are needed, we also need to understand what needs fixing

Andrew Trench
Group editorial director
4 min read

You've got nerve, Mr Gigaba

We understand, now, that every cent of every tax we pay is a sin tax

Tom Eaton
2 min read

A cracking tale of curling, doping and sweeping

A column to satisfy your inner grammar nerd

Sue de Groot
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'This is what SA needs': Meet City's 7yo mascot

Football fans fawn over the boy’s passionate singing and township dancing style

Marc Strydom
3 min read

Here's how your pantry can survive the VAT crunch

There are 19 food items free of VAT - and dietitians reckon you can live a healthy life on them

Claire Keeton
5 min read

No Kan do, says MEC of municipal appointments

The 'flawed' recruitment of top officials heaps yet more controversy onto Kannaland

Nashira Davids
2 min read

Refugees' miseries have only begun when they reach SA

Asylum permit backlogs have nearly crippled Home Affairs' refugee services

Farren Collins
3 min read

It's a giant fail for SA on global wellbeing graph

We are very far from providing a good life for all while using resources sustainably, a study has found

Tanya Farber
2 min read


Japanese artist Yahoo Kusama's 'Pumpkin: big, 2008' at the Harbour Arts Sculpture Park in Hong Kong.
Cinderella was out after curfew again Japanese artist Yahoo Kusama's 'Pumpkin: big, 2008' at the Harbour Arts Sculpture Park in Hong Kong.
Image: Anthony Wallace / AFP

Six things about SA you need to know

Gupta court application baffling: NPA

The National Prosecuting Authority identified Atul Gupta as a suspect in their investigation of the Estina Dairy Farm Project in Vrede, saying he allegedly benefited from fraud, theft and money laundering. Asset Forfeiture Unit advocate Knorx Molelle said in an affidavit filed at the Bloemfontein High Court on Wednesday that evidence showed there was a series of unlawful and criminal activities (theft, fraud, money laundering) in the execution of the project. The NPA filed papers in response to Gupta’s application earlier this week to have a preservation order granted to the unit set aside. The order froze R10-million in Gupta’s bank account, which he claims he never received. Molelle said it is “bewildering” and “baffling” that Gupta lodged a court application to recover R10-million he denies having received. The matter between Gupta and the NPA has been set down for March 1.

Eskom not taking coal from Optimum mine

Eskom said on Thursday it stopped paying the Optimum coal mine at the beginning of the month because the mine had failed to supply the agreed amount of coal to Eskom’s Hendrina Power Station. The power utility made this revelation as workers at the mine in Middelburg continued striking for a second day over uncertainty about the future of the Gupta-owned mine. They wanted assurances from their employer that they will be paid on Friday as the company is experiencing financial problems. Optimum CEO George van der Merwe could not give this assurance, and claimed Eskom was sabotaging its operations by not paying Optimum.

Avoid processed meat if you don't want listeriosis

With 172 people dead in the world’s largest documented outbreak of listeriosis‚ the government is urging people at high risk of the disease to avoid processed meat, or to cook it well before eating. Listeriosis is caused by the listeria monocytogenes bacterium that contaminates food. The bacteria will be killed if the food is cooked at temperatures above 70 degrees celsius. The National Institute for Communicable Diseases said on Thursday that people at high risk of infection should avoid processed, ready-to-eat meat products‚ soft cheeses‚ and unpasteurised milk and dairy products. This was the strongest indication yet of what the institute believes the source might be.

De Lille's office is latest stop for bus investigators

Investigators homed in on Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille and mayoral committee member for transport Brett Herron on Thursday. Bowman Gilfillan attorneys requested access to De Lille and Herron’s computers and e-mails. The firm has been appointed by the council to investigate allegations of misconduct involving suspended Cape Town transport commissioner Melissa Whitehead. The Whitehead inquiry is looking into allegations of misspent millions‚ tender irregularities and theft which could amount to millions of rand. De Lille said she welcomed the investigation and that the computers were handed over on Thursday and returned later that day. In January‚ Whitehead was suspended by the city pending a disciplinary hearing.

'Only the brave' testify against Glebelands killers

Killings in the notorious Glebelands hostel in Durban - which have climbed to at least 92 over the past two years - are linked to pure criminality. That's according to advocate Cyril Selepe‚ deputy director of public prosecutions in KwaZulu-Natal, during evidence at the Moerane Commission of Inquiry investigating political killings in KZN. Selepe said he was tasked by the Directorate of Public Prosecutions to look into all dockets relating to Glebelands matters, but that witnesses were not willing to come forward with evidence. “In an environment like Glebelands only the brave ones will come to court and testify,” he said. The commission continues on Friday with testimony from the EFF.

A dam within a dam to rescue Cape Town

Western Cape water supplies are so low that engineers are building a dam within Cape Town’s main supply dam to access the last puddles of water. A temporary coffer dam inside Theewaterskloof dam‚ near Villiersdorp‚ has been designed to pool the last 10% of supply‚ which will then be pumped into the canal that feeds the city's water system. It is one of several Department of Water and Sanitation drought interventions highlighted on Thursday during a media visit to Theewaterskloof‚ which is just 10.84% full. Canals under construction will feed the coffer dam‚ from where it will be pumped at 1.5 cubic metres per second. At that rate, the department will continue pumping the remaining water out of the dam for 260 days. The water is stranded behind a wide sandbank and cannot reach the tunnel used to channel it to the city. The new coffer dam and canals will not disappear when the dam filled up‚ and could be used in future droughts.



'No, really, Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax'

Far-right conspiracy theorists believe that pupils are puppets of the political left

3 min read

Money talks: Richest man breaks the $100bn barrier

Amazon’s founder is the world’s richest, at $124bn, according to Forbes, but others are not too far behind

By The Daily Telegraph
3 min read

A new tone: Limbs printed in a 3D lab

A Jordan 3D lab prints limbs for the war-wounded and for disabled children

3 min read

Politics of hate: ‘Trump paved way for rights abuses in 2017’

Amnesty takes aim at president's ‘transparently hateful’ executive order against Muslim-majority countries

3 min read

Venezuelans lose weight – and it’s a big problem

Food shortages mean 90% of Venezuelans can no longer afford to eat three meals a day

By Vivian Sequera
2 min read


A woman makes Kimchi at a market during the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in Gangneung, South Korea.
Don't forget your greens A woman makes Kimchi at a market during the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in Gangneung, South Korea.
Image: REUTERS/Brian Snyder


Racist ‘laser man’ killer gets life

A German court has handed a life prison term to a Swedish convicted killer - dubbed “the laser man” for using a laser-scoped rifle to target immigrants - for the murder of a Jewish woman. John Ausonius, 64, has already been behind bars for years since he received a life sentence in Sweden for a six-month shooting spree in 1991-92 in which he killed one immigrant and wounded 10. Norwegian white supremacist mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik at his own trial mentioned the “Lasermannen” as a figure who shared his goals. Ausonius murdered 68-year-old Holocaust survivor Blanka Zmigrod in Frankfurt in 1992. - AFP

Hijab high-five for mardi gras

A Muslim designer who created a rainbow “pride hijab” hopes it will become a symbol of inclusivity and spur more gay and transgender people to embrace their identity ahead of Australia’s 40th Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The headscarf, part of a campaign for same-sex marriage in Australia, sold out days after it was launched in October, Australian-Sri Lankan Azahn Munas said. The designer said he was relaunching it for the city’s March 3 festival to “celebrate life and lov” and highlight the struggles of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Australia legalised same-sex unions in December. — Reuters

Three states, 3 executions

Alabama, Florida and Texas plan to execute inmates on Thursday and if carried out, it would be the first time in eight years that three people on death row have been executed on the same day since the death penalty was reinstated in the US. But in each state there are reasons the executions could be halted, including an unprecedented clemency recommendation in Texas. In Florida, questions were raised about holding an execution based on a majority, not unanimous, jury decision. In Alabama, lawyers have said the death row inmate is too ill to be executed. — Reuters

The pastor who went into the cold

Staunchly anti-communist US pastor Billy Graham had a record of engaging with communist leaders in Asia as he pursued his global evangelistic mission, most notably North Korea’s Kim il-Sung. Graham, who died at 99 on Wednesday, became one of the first foreign religious leaders to visit the hermit state in 1992, after the collapse of the Soviet bloc. He had a rare audience with its founder, preached in Pyongyang, and gave a lecture at Kim il-Sung University. The North discourages religion, while Graham condemned communism from the pulpit. — AFP

Surgeons remove ‘heaviest’ brain tumour

Indian surgeons who removed a huge brain tumour in a marathon seven-hour procedure said on Thursday they believe it could be the heaviest yet recorded. Neurosurgeon Trimurti Nadkarni said the operation took seven hours to complete and the patient required 11 units of blood. Santlal Pal, a 31-year-old shopkeeper, had been carrying around a tumour weighing nearly 2kg. It had affected his vision and caused constant headaches. — AFP

Cancer kills 'plant-cure' YouTube star

A YouTube star who claimed her plant-based diet cured her cancer and lesbianism, has reportedly died from the disease. On her channel run with her niece Liz Johnson from her Houston, Texas home, vegan Mari Lopez said she had chosen a 90-day juice cleanse over traditional treatment for breast cancer after she was diagnosed in 2015, Metro reported. She claimed to be in remission after four months, saying the new regime, and God, had "healed" her of her "gay lifestyle". Her aunt died in December 2017, Liz said, despite belated chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Speaking to Babe, Liz blamed her own mother for triggering Mari’s relapse with meat and microwaved food. — Staff reporter



Anglo rocks with highest dividend in a decade

Now that debt has been slashed, new projects beckon 

By Allan Seccombe
3 min read

Company comment: Woolies serves unappetising cake

While Rolfes needs to capitalise on water projects

By Company comment
3 min read

RocoMamas and pizza flip Spur out of the fire

Despite flagship steak ranches leaking profit margins

By Marc Hasenfuss
2 min read



Won’t you take us to the bioscope?

The films opening in our cinemas this week

By Critics’ choice
1 min read

When the quest for justice bleeds into black revenge

Review: Oscar contender Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

By Robbie Collin
4 min read

The politics of merit

How the Brit Awards let us down

By Paula Andopoulos
3 min read

Oh, the things you can do this weekend

Kick off those heels and get out there

By Andile Ndlovu
1 min read



SPORTS DAY: Around the world

Your roundup of the sporting highlights 

By Agencies
5 min read

The softest part of these okes was their teeth

In the old days the game was simpler, better, faster

By Telford Vice
5 min read

Blasts from the past

On this day in sports history: A masterclass by Brian Lara

David Isaacson
1 min read