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Five things Ramaphosa must do now to fix SA

South Africa's newly elected president has a daunting to-do list

Ray Hartley
Editor: BusinessLIVE
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The time for words is over. They only gave us Zuma

But there are still a few worth saying

Tom Eaton
3 min read

Ramaphosa hits the reset button for a tormented nation

President promises that South Africa should ‘come first in everything that we all do’ 

Ranjeni Munusamy
Associate editor: analysis
3 min read

Like a movie - Ajay on the run with bodyguards and burner phones

Hawks say Ajay is now officially a fugitive while the whereabouts of his two brothers are also a mystery

Graeme Hosken
4 min read

Parliament's new song: 'Rise Ramaphosa, the time has arrived'

It's official: Cyril Ramaphosa is our new head of state

Thabo Mokone
3 min read

Nkandla prepares for a sad homecoming

Jacob Zuma's family are accepting his resignation with heavy hearts

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Take your nickname to heart, President Cupcake

Think of it as the cherry on top, Cyril

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Today's word in the hand: Ravish

A column to satisfy your inner grammar nerd

Sue de Groot
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A park filled with statues of penises, which is attracting people attending the nearby Winter Olympics, is also aimed at shedding light on South Korea's low fertility rates. Credit: Reuters



Gauteng may have water - but it stinks

Judge gives municipality seven days to stop sewage from leaking into the Vaal River

By Tony Carnie
6 min read

'Zimbabwe's first truly charismatic leader'

RIP Tsvangirai: From humble mine worker to one of a few brave enough to take on Mugabe

By Ray Ndlovu
7 min read

Don't let your teen even touch a cigarette

Almost a fifth of Grade 8-Grade 11 pupils smoke regularly in South Africa

1 min read

Now you can fly to Paris without leaving the ground

First Airlines took passengers on a virtual reality tour of the City of Light

By Kwiyeon Ha
1 min read

Damsels be damned: This film shatters the glass ceiling

Critically acclaimed sci-fi blockbuster has an all-female cast and no gender cliches

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Street performer Amos entertains motorists in the summer rain during rush-hour traffic in Sandton on Thursday.
Sunrise despite the rain Street performer Amos entertains motorists in the summer rain during rush-hour traffic in Sandton on Thursday.

Six things about SA you need to know

De Lille survives no-confidence bid by one vote

Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille survived a motion of no confidence by one vote on Thursday. Only 109 councillors voted in favour of the motion at a special council meeting on Thursday‚ even though the DA has 154 of the 231 council seats. Votes against totalled 110. Earlier‚ De Lille walked out of the council meeting when speaker Dirk Smit refused to allow a secret ballot. De Lille said Smit’s decision was unlawful, adding she would take it on legal review

Moody's keeps close eye on new leaders

Credit rating agency Moody’s said it will pay close attention to the new leadership’s response to South Africa’s economic woes. Zuzana Brixiova‚ vice-president at Moody’s‚ said on Thursday that a “key point from a credit perspective” would be the new leadership’s response to the country’s economic and fiscal challenges and progress in implementing reforms to address those. SA’s credit rating with Moody’s Investors Service is one notch above junk status. While Moody’s has not confirmed when it will review the country again‚ it is likely to be after the 2018 budget policy statement next Wednesday.

CPS wants more cash for contract extension

Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) has asked the Constitutional Court for an order authorising it to make representations to the National Treasury on a reasonable fee for its continued provision of cash payment services from April 1 to September 30. CPS made this submission on Thursday as it responded to an application by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) earlier this month that CPS continue to provide the payment of social grants through cash withdrawal at Sassa’s designated pay points after March 31. In its affidavit‚ CPS said while it preferred not to provide any payment services beyond March 31, 2018, until its position was regularised by a lawful tender process‚ it remained willing and able to provide whatever services are needed to ensure the uninterrupted payment of grants.

ANC councillor in jail after bizarre 'hit'

An ANC councillor has been implicated in a bizarre murder plot that failed twice, but succeeded on a third attempt. Oudtshoorn councillor Magdaleen Titus landed behind bars on Valentine’s Day after she had allegedly hired “hitmen” to murder her husband Preston Titus‚ who was stabbed and hammered to death at their home on a military base in December 2017. Titus’s bail application was postponed to February 21 on Wednesday. Events leading up to Titus’s gruesome death were revealed in a plea agreement entered into with the state by Magdaleen’s former driver, Sixabiso Klip. He has been sentenced to 15 years in jail for murdering Titus. Klip said a plot was initially hatched to take out Titus while he was driving a car, but that was replaced with an idea to drug him by putting brake fluid in his drink. Two hitmen were allegedly offered R30‚000 each to execute the plan‚ which involved other co-accused.

Inxeba first 'non-porn' film to get X18 rating

The Film and Publications Board (FPB) has confirmed that ‘Inxeba (The Wound)’ is the first 'non-pornographic' film to get the X18 classification‚ a rating that is usually only given to hardcore porn. On Wednesday the FPB's Appeal Tribunal overturned a previous classification giving it an X18. ‘There are specific criteria that needs to be met‚ which includes the showing of genitalia. So we have not rated a movie like this as X18‚’ said the FPB's acting CEO‚ Abongile Mashile. The producers of ‘Inxeba’ said they were studying the ruling and would be consulting with their lawyers on a decision going forward.

PP to handle complaint against Zille

Public protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane's national office has taken over an investigation into a complaint laid against Western Cape Premier Helen Zille. The complaint was laid by the ANC last year against Zille after she allegedly put pressure on officials of her government to help kickstart her son’s fledgling business. The Sunday Times at the time reported on copies of emails that showed the provincial government worked on tight deadlines to ensure Zille's son‚ Paul Maree‚ and his business partner‚ Chris Mills‚ had the use of 150 new tablets worth R625‚000 for a school holiday project. They showed the Western Cape Department of Education treated the project as a ‘priority’ and did ‘everything they could possibly [do] to expedite’ the procurement of tablets by Maree’s deadline. At the time‚ Zille dismissed any suggestion of wrongdoing.



See Florida gun teen’s chilling Instagrams from the edge

All the danger signs were there before he killed 17  at his old high school

By Chris Graham and Helena Horton
6 min read

It's come to this: Oz ministers banned from shagging staff

Australia rocked by huge sex scandal after senior politician makes his advisor pregnant

3 min read

An ordinary man shows extraordinary kindness

A Cairo butcher offers shelter for children with cancer

By Reuters
1 min read

Ex-top cop took $9.5m from brothel owner

A former Thai police chief 'borrowed' $9.5m from a fugitive brothel owner who faces trafficking charges

2 min read


A woman sells balloons to celebrate the Year of the Dog on the roadside in Hanoi.
Lords of Dogtown A woman sells balloons to celebrate the Year of the Dog on the roadside in Hanoi.


A very good reason to make your kids eat healthily

Eating too many highly-processed foods could significantly increase the risk of cancer, a major study suggests. The research on more than 100,000 adults found that every 10% increase in consumption of ready meals, sugary cereals and salty snacks is linked to a 12% rise in cancer risks. The study warned that the “rapidly increasing” consumption of heavily processed foods in recent years could drive an increasing burden of cancer in coming decades. — © The Daily Telegraph

Queen thinks rugby players are too fat

Queen Elizabeth II, at a Buckingham Palace reception on Wednesday, joked with two of England's rugby stars about the fitness levels of the UK's players. Brothers Billy and Mako Vunipola laughed when they said the queen questioned the widely held view that today's rugby sportsmen were tougher and fitter. Mako said: "She was saying that apparently rugby is getting a lot tougher now, everyone's fitter but she can't see it." His brother quipped: "I think she was calling us fat — which is fair enough." — © The Daily Telegraph

This is eggs-actly what the planet needs

A Japanese scientist says his team has cracked open a method to improve the production of carbon-free energy — by using proteins taken from egg white. Yusuke Yamada said his team has managed to use protein from egg white as a “tool” for producing hydrogen, a powerful source of clean electricity. The new method “brings us closer to our ultimate goal of producing hydrogen from water”, he said. “This lays the groundwork for the clean production of hydrogen in the future.” — AFP

Never mind coral, shellfish are nearly wiped out

Virtually all of Australia’s shellfish reefs have disappeared, making them the country’s most threatened ocean ecosystem, say scientists. While recent global focus has been on the destruction of coral reefs, a study led by the Nature Conservancy found that between 90 and 99% of shellfish reefs have vanished since British colonisation 230 years ago. The reefs, formed by millions of oysters or mussels clustering together, used to occur in bays, estuaries and nearshore coastal waters in both tropical and temperate regions across every state in Australia. — AFP

Storms ahead as Trump's porn star splabs

US porn star Stormy Daniels, who claims to have had an affair with Donald Trump before he became president, now feels free to tell her story, her manager said on Wednesday. After Trump’s longtime personal lawyer admitted paying $130,000 to her shortly before the 2016 election, the actress’s manager suggested a non-disclosure agreement had been broken. “Everything is off now, and Stormy is going to tell her story,” manager Gina Rodriguez said. — AFP

I'm sari, says 'sexist' designer

An Indian fashion designer has publicly apologised for saying women who cannot tie saris should be ashamed of themselves, after his comments were labelled sexist and demeaning. Sabyasachi Mukherjee said: “I am sorry that I used the word 'shame' in reference to some women's inability to wear a sari.” Last week at conference on India at Harvard University, Mukherjee had responded to a question about modern Indian trends, saying: "I think, if you tell me that you do not know how to wear a sari, I would say shame on you. It's a part of your culture, you need to buck up and stand up for it.” — © The Daily Telegraph



Resilient boss comes out swinging in defence

Property maven Des de Beer puts market fears to rest

By Giulietta Talevi
4 min read

Kaap Agri feels pinch as drought hits farmers

Still hopes to produce double-digit growth this year

By Marc Hasenfuss
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Won’t you take us to the bioscope?

The films opening in our cinemas this week

By Staff reporter
1 min read

Figure skating: Triple axels and double standards

‘Artistic merit’ does nothing but diminish the sport 

By Jessica Brodie
3 min read

We're well and truly rid of dry January

A short guide for getting over dry January

By Yolisa Mkele
3 min read

So unattractive women cheat more? Really?

Misogyny cloaked in the language of science

By Paula Andropoulos
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SPORTS DAY: All around the world

A roundup of all the major sporting news of the day

By Agencies
7 min read

PSL braces itself for R30m cost of video referees

VAR could be introduced to local soccer next season

Mark Gleeson
Soccer writer
3 min read

Blasts from the past

David Isaacson looks back at today in sporting history

By David Isaacson
1 min read