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EXCLUSIVE:‘Eskom boss defamed me’

ANC chairman Gwede Mantashe's daughter wants R500,000 from Matshela Koko

Kyle Cowan
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BACK STORY: Why Allister spurned big bucks

Coetzee appears to have burned his bridges

Liam Del Carme
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Why having less is good for our souls

It's baffling how we have been so casually uninterested in daily little things that are now so important

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The unkindest cut comes not from Inxeba, but from you

Who am I to write about this? Let me tell you ...

Jessica Levitt
Editor: TshisaLIVE
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Watch him flee, off into the far blue yonder

Tom Eaton once watched Zuma's cavalcades in anger. Now he watches them in sorrow

Tom Eaton
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Malawi is using drones to help in its battle to contain a cholera outbreak. Credit: Reuters



Zuma’s tone has changed: Ramaphosa

ANC president postponed the NEC meeting because of a different signal from SA president

Thabo Mokone
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Operation Top Cop: Mammoth probe into Phahlane

Current fraud and corruption charges are just the tip of the iceberg

Graeme Hosken
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Sexpest teacher gets another school job

New high school where he was appointed had no idea of his sordid history

3 min read

Rise of the water bandits

Cape crisis spawns new threat and demand for security rises alongside reports of theft

Nashira Davids
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Noisy seas are driving our penguins away

Underwater noise generated by humans is causing damage to hearing, killing fish eggs and making penguins flee

By Tony Carnie
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The Godfather, the comedian and the whole f***** mailbox

Legend says Marlon Brando would’ve f***** a mailbox, but we know he did f*** Richard Pryor

By The Daily Telegraph
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A man carries a dog from mud and stones after a river flooded Tiquipaya, Bolivia, due to heavy rains.
Fido was relieved it wasn't another bath A man carries a dog from mud and stones after a river flooded Tiquipaya, Bolivia, due to heavy rains.

Six things about SA you need to know

Rice cake recall due to metal fragments

Vital Health Foods has issued an immediate recall of its Mini Corn Cakes and Mini Rice Cakes after metal fragments were found within products purchased by two customers. The problem appeared to have come from an equipment malfunction during manufacturing, the company said. Vital Health Foods said the product recall was a precautionary measure – and that, at this stage, the fragments were only found in 0.0002% of the 1.2 million units of the affected products. The affected products are: Vital Mini Corn Cakes or Mini Rice Cakes in any pack size or flavour with a Best Before date between February 1 2018 and August 31 2018 (31/08/18). A full refund has been offered. Customers can contact the Vital Health customer care line on 0800 223311 or email

Ekurhuleni eliminates unauthorised expenditure

The City of Ekurhuleni has announced that it eliminated unauthorised expenditure in the 2016/17 financial year. In statement based on the auditor-general’s report on the city’s finances‚ Ekurhuleni said on Thursday that it began the financial year with R67-million in unauthorised expenditure‚ but this went down to zero in the year under review. “The fact that this fifth administration achieved this in its first year of leadership bears testimony to our dedication to clean financial management and efficient administration‚” city manager Imogen Mashazi said.

Minister: Drought is a national disaster

The drought ravaging much of the Cape is a national disaster and will be declared as such within a month‚ Co-operative Governance Minister Des van Rooyen announced on Thursday. Van Rooyen confirmed efforts to formalise a national disaster declaration‚ which could result in more drought relief in the form of funding and water procurement projects. “We are convinced that this will enhance current measures to deal with the disaster,” he said. Latest figures released showed average national dam levels of 59.7%‚ with the Western Cape in the most perilous position at 23.7%.

Driver who killed officers admits he was drinking

The suspected drunk driver who ploughed into two Johannesburg Metro Police officers at a roadblock admitted he had been on medication and had consumed alcohol on the night of the incident. Albert Pretorius‚ 41‚ of Paulshof‚ told the Alexandra Magistrate's Court in his affidavit on Thursday that he had consumed three drinks and had been on prescribed medication when the incident took place on January 29. Pretorius is facing two counts of culpable homicide and one of driving under the influence of alcohol. His bail hearing continues.

SA's most common hate crime victims revealed

Nationality‚ sexual orientation and religion were the top three reasons behind hate crimes in South Africa‚ the Hate Crimes Working Group said on Thursday. At 59%‚ the research revealed that most victims of hate crime were black or African. Most of these victims were, however‚ not South African nationals. “Less than half (42%) of victims were born in South Africa. Twenty-eight percent originated from an East African country and 18% originated from a Central African country‚” the group said. Men were the greatest victims of hate crimes‚ accounting for 68% of the victims interviewed. Thirty-five percent of hate crimes were directed at lesbian or gay individuals while one percent of the victims were bisexual. The workplace was the most common place where hate crimes occurred.

Hunt begins for ANN7 replacement

MultiChoice South Africa on Thursday issued a call for potential bidders to signal their interest in a proposed new 24-hour black-owned news channel. Earlier this month‚ the pay-TV provider said that it would not renew its contract with the former Gupta-linked ANN7 when its contract came to an end in August. Multichoice said its criteria for the new news channel included that it should be a South African‚ predominantly English news channel that takes into account the history‚ diversity of cultural background‚ languages and socio-economic circumstances in South Africa. It should also broadcast 24 hours a day and be owned‚ managed and operated by an independent Black South African owned entity.



A deadly haze drifts over Syria's red lines

The West say they won't tolerate chemical attacks in Syria, but in fact they are doing nothing

3 min read

Chinese rappers: The new endangered species

Chinese rap is in crisis after a crackdown in Shanghai

4 min read

Bats could help keep the wrinkles at bay

Researchers have unlocked some of bats' secrets for fighting the effects of ageing 

By Will Dunham
2 min read

Find a silver lining in the fog

Older people with positive beliefs about old age are far less likely to develop dementia, a study shows

By Daily Telegraph
2 min read

Dinosaurs doomed by animal magmatism

Dino-killing meteorite triggered huge volcanic burst from the ocean floor, new research suggests

By Daily Telegraph
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The annual 'Banda do Candinho e Mulatas' carnival at Bixiga in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Claire looked on with disapproval as the youngsters took selfies The annual 'Banda do Candinho e Mulatas' carnival at Bixiga in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


If the cake was baked it would be for the gays

A California court has recognised a pastry chef’s right to refuse to sell a wedding cake to a same-sex couple. The court ruled that the shop owner was able to deny baking a cake specifically for a same-sex couple. “No baker may place their wares in public display case, open their shop, and then refuse to sell because of race, religion, gender, or gender identification,” the ruling said. But “the difference here is that the cake in question is not yet baked”. - AFP

Freemasons want us all to be involved

Freemasons have been "undeservedly stigmatised", the organisation leader has said, and will be running a series of open evenings to prove it is not a secret society. The United Grand Lodge of England placed adverts in three national newspapers headlined "enough is enough", saying it is the victim of misrepresentation. Chief executive Dr David Staples said he had written to the Equality and Human Rights Commission about concerns its 200,000-plus members are the victims of gross misrepresentation and discrimination. - © The Daily Telegraph

It’s not hip-hop but hey …

A Down’s Syndrome couple will be the first to take part in Vienna’s prestigious society ball. The evening at the glittering Vienna State Opera will be opened with a dance by 150 “debutants”. This year the organisers have given a nod towards diversity with the participation of Swatina Wutha and Felix Roeper. Wutha admitted that she preferred hip-hop dance to ballroom but that nevertheless, “what I’m really looking forward to is when we’re standing there and it’s really time for it all to start”. - AFP

Apple’s secrets spill could lead to poison

A secret part of Apple's iPhone software has been posted online in a leak that could potentially allow hackers to find security holes in the smartphone. Although the release does not immediately put iPhone owners at risk, security experts said the leak enables hackers to analyse Apple's code, replicate and manipulate it for malicious purposes and that users could be vulnerable in the future. - © The Daily Telegraph

Vaping – it’s not cigarettes, but it’s still bad

Vaping may help pneumonia-causing bacteria to stick to cells lining the airways, likely boosting disease risk, a new study has found. Researchers suggested that users of e-cigs may be at higher risk of lung infection than people who do not vape. “This indicates a red flag that there may be an increased susceptibility” to pneumococcal bacteria, the study found. - AFP

Finally, Twitter makes a buck!

Twitter reported its first-ever quarterly profit, delivering a boost to shares of the social network which has been lagging for years against fast-growing rivals. The messaging service said it earned $91-million in the fourth quarter, the first positive net income since going public in 2013. Revenue was up 2% from a year ago to a better-than-expected $732-million, while the number of monthly active users rose modestly to 330 million. - AFP



Exec pay at Nampak: Enough’s enough, say activists

Shareholders slam CEO’s R7.2m retention bonus

By Ann Crotty
2 min read

Investec’s Koseff: ‘They can bleat as much as they like’

CEO has full faith in his joint successors

By Giulietta Talevi
4 min read

Mining investors cheer mood swing in SA, Zim, Angola

Southern Africa's dramatic political changes have transformed investment prospects

By Ed Stoddard and Barbara Lewis
3 min read

Worthless currency becomes art, of sorts, in Venezuela

Venezuela's currency is so devalued that it's being turned into art

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Capitalism goes galactic

Is Elon Musk's car-rocket stunt just a puny reinforcement of our basest nature?

By Paula Andropoulos
2 min read

It's in outer space, and now it can also be in your home

The Voyager's Golden Earth record has been released for earthlings

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MOVIES | The new releases

The films opening in our cinemas this week

By Critics’ choice
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On the jol: Where to go this weekend

Oh, the things you can get up to ...

By Yolisa Mkele
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SPORTS DAY: Everything you need to know

David Isaacson rounds up the sporting news

By Agencies
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BACK STORY: Why Allister spurned big bucks

Coetzee appears to have burned his bridges

Liam Del Carme
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Blasts from the past

This day in sporting history

By David Isaacson
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